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Colosseum Live At Rockpalast 2003

Colosseum Live At Rockpalast 2003 2022 Catalogue Number: REPUK1449 Format: CD/DVD

The prog jazz/rock legends live at Rockpalast perform songs from Tomorrow’s Blues plus their classic Valentyne Suite
* Colosseum’s 2003 Viersen Jazz Festival performance filmed for German TV’s Rockpalast
* Includes tracks from their then-new album Tomorrow’s Blues
* Features acclaimed saxophonist & composer Barbara Thompson
* Superb sound & vision throughout

A chance to sit back and enjoy the “reunion era” Colosseum live on stage at the 2003 Viersen Jazz Festival performing tracks from then-new album Tomorrow’s Blues. Recorded during founder member Dick Heckstall-Smith’s  nal illness, world renowned saxophonist Barbara Thompson (Jubiaba, Paraphernalia) steps in. The result is a powerful performance from Barbara, Clem Clempson (guitar), Dave Greenslade (keyboards), Mark Clarke (bass), Chris Farlowe (vocals) and bandleader Jon Hiseman (drums). Alongside newer material including ‘I Could Tell You Tales’, the ensemble return to their Prog roots with a captivating rendition of ‘The Valentyne Suite’ and an epic ‘Lost Angeles’ (the latter  rst released on their 1970 album The Grass Is Greener). ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ gives full rein to Farlowe’s mastery of the blues as Colosseum reinterpret Ray Charles’ original with some note-bending licks from Clem and Barbara’s sultry sax underpinning the closing number. Interspersed with interview footage with Jon Hiseman in which he explores the band’s musical complexity and continuing popularity in light of their decision to reform in 1994, this beautifully packaged CD/DVD presentation is a must for all Colosseum fans. As Hiseman explains: “You have to feed this creature. If you don’t feed it, it dies. Also, you can’t make it do, what it doesn’t want to do.”

Tracklist CD/DVD:

1. Tomorrow’s Blues
2. I Could Tell You Tales
3. The Valentyne Suite
4. Lost Angeles
5. In The Heat Of The Night

Total playing time: 54.12 approx

1. Tomorrow’s Blues
2. Interview with Jon Hiseman Pt I
3. I Could Tell You Tales
4. Interview with Jon Hiseman Pt II
5. The Valentyne Suite
6. Interview with Jon Hiseman Pt III
7. Lost Angeles
8. In The Heat Of The Night

Total playing time: 58.00 approx

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