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MEAT LOAF - Stadthalle Offenbach 11.06.1978

In memory of Meat Loaf 27. September 1947 - 20. Januar 2022  
Jim Steinman 1947 - 2021 and Bob Kulick 1950 - 2020 R.I.P.

 Meat Loaf Foto WDR/Manfred Becker


Meat Loaf - lead vocals
Jim Steinman - piano
Bob Kulick - guitar
Bruce Kulick - guitar
Steve Buslowe - bass
Joe Stefko - drums
Paul Glanz - keyboards
Karla De Vito - lead and backing vocals
Rory Dodd - backing vocals


01 Bolero                                     (4'20'')
02 Bat Out Of Hell                           (11'00'')
03 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth   (5'00'')
04 All Revved Up With No Place To Go         (13'00'')
05 Paradise By The Dashboard Light           (27'00'')
06 Johnny B. Goode                            (7'10'')
07 River Deep Mountain High                   (5'10'')
08 REPRISE: Johnny B. Goode                   (2'10'')
09 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad                       (7'40'')
10 REPRISE: All Revved Up                     (2'05'')
Meat Loaf Foto WDR/Manfred Becker


Bat out of Hell                            (1977) Epic/Legacy
Meatloaf                                   (1979) Prodigal
Dead Ringer                                (1981) Epic
Midnight at the Lost and Found             (1983) Epic
Bad Attitude                               (1984) RCA
Blind Before I Stop                        (1986) Atlantic
Live                                       (1987) Arista
Live at Wembley                            (1987) RCA
Bat out of Hell II: Back Into Hell         (1993) MCA
Welcome to the Neighborhood                (1995) Virgin
Live Around the World                      (1996) Tommy Boy
Storytellers                               (2003) Universal
Couldn't Have Said It Better               (2003) Polydor
Bat Out Of Hell Live                       (2004) Universal (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose  (2006) Universal
Hang Cool Teddy Bear                       (2010) Mercury	    
Hell In A Handbasket                       (2011) Sony
Braver Than We Are                         (2016) Universal


Live at Father's Place                     (1978) Epic 
Live                                       (1978) Epic  
Live at Wembley                            (1985) JEM/Passport
Hits Out Of Hell                           (2001) SMV DVD digitally mastered 5.1
VH-1-Storytellers                          (2003) Universal
Live With The Melbourne Symphony           (2005) Warner 2 DVDs
3 Bats Live                                (2007) Universal 2DVDs
Guilty Pleasure Tour                       (2012) H'Art DVD+CD	    


Meat Loaf (Broschiert) von Andreas Fallscheer
80 Seiten, Verlag: Zsolnay, W. (1994), ISBN-10: 3552051414, ISBN-13: 978-3552051416

Meat Loaf. Phönix aus der Hölle (Broschiert) von Patrizia Kurz und Ralf E. Isenbarth
97 Seiten, Verlag: Edel Records GmbH (1994), ISBN-10: 3927801844 , ISBN-13: 978-3927801844


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Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf


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