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BRUCE COCKBURN - 25.02.1985 Markthalle Hamburg

Bruce Cockburn  

Musicians:  (not sure)

Bruce Cockburn - Guitar, Vocals
Conch Hugh Marsh - Violin, keyb
Fergus Marsh - Bass, Stick
Chi Sharp - Percussion
Michael Sloski - Drums


01  Dance With You                             (5'55'')
02  Lovers In A Dangerous Time                 (4'50'')
03  Maybe The Poet                             (5'15'')
04  The Trouble With Normal                    (3'50'')
05  Inner City Front                           (7'05'')
06  Creation Dream                             (7'00'')
07  How I Spent My Fall Vacation               (5'40'')
08  Tropic Moon                                (4'55'')
09  Nicaragua                                  (5'15'')
10  If I Had A Rocket Louncher                 (6'10'')
11  To Rise The Morning Star                   (6'15'')
12  Hoop Dancer                               (11'30'')
13  Dust And Diesel                            (6'00'')
14  Down There Tonight                         (5'20'')
15  Joy Will Find A Way                       (10'00'')
16  Making Contact                             (4'50'')
17  Put Our Hearts Together                    (4'55'')
18  Lord Of The Starfields


Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn

BRUCE COCKBURN Live Music Hall Köln 09.05.1990


Bruce Cockburn - Guitar, Vocals
Band unknown


Lovers And Dangerous Time  
Shipwrecked At The Stable Door  
Creation Dream                  
See How I Miss You  
Don't Feel Your Touch  
Side Of Town  
The Gift  
After The Rain  
Child Of The Wind  
Bright Side Of Life


Bruce Cockburn                              (1970) Columbia
High Winds White Sky                        (1971) Columbia
Sunwheel Dance                              (1972) Columbia
Night Vision                                (1973) Columbia
Salt, Sun and Time                          (1974) Columbia
Joy Will Find a Way                         (1975) Columbia
In the Falling Dark                         (1976) Columbia
Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws                (1979) Columbia
Humans                                      (1980) Columbia
Inner City Front                            (1981) Columbia
The Trouble with Normal                     (1983) Columbia
Stealing Fire                               (1984) Columbia
World of Wonders                            (1986) Columbia
Big Circumstance                            (1989) Columbia
Live                                        (1990) Gold Castle
Nothing but a Burning Light                 (1991) Columbia
Christmas                                   (1993) Columbia
Dart to the Heart                           (1994) Columbia
The Charity of Night                        (1997) Rykodisc
Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu (1999) Rykodisc
You've Never Seen Everything                (2003) Cooking Vinyl
Speechless                                  (2005) Cooking Vinyl
Life Short Call Now                         (2006) Cooking Vinyl
Slice Of Life - Bruce Cockburn Live Solo    (2009) High Romance
Small Source Of Comfort                     (2011) True North Records
Live At The Rainbow Music Hall Denver       (2016) Soulfood
Bone On Bone                                (2017) True North/Alive
Crowing Ignits                              (2019) True North/Alive
Greatest Hits (1970-2020)                   (2021) True North 2CD
Rarities                                    (2022) True North
O Sun O Moon                                (2023) True North


Fullhouse                                   (2005) Inakustik


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