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Baby Animals - Rocklife, Live Music Hall, Köln 25.03.1992

Suze DeMarchi - Baby AnimalsThe Baby Animals were an australian band. They started in 1989, singer Suze DeMarchi had a solo career before, she first sang in the age of 17 in Perth. The first record was published in 1990 and was very succsesful, especially in Australia. The band toured with Bryan Adams and Van Halen as opening act. Suze met the Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, who produced two tracks of the second Baby Animals album "Shaved and Dangerous" in 1993. Suze and Nuno married in 1994. In 1996, after Suze got a baby, they played there last concert. They are back with the new album "IL GRANDE SILENZIO" in 2008!

Eins der geilsten Konzerte der Rocklife Zeit!


Suze DeMarchi - voc, g
Dave Leslie - g
Eddie Parise - b
Frank Celenza - dr


01  Rush You    
02  Some Things Are Better
03  Baby Animals    
04  Working For The Enemy
05  Big Time Friends
06  Smile On My Face
07  Painless
08  One Word
09  Waste Of Time
10  One Too Many
11  Ain't Gonna Get
12  Impossible To Fly
13  Early Warning
14  Fire
15  Make It End
16  Ramble On (During Interview unplugged)


Baby Animals           (1991) BMG / Imago
Shaved And Dangerous   (1993) BMG / Imago
Il Grande Silenzio     (2008)
This Is Not The End    (2013)
BA25                   (2016) Live
Baby Animals Live      (2017)
Greatest Hits          (2019)


Suze DeMarchi
Dave Leslie
Dave Leslie
Suze DeMarchi
Suze DeMarchi
Dave Leslie
Eddie Parise
Frank Celenza
Suze DeMarchi
Suze DeMarchi
Suze DeMarchi
Baby Animals

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