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Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos
Rocklife, Sporthalle Köln 29.11.1992

In memory of Sarah Dash 1945 -2021 R.I.P.

Keith Richards 


Keith Richards - voc, g
Robert "Waddy" Wachtel - g
Charly Drayton - b, voc
Steve Jordan - dr
Bobby Keys - sax
Ivan Neville - keyb
Sarah Dash - voc
Babi Floyd - voc


01  Take It So Hard
02  Eileen
03  Wicked As It Seems
04  Gimme Shelter
05  Too Rude
06  Yap Yap
07  How I Wish
08  999
09  Big Enough
10  Demon In Me
11  Time Is On My Side
12  Hate It When You Leave
13  Stood You Up
14  Before They Make Me Run
15  Body Talks
16  Will But You Won't
17  Happy
18  Whip It Up


Talk Is Cheap                            (1988) Virgin
Live at the Hollywood Palladium          (1991) Virgin
Main Offender                            (1992) Virgin
How I Wish                               (1992) All About Fame 011, Rocklife Bootleg 
Wingless Angels                          (1996)
The New Barbarians - Buried Alive        (2007) Live 1979
The First Barbarians - Live From Kilburn (2007) Live 1974
Vintage Vinos                            (2010)
Crosseyed Heart                          (2015)
Talk Is Cheap 30th Anniversary Edition   (2019) BMG Box 2CD/Vinyl
Main Offender Super Delux Boxset         (2022) BMG 3LPs, 2CDs


Live at the Hollywood Palladium          (1991) Virgin Video+DVD
Keith Richards & the Expensive Winos     (1992) Atlantic Video+DVD


Keith Richards: The Biography
Victor Bockris
471 pages - Da Capo Press, 2003, Reprint ISBN: 0306812789

Before They Make Me Run
Kris Needs
London 2004, Paperback, 350 pages, 80 pic.

Life - Keith Richards
736 Seiten, Heyne Verlag; 2010 ISBN-10: 3453163036 ISBN-13: 978-3453163034

Keith Richards - Satisfaction
Christopher Sandford
London 2004, 370 pages, 37 pic.

Keith Richards
Alan Clayson
London 2004, Paperback, 200 pages

Keith Richard: A Life In Pictures
Paul Tippett, Adrian Andrews, Ominibus Press 2015 194 p., Vertrieb De: Bosworth



Keith Richards
Keith Richards
Keith Richards
Keith Richards
Waddy Wachtel
Keith Richards
Ivan Neville
Sahra Dash
Steve Jordan
Bobby Keys
Keith Richards
Keith Richards


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