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The Fixx - Live at Rockpalast 1985

Repertoire Catalogue Number: REP 5332 Format: DVD + CD (Digipak & Slipcase)

The Fixx

PERFORMANCE DATE: Markthalle Hamburg, 22 February 1985
The Fixx was something of an anomaly on the British music scene as the 1970s gave way to the 1980s " as they were a "New Wave" quintet that enjoyed far more success in the USA and continental Europe than they did back home in the UK.
The Fixx wrote and recorded melodic, concise New Wave Rock, led by the powerful and emotive vocals of Cy Curnin, with the strong guitar work of Jamie West-Oram and keyboards of Rupert Greenall offering contrasting musical depth and texture.
The band was a mainstay of the early days of MTV, with the videos for hits such as "Red Skies" and "Stand Or Fall" receiving heavy rotation airplay. This, and their willingness to tour the USA, ensured that they became one of the most successful British acts in the States in the mid-1980s, and - unlike many of their 1980s contemporaries - their music has stood the test of time extremely well.
Their commercial peak came with the album "Reach The Beach" (1983) and their follow-up, "Phantoms", was the album being promoted when they recorded this "live" session on 22nd February, 1985. It is a heady mix of the US hit singles, with choice tracks from their albums, and the DVD shows the kind of powerful performance that turned them at the time into a popular "live" attraction.


 01. Intro 
 02.   Privilege 
 03. Question 
 04.   Lose Face 
 05. Stand Or Fall
 06. Less Cities, More Moving People
 07. Are We Ourselves? 
 08. In Suspense 
 09. Wish 
 10. Sunshine In The Shade
 11. The Fool 
 12. One Thing Leads To Another 
 13. Saved By Zero
 14. Lost In Battle Overseas 
 15. Deeper And Deeper 
 16. Red Skies 
 17. Reach The Beach
 18. Running 

 Running time: approx. 82mins Region Free NTSC DVD. Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 surround sound

 01.   Privilege
 02. Question
 03.   Lose Face 
 04. Stand Or Fall 
 05. Less Cities, More Moving People
 06. Are We Ourselves? 
 07. In Suspense 
 08. Wish
 09. Sunshine In The Shade
 10. The Fool
 11. One Thing Leads To Another
 12. Saved By Zero
 13. Lost In Battle Overseas 
 14. Deeper And Deeper
 15. Red Skies 
 16. Reach The Beach 
 17. Running

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