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4.Open Air Loreley 17.08.1985

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Translation: Rachel Holznienkemper and Family


In Memory of Paul Raven 1961 - 2007  R.I.P.

Killing Joke WDR text 1985: Killing Joke belongs to the new English bands that came about around the end of the '70s, and up to now still refuse to want to survive oncompromises and short-lived successful singles. They are one of the most determined, loudest and most popular groups, especially in England with lots of successful concerts and a growing number of spectators. Killing Joke collectively works together on text , music and production. The contents are not usually kindly or optimistic, but they still believe that they are heading for a better world with their statements. In their opinion, only after drastic changes can life have some positive aspects again. After ups-and-downs, short-term solutions, shake-ups, and solo projects, the band has dissolved . In 1994, Killing Joke, with most of the original crew, returned as a hard guitar rockband with the LP "Pandemonium".


Jaz Coleman - voc
Geordie Walker - guit
Paul Ferguson - drums
Paul Raven - bass
David Kovecevic - keyb


The concert was not broadcasted live ! This titles were shown later between other sets: 80's

01  The Hum
02  Darkness
03  Requiem
04  Empire
05  Tabazan
06  Nightime
07  Kings And Queens
08  Good Sam
09  Love Like Blood
10  Bloodsport
11  Complication
12  Wait
13  Psyche
14  80's
15  Follow
16  Warding


Killing Joke                        (1980) Eg 2344163
What's This For                     (1981) Eg 2302109
Revelations                         (1982) Eg 2311146
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Night Time                          (1985) EG/Deutsche Grammophon 825-244-1
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns       (1986) Virgin 207876
Outside The Gate                    (1988) Virgin 208955
The Courtald Talkes                 (1989) Invisible
Extremities,Dirt And Various -
Repressed Emotions                  (1990) AGR AG 054
Pandemonium                         (1994) Metronome 523227
Millennium                          (1994) Pavement
Wilful Days                         (1995) Caroline
Laugh? I Nearly Bought One          (1992) Virgin 263075 Sampler
Live in Concert                     (1996) Windsong
Alchemy - The Remixes               (1997) Butterfly/Rough Trade
Killing Joke                        (2003) Zuma Sony Music with Dave Grohl
XXV Gathering!                      (2005) Cooking Vinyl/Indigo
Hossannas From The Basement Of Hell (2006) Edel
The Original Unperverted Pantomime  (2008)
Live at The Forum                   (2008)            
Absolute Dissent                    (2010) Universal
MMXII                               (2012)
The Single Collection 1979-2012     (2013) Universal            
Pylon                               (2015) Spinefarm


Killing Joke official Page
Killing Joke
Paul Raven R.I.P.
Killing Joke Wikipedia EN
Killing Joke Wikipedia DE

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UNTOUCHABLES WDR text 1985:  The Untouchables are a sextett (with 3 brass players) from Los Angeles, although appearances and music style make them seem more like an English band in the 2-tone Tradition (Specials, Madness, etc.). When the band was founded in 1979, the basic idea, as with other English relations, was to meld the best from rhythm and blues, soul and reggae. After many band member changes, years of club appearances and a second start in England in 1984, the Untouchables today are one of the most talked-about bands for 1985.


Chuck Askernese - voc
Josh Harris - keyb, voc
Clyde Grimes - guit, voc
Jerry Miller - voc, perc
Caine Carruthers - bass
Glenn Symmonds - drums, voc
Matt Fronke - trumpet
Tim Moynathan - trombone
J. Kashiwa - horn


The concert was not broadcasted live ! This titles were shown later between other sets: Free Yourself - Lonely Bull

01  Green Onions                               (1'50'')
02  Whiplash                                   (2'45'')
03  Mandingo                                   (3'00'')
04  Lovers Again                               (3'35'')
05  Piece Of Your Love                         (2'45'')
06  What's Going Wrong                         (7'30'')
07  I Spy For The FBI                          (3'30'')
08  Soul Together                              (3'20'')
09  Freak In The Streets                       (5'35'')
10  Laser Show                                 (6'30'')
11  City Gent                                  (3'30'')
12  Free Yourself                              (3'25'')
13  Lonely Bull                                (2'15'')
14  Wild Child                                 (4'30'')
15  Steppin' Stone                             (3'55'')


Live & Let Dance         (1984)  Enigma
Wild Child               (1985)  Stiff/Teldec 6.26192
Agent Double O Soul      (1989)  Restless
Decade of Dance: Live    (1990)  Restless
Hats on Fire             (1996)  RST
Killin Water             (1996)  RST
Live at Metropol         (1996)  RST
Ghetto Stout             (2000)


The Untouchables
The Untouchables Wikipedia EN

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In memory of Gene Taylor 1952 - 2021 R.I.P.


Blasters WDR text 1985:  The Blasters come from Los Angeles, like The Untouchables; but, the direction of their music is more clearly defined and they play authentic American rock and roll. Without being untrue to their idols, or, on the other hand, copying clichees, The Blasters are a band of the '80s. Dave Alvin, guitar-player, not only tells about beautiful cars, petticoats and ponytails, but, for example, also tells about the hopelessness of life with a job where there's just barely enough to survive. Those who have seen "Streets of Fire" will definitely be reminded of it by the quality of the live performance by The Blasters. They were the Live-Band at the motorcycle-riders meeting. Since 1987, Dave Alvin has been a singer/songwriter, according to him.


Dave Alvin - guit
Phil Alvin - voc, guit
Gene Taylor - piano
Bill Bateman - drums
John Bazz - bass
Lee Allen - saxophon


The concert was not broadcasted live !This titles were shown later between other sets: So Long Baby Good Bye - Roll 'em Pete

01  Marie Marie                                (2'01'')
02  Trouble Bound                              (3'30'')
03  Long White Cad                             (3'00'')
04  Help U Dream                               (3'37'')
05  Crazy Baby                                 (2'37'')
06  Common Man                                 (3'41'')
07  Hoodoo Man                                 (2'39'')
08  Rock 'n' Roll Will Stand                   (2'27'')
09  Border Radio                               (2'22'')
10  Tag Along                                  (2'37'')
11  One More Dance                             (2'17'')
12  I'm Shakein'                               (2'02'')
13  Lights Out                                 (2'28'')
14  Dark Nite                                  (3'30'')
15  Stop The Clock                             (1'52'')
16  Red Rose                                   (2'27'')
17  American Music                             (2'00'')
18  So Long Baby Good Bye                      (6'00'')
19  Roll 'em Pete                              (3'40'')


American Music             (1980) CD 1997 Hightone HCD 8086
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The Blasters Collection    (1990) Slash
The Blasters Bootleg       (1997) own bootleg by the Blasters  
Testament                  (2002) Rhino (The complete Slash Recordings)
Trouble Bound              (2002) High Tone/Fenn
Going Home Live            (2004) Sony
4-11-44                    (2004) Sony
Fun on Saturday Night      (2012)   
The Best Of -Mandatory     (2023) Liberation Hall                     


The Official Newsletter of The Blasters and Dave Alvin
The Blasters official
The Blasters
The Blasters Wikipedia EN
Dave Alvin official

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Chris Rea WDR text 1985:  Chris Rea has found recognition, especially in Germany, by a very large audience in the last two years. At the end of 1983, he was a guest on a tour from Saga, an attraction of the first live Rockpalast from the Zeche, in Bochum, and left behind, as his other concerts on the tour, a lasting impression, especialy at the female part of the audience. His record sales today are in the hundreds of thousands and his concerts are regulady sold out. Chris Rea's second career will last longer than his first one did. lt began in 1975 with the international single hit "Whatever happened to Benny Santini, and a debut-LP, which also includes the Rea composition. Fool if you think it's over", belonging to the repertoire of many singers today. In Rea's opinion, everything went too fast in the beginning; he had to react and was handled as a single artist, but really wanted to build a solid career with his own band. As his first hit was not followed with more successes, he inevitably had more time on his hands. Although he still released a new record every year, it took him a long time to get together final band members for his live band. In 1983, the LP Water Sign" was successful without any advertising. At the same time, REA did more concerts - he had finally found musicians that met his expectations. "l can hear your heart beat" followed, the rest has already been told. In October 1983, when we congratulated him after his remarkable Rockpalast concert performance, (with three encores), he answered: "Ask me back! Invite me again!"

Since then, Chris Rea is continually in the charts and is reaping special praise and gold records, especially in Germany. In the meantime, many of his single hits are classics.


Chris Rea - voc, guit, piano
Kevin Leach - keyb, saxophon
Max Middleton - keyb
Eoghan o'Neill - bass
Tony Hicks - drums
Dave Dryden - guit


01  Bambollini                                 (7'00'')
02  Ace Of Hearts                              (4'25'') 
03  Candles                                    (6'40'')
04  Shamrock Daries                            (4'23'') 
05  Dancing Shoes                              (4'15'')
06  Loves Strange Ways                         (5'00'')
07  One Golden Rule                            (4'15'')
08  Josephine                                  (4'45'')
09  Stainsby Girls                             (4'35'')
10  I Can Hear Your Heart Beat                 (9'00'')
11  I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It     (10'45'')
12  Steel River                                (7'35'')
13  Touche D'Amour                             (4'40'')


Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?         (1978) Magnet MAGL 5021
Deltics                                     (1979) Magnet                          
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Wired To The Moon                           (1984) Magnet/DG 821 8321
Shamrock Diaries                            (1985) Magnet/DG 825 539-1
On The Beach                                (1986) Magnet 829194
Dancing With Strangers                      (1987) Magnet 833504
The Road To Hell                            (1989) Elektra 791733-2
Auberge                                     (1991) East West 9031-73580
God's Great Banana Skin                     (1992) East West
Espresso Logic                              (1993) East West 5409-94311
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La Passione                                 (1996) East West
The Blue Cafe                               (1998) East West
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Dancing Down The Stony Road                 (2002) Edel
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The Road To Hell And Back                   (2006) Polydor/Universal
The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes (2008) Jazzee Blue 3CD+2x10" Vinyl Box set
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Santo Spirito                               (2011) Warner
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One Fine Day                                (2019) Rhino


Dancing down the stony road         (2002) 2 DVDs
Live At Austin City Limits          (2003) Eagle Vision
Road To Hell And Back               (2006) Universal DVD
Santo Spirito Blues                 (2011) Warner 2DVD+3CD Boxset


CHRIS REA - Rockpalast Zeche Bochum 28.10.1983
Chris Rea deutsche offizielle Seite
Chris Rea offizielle Seite
Chris Rea Wikipedia EN
Chris Rea Wikipedia DE

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Eighties (Killing Joke - Loreley Festival from the same day)
03. Interview Chris Rea
04. Interview Red Hot Chili Peppers
05. So long Baby goodbye (The Blasters - Loreley Festival from the same day)
06. Roll 'em Pete (The Blasters - Loreley Festival from the same day)


Anthony Kiedis - Red Hot Chili Peppers WDR text 1985:  The RHCP are a band that probably no one in Europe has either heard of, or surely, has not seen. The appearance will be their first one outside of the Los Angeles area. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a "West-Coast-Post-Punk" band and originated from the many local groups in that circle - known groups to us are/were, i.e., X and Gun Club Bass player Flea made an appearance together with his friend, Anthony Kiedis, a fellow student and singer (experiences in earlier bands: none). Repertoire: one song.This appearance was so successful that they were offered a second one. Repertoire: two songs. "Somehow, something about us must have been interesting", Flea thought. And so, a real band was formed. Within a short time, they signed a record contract and today - one and a half years after forming their group - the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a "great white hope". The music? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a die-hard punk band. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have a non-typical American dry humor that is clearly obvious in the texts of their songs. For the many people that are today looking for a band continuing on in the Tradition of Hendrix and Beefheart, it may very well be that they'll find it on the 17th of August on the Loreley.

At the Open Air, the Chili Peppers will not fail to offer a hot show including, of course, the naked back ends and the socks, suitably placed on the most important part of the body. Certainly, some of the spectators don't have very much understanding for this. Today, in spite of the death of guitar player, Hillel Slovak, in 1988, and a change in the band members, the Peppers are still on tour. As the number of Homepages shows today, they have a large fan following. RHCP played two times more at Rockpalast, 1999 at the 13th Bizarre Festival and 2004 at Rock am Ring.


Anthony Kiedis - voc
Flea - bass
Jack Sherman - guit
Cliff Martinez - drums


01. Intro                          (1:36)
02. Out in L.A.                    (2:28)
03. Jungle Man                     (4:57)
04. Buckle down                    (3:39)
05. Green Heaven                   (5:10)
06. Hollywood                      (9:21)
07. Stranded                       (0:38)
08. Police Helicopter              (3:00)
09. Baby Appeal                    (4:51)
10. True Men don’t kill Coyotes    (4:57)
11. Get up and Jump                (2:46)
12. Blow Job Park (Battle Ship)    (4:12)
13. Fire                           (2:46)


The Red Hot Chili Peppers   (1984) EMI ST-17128
Freaky Styley               (1985) EMI ST-17168
The Uplift Mofo Party Plan  (1987) EMI 064-7480361
The Picsy Road EP           (1987) EMI
Mother's Milk               (1989) EMI
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What Hits ? (S)             (1992) EMI 794762-2
Live, Rare, Remixed         (1994) Import
Out In L.A.                 (1994) EMI America
One Hot Minute              (1995) Warner CD: 2-45733
Californication             (1999) WEA 936247386-2
By The Way                  (2002) WEA
Greatest Hits               (2003) WEA 15 songs + 2 brandnew
Live in Hyde Park           (2004) Warner 2CD
Stadium Arcadium            (2006) Warner 2CD
I'm With You                (2011) Warner	    
The Getaway                 (2016) Warner
Unlimited Love              (2022) Warner  
Return Of The Dream Canteen (2022) Warner


Funky Monks                       (2000) WEA Video/DVD
What Hits!?                       (2002) EMI DVD
Off The Map                       (2002) Warner DVD
Live at Slane Castle              (2003) Warner DVD
Greatest Videos                   (2004) Warner DVD
Phenomenon The Independent Review (2006) Angry Penguin/Soulfood


The complete Story
OMNIBUS Music-Books England

Spike Harvey
Red Hot Chili Peppers
London 1995 Paperback, 48 pages, ca. 50 Abb., ca. 30

An illustrated Bio, J.Lorenz
OMNIBUS Music-Books England

The Unauthorised Edition
Fully Illustrated Book and Interview Disc
London 1995, paperback, 120 pages, 100 pics

Frank Lähnemann
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hamburg 1991 Paperback, Karton, 100 Seiten, ca. 60 Abb.

Maximum Chili Peppers
Chrome Dreams, London 2002 Audio Bio CD

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Red Hot Chili Peppers
New York 1993 Paperback, 272 pages, ca. 16 Abb.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story
Jeff Apter
London 2004, Linen, 320 pages, 50 pic.

Anthony Kiedis
Give It Away
Kiwi 2005, 544 Seiten

Fornication: Die Red Hot Chili Peppers Story
Jeff Apter
London 2004, gebundene Ausgabe, 4 44 Seiten 24 Seiten Fotos, ISBN 978-3-86543-040-3


Red Hot Chili Peppers beim 13th Bizarre-Festival 1999
Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock am Ring 2004 - WDR Rockpalast
Red Hot Chili Peppers official
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Germany
Troublekids In Funk Heaven
Red Hot Chili Peppers Wikipedia EN
Red Hot Chili Peppers Wikipedia DE
John Frusciante

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01. Interview George Clinton
02. Free yourself (The Untouchables - Loreley Festival from the same day)
03. Lonely Bull (The Untouchables - Loreley Festival from the same day)
04. Wild Child (The Untouchables - Loreley Festival from the same day)



George Clinton WDR text 1985:  Many talk about it, no one knows just exactly why or what, but, authentic Funk can be seen only rarely at live concerts in Europe. Once again, Rockpalast is going to make this possible. On the 17th of August on the Loreley, GEORGE CLINTON AND FUNKADELIC guest, Thomas Dolby, will appear as the last live band. James Brown is the Godfather, Sly Stone is the Revival (?) etc., etc. Funk has almost as many titles as it has personalities, but George Clinton is one of the loudest. Since the beginning of the'70s, he has been one of the main figures in this style of music and on various levels: as discoverer, producer, singer, composer and performer. The most famous names under which he worked very successfully until 1980, were Parliament and Funkadelic. Whereas Parliament tendered to a plentiful, predominantly black public in the USA with more musical comics with ulterior motiv to dance and listen to, Funkadelic represented more the other side of George Clinton's creativity. They experimented musically, and the texts don't tell stories from the future, but have the bleak ghetto living and rage as a theme. In 1980, George Clinton's multi-undertaking dissolved. Various disagreements and processes with former band members prevented Clinton from making music. Since 1983, he has been working in the USA under his own name and has, just as before , a large audience. On the 17th of August, George Clinton and Funkadelic will appear for the first time in Europe at the Rockpalast Festival on the Loreley.


Likewise at the Rockpalast-Festival on the Loreley, Thomas Dolby will be there as George Clinton's guest; it is not yet quite clear how the two of them will work out together. Dolby was involved at the production of Clinton's LP "Some of my best jokes are friends"; moreover, they have both acknowledged that in July of 1985, they formed a "sporadic superband" called " Dolby's Cube" along with Lene Lovich. Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson today is 27 years old. He was a sought after session musician and had a reputation as a genius and all around talent in music techniques even before he was a success in his own right. He had a worldwide hit in 1983 with his song, "She blinded me with science". On his 1984 tour, he justified his reputation and without problems, fused Fairlight-Computer, videos, conventional instruments and voices together.

The concert on the Loreley was a giant funk-fireworks at which George Clinton always had the ropes firmly in grip. The high point was the jam session at the end with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Untouchables and Killing Joke.


Georqe Clinton - voc, various instruments
Thomas Dolby - voc, keyb
Gary Shider - voc, guit
Lige Curry - voc
Duwayne McKnight - guit
Ron Ford - voc
Michael Payne - voc
Eddie Hazel - guit
Cordell Mosson - guit
Michael Hampton - guit
Joseph Fiddler - keyb
Bennie Cowan - trumpet
Greg Boyer - trombone
Greg Thomas - saxophon
Rodney Curtis - bass
Dennis Chambers - drums
Robert Johnson - voc
Andre Williams - voc, various instruments
Pat Lewis - vocGesang
Sandra Richardson - voc
Maceo Parker - saxophon
David Lee Spradley - keyb


01  Funkentelechy                              (1'30'')
02  Cosmic Slop                                (9'40'')
03  Take It To The Stage                      (15'57'')
04  One Nation                                 (8'15'')
05  Knee Deep
06  Rubber Duckie (Come Fly)                   (8'05'')
07  Maggot Brain
08  Standing On The Verge                     (14'05'')
09  Atomic Dog                                 (9'30'')
10  Flashlight                                 (7'15'')
11  Cosmic Slop II *                          (17'05'')
* Jam-Session mit: Killing Joke, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Untouchables

Discography: GEORGE CLINTON (Parliament - Funkadelic - P.Funk All-Stars)

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Walk the Dinosaur                   (1993)
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Follow the Leader                   (1995) 
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Discography: THOMAS DOLBY

The Golden Age Of Wireless         (1982) Capitol/EMI o64-1o77821
The Flat Earth                     (1984) Capitol/EMI o64-24oo341
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A Map of the Floating City         (2011)


Mothership Connection              (2003) Icestorm
Live At Montreux                   (2004) Eagle Vision DVD: 0000474ERD


Dave Marsh
George Clinton and P-Funk
An Oral History - For the Record
New York 1998 Paperback,160 pages, ca. 20 pics

Kris Needs
George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey Of The P-Funk Empire
2014 Omnibus Press, geb. engl. 352 pages, D.Bosworth


George Clinton official
George Clinton
P-Funk Wikipedia DE
P-Funk Wikipedia EN
George Clinton Wikipedia EN
George Clinton Wikipedia DE

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George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic - Live at Montreux 2004 (Kulturspiegel Edition) DVD - bei Amazon bestellen!

Thomas Dolby Internet:

The Flat Earth Society Thomas Dolby ultimate web page created by Thomas and his company
Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby Wikipedia EN
Thomas Dolby Wikipedia DE

Thomas Dolby CD - Hyperactive - order at Amazon !

On the 17th of August, the finale of the Rockpalast-Festival on the Loreley was the from a concert with


This recording took place on the 9th of July, 1985, in the Palais Omnisports, in Paris. The editorial staff of Rockpalast were the only ones in Europe that were given the possibility of recording a concert from Deep Purple.

In memory of Jon Lord 9 June 1941 - 16 July 2012  R.I.P.

Ritchie Blackmore WDR text 1985:  DEEP PURPLE's story begins at the end of the '60s. After numerous singles that were mostly versions from cuts from other composers, the band profiled itself on two levels. One level was achieved by working together with different philharmonic orchestras to become one of the first of many bands that arranged "Rock and classic" concerts; being one of the best hard-rock bands of their time was the other level achieved by them. DEEP PURPLE Mark II (second crew of band members from DEEP PURPLE) was one of the most successful rockbands ever, internationally, until the departure of singer lan Gillan. Mainly the LP's "ln rock", "Made in Japan", and energy-filled live concerts, (including demolished guitars), made the group into a legend, and helped later on to be cult status with the younger Generation that had never seen the band. In 1984, DEEP PURPLE Mark II reformed itself for the second time, released an album and went on a world tour lasting from November '84 until July '85. There were sold-out stadiums and enthused audiences everywhere . Likewise, the band also had fun and thanked their fans, giving them a complete mixture of favorites and new songs in a two-hour concert. At these concerts, it was probably also clear that DEEP PURPLE certainly was a lot more than just the sum of it's five band members.

DEEP PURPLE toured almost constantly until 1987; afterwards, after releasing the new album, "House of the Blue Light", they went on a world tour again. In 1990, another studio LP was released with Lynn Turner replacing Gillan; however, Gillan returned in 1992. During the tour in 1993, Ritchie Blackmore left the band, after having problems. He was replaced with Joe Satriani until Steve Morse took the place as a guitar player.


Ian Gillan - voc
Ritchie Blackmore - guit
Roger Glover - bass
Jon Lord - keyb
Ian Paice - drums


01  Highway Star
02  Nobody's Home
03  Strange Kind Of Woman
04  A Gipsy's Kiss
05  Perfect Stranger             
06  Under The Gun
07  Lazy 
08  Knocking On Your Back Door
09  Space Trucking
10  Woman From Tokyo
11  Black Night
12  Smoke On The Water


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Live In Denmark 1972             (2007) Sonic Zoom/Soulfood
Stormbringer 35th Anniversary    (2009) Emi + Bonus DVD
Live at Longbeach 1969           (2009) Purple Records
Live At Inglewood 1968           (2009) Sonic Zoom/Soulfood
Best Of Live 68-76               (2010) Purple/Soulfood
Singles &E.P.Anthology'68-'80    (2010) EMI
Phoenix Rising                   (2011) CD+DVD
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Total Abandon - Australia '99    (2012) Edel
Machine Head 40th Anniversary    (2012) EMI 2CD 1 AudioDVD Deluxe Edition	    
NOW What?!                       (2013) Edel
Made In Japan - 40th Anniversary (2014) Universal 4CDs+DVD
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Whoosh!                          (2020) edel
Turning To Crime                 (2021) edel
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Live In Hong Kong 2002           (2022) earMusic


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Perihelion                          (2003) Image DVD
Masters From The Vault              (2003) Classic Rock Productions DVD
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