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13. Rockpalast Nacht 15.-16.Oktober 1983

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Bryan Adams Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1983: Bryan Adams and his band will open the Rockpalast-Festival on October 15th, 1983. Adams was born in Canada and has lived in Vancouver and England. He began as a drummer at the age of 12 and later on changed to the guitar. Early on, he had a great love for good songs with interesting harmonies - he was a big Beatles fan.

He is now (1983) 23. Going against the wishes of his father (who was in the Army), he became a professional musician and supported himself doing music sessions in Vancouver. There he met Jim Vallance, a partner that shared Adams' love for music and was the all-encompassing lyricist for him. In the meantime, different songs from this team have been recorded by groups and musicians, the spectrum reaching from Jeff Beck to Bonnie Tyler. Bryan Adams has had his own band and his own concerts since 1979. In that year, he landed his first hit in the USA with 'Let Me Take You Dancin'. Doing warm-ups on tours with bands like 'The Kinks', 'Foreigner' or 'Journey', followed.

Nowadays, in 1983, Bryan Adams is an established name in records and concerts in the USA. In the meantime, platinum LPs are hanging on the walls in his house also. He and his band visited Europe for the first time in September and really made an impression with his energetic, variety-packed concert. Adams is the highlight on- stage, always moving around. Along with his band, they compactly and loudly bring great rock music to the audience, right on the mark. In comparison to other bands, the concept of Bryan Adams' music is very important. He sings and plays ballads with the same self-understanding and dynamism that mark his more energetic pieces. He could deepen his successes after the Rockpalast. He is today constantly on tour and headlines big outdoor shows and festivals.

"The 13th Rockpalast Nacht began cheerfully and uncomplicated. We had met the Canadian Bryan Adams, who was to open the Nacht, just a few weeks earlier. Bryan Adams' music makes you think about Saturday night, lonely nights, driving around, teenage dreams. And he wanted to know it: He delivered. Here and now, me and you, feels so good, hurts so bad. - Everything is in this night. Bryan Adams was extremely excited about his performance at the Rockpalast Nacht. And he topped all records: Did gymnastics on the P.A. system and rode the TV camera. Later on, he wrote to us from Canada: 'I would like to be at the next Rockpalast Nacht again'."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Bryan Adams - voc, g
Keith Scott - g
Dave Taylor - b
John Hanaha - keyb
Frank Larocka - dr


01  Remember                                   (4'30'')
02  The Only One                               (3'30'')
03  Don't Leave Me Lonely                      (2'41'')
04  Cuts Like A Knife                          (4'57'')
05  Lonely Nights                              (3'43'')
06  Tonight                                    (5'47'')
07  This Time                                  (3'14'')
08  The Best Was Yet To Come                   (2'34'')
09  Take Me Back                               (7'15'')
10  Fits Ya Good                               (4'35'')
11  Guitar Solo                                (2'15'')
12  I'm Ready                                  (5'00'')
13  Straight From The Heart                    (3'00'')
14  Hiding From Love                           (3'51'')
15  Baby Wears Black                           (3'48'')
16  Jump                                       (4'08'')


Bryan Adams               (1980) A&M/CBS 64 800
You Want It You Got It    (1981) A&M/CBS 64 864
Cuts Like A Knife         (1983) A&M/CBS 64 919
Reckless                  (1984) A&M 65013
Into The Fire             (1987) A&M 393907-1
Live Live Live            (1989) A&M
Waking Up The Neighbours  (1991) A&M
So Far So Good            (1993) A&M
Live! Live! Live!         (1995) A&M
18 Til I Die              (1996) A&M
MTV Unplugged             (1997) A&M/Polydor
One Day Like Today        (1998) A&M/Polydor
Live At Slane Castle      (2002) A&M/Motor/Universal (also as DVD)
The Spirit                (2002) A&M (Soundtrack)
Room Service              (2004) Universal
Chronicles                (2005) A&M CD Longbox 
Anthology                 (2005) Universal
11                        (2008) Universal
Icon                      (2010) Universal
Bare Bones                (2010) Universal
Tracks Of My Years        (2014) Universal
Reckless 30th Anniv.      (2015) A&M/Universal
Get UP                    (2015) Universal
Ultimat                   (2017) Universal
Wembley 1996 Live         (2018) Universal
Shine A Light             (2019) Universal
So Happy It Hurts         (2022) BMG/Warner
Live At Royal Albert Hall (2024) BMG 3CDs


Live At Slane Castle - Ireland 2000 (2002) A&M
Live At The Budokan                 (2003) Universal
Live in Lisbon                      (2005) Universal
Live At The Sydney Opera House      (2013) Universal
Wembley 1996 Live                   (2016) Universal


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Bryan Adams Internet:

BRYAN ADAMS - Rockpalast Gut Opherdicke 17.09.1983
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Bryan Adams
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01. Moderation Albrecht Metzger and Alan Bangs
02. Interview Elvis Costello
03. New Years Day (U 2 - Loreley Festival vom 20.08.1983)
04. Interview Bryan Adams & Band


Elvis Costello Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1983: Elvis Costello and the Attractions with the TKO Horns is actually the whole name of the second group that will be appearing on October 15th at the 13th Rockpalast- Festival in the Grugahalle in Essen. Elvis Costello, whose real name is Declan McManusist, is the most creative and interesting songwriter of English rock music since the end of the '70s. His career first began in 1977 when he met Graham Parker and Nick Lowe (back then, he was Graham Parker's producer). His first appearances were doing warm-ups to Parker. On stage, it was just him, his guitar and his short, but penetrating, songs. At that point in time in England, everything was possible in music. The next step for Costello was an LP for the small record company 'Stiff Records', which got it's start in the boom caused by 'New Wave', or whatever it was called. After having success with pieces like 'My Aim Is True' and 'Watching The Detectives', he formed his own group, 'The Attractions', with whom he played many and successful tours in England and the USA.

In 1979, Elvis Costello and the Attractions released 'Armed Forces', a very successful LP internationally. Costello pressed on and showed that he mastered the art of effectively saying something in short songs. He studied his surroundings very well and saw social contradictions, broken dreams and wishes - not an intact world! He was able to put it all in just three stanzas , using simple language and convincing pictures.

In the years, 1980 through '82, Elvis Costello publicly displayed unexpected actions and outrages (insults, affronts) (some interviews ended with insults for the journalists and other musicians; he released an LP with country songs) . He then decided, in 1983, to try out new forms of music. For the first time, he toured with a brass group and recorded a new LP with new arrangements . Elvis Costello concerts belonged to the best of what you could see live on-stage at that time. It's not only the good songs that Costello has written, but also his presence on the stage, the concentrated and intense way in which he sings and comes across.

The time with the Attractions lasted just a short time. Costello worked with well- known studio musicians and made music for films. He also tried acting, as in the film 'No Surrender' in 1986. In 1987, the Attractions were re-formed. Also, Costello was always busy as a producer. He produced the group Squeeze, with whom he appeared at the 1989 Jazz Festival in Montreux, and he helped Roger McGuin make a comeback with the LP 'Back from Rio'. In 1989, he received the MTV-Award for the best male video and the Rolling Stone's Critic's Prize as 'Best Songwriter for 1989'.

"Elvis Costello, much more complicated in his music and his statements, will not have it easy (after Bryan Adams). Anecdote: Andrew Jakeman, Costello's manager, who can also be a little raw when band members don't get to bed early enough, said about the work done by his lighting designers: In some areas it was very dark. Oh well, at least it didn't look 'like every other fucking rock'n'roll show!' "
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Elvis Costello - voc, g
Steve Nieve - keyb
Bruce Thomas - bass
Pete Thomas - drums
Jim Paterson - trombone
Jeff Blythe - saxophone, cl
Paul Speare - saxophon, flute
Dave Plews - trumpet
Caron Wheeler - voc
Claudia Fontaine - voc


01  Let Them All Talk                          (3'05'')
02  Posession                                  (2'28'')
03  Watching The Detectives                    (4'08'')
04  The Greatest Thing                         (2'52'')
05  Man Out Of Time                            (4'45'')
06  New Lace Sleeves                           (5'55'')
07  Mystery Dance                              (2'25'')
08  Shabby Doll                                (4'38'')
09  Kid About It                               (3'43'')
10  What's So Funny 'bout Peace,
    Love And Understanding                     (3'33'')
11  Oliver's Army                              (3'01'')
12  Shipbuilding                               (4'15'')
13  Big Sisters' Clothes                       (2'44'')
14  Beyond Belief                              (4'35'')
15  Clubland                                   (3'44'')
16  The World And His Wife                     (2'27'')
17  Alison                                     (3'39'')
18  Backstabbers King Horse                    (4'25'')
19  Clowntime Is Over                          (5'09'')
20  Every Day I Write A Book                   (3'57'')
21  I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down          (3'35'')
22  Pump It Up                                 (5'44'')


My Aim Is True                                        (1977) Stiff SEEZ 3
This Year's Model                                     (1978) Radar 56477
Armed Forces                                          (1978) Radar 56597
Get Happy!!                                           (1980) F-Beat 58114
Taking Liberties                                      (1980)
Mad About The Wrong Boy                               (1980) F-Beat 58185
Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers 	      (1980) 	  	 
Trust                                                 (1981) F-Beat 58260
Almost Blue                                           (1981) F-Beat 58392
Imperial Bedroom                                      (1982) F-Beat 58392
Punch The Clock                                       (1983) F-Beat ZL 25464               
Goodbye Cruel World                                   (1984)
The Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions          (1985)
King Of America                                       (1986) F-Beat ZL 70946(Costello Show)
Blood And Chocolate                                   (1986)
Out Of Our Idiot                                      (1987)
Spike                                                 (1989) Warner 925848
Girls+£/Girls=$+Girls                                 (1989) 
Mighty Like A Rose                                    (1991) Warner 7599-26575
The Juliet Letters                                    (1993) Warner 9362-45180
2 1/2 Years                                           (1993) 4 CD box set first 4 albums
Brutal Youth                                          (1994)
The Very Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions     (1994) 1977-1986
The Kojak Variety R&B                                 (1995) Warner 9362-45903-2
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Cruel Smile                                           (2002) Universal/Island
The Very Best Of                                      (2003) UMIS/Universal
North                                                 (2003) DGG
Punch The Clock                                       (2003) Edel 2CD Deluxe Edition 24 Bonus Tracks
Trust                                                 (2003) Edel CD Deluxe Edition 16 Bonus Tracks
Get Happy                                             (2003) Edel 2CD Deluxe Edition 30 Bonus Tracks
The Delivery Man                                      (2004) Island/Lost Highway/Universal
Il Sogno                                              (2004) Deutsche Grammophon/Universal
King of America - Deluxe Version                      (2005) Soulfood DCD 21 Bonus Tracks(Costello Show)
My Flame Burns Blue                                   (2006) Deutsche Grammophon/Universal
The River In Reverse                                  (2006) Verve/Universal (with Allen Toussaint)
Momofuku                                              (2008) Universal (And The Imposters)
Secret, Profane & Sugarcane                           (2009) Universal
Live At The Mocambo                                   (2009) Universal
Live At The Hollywood High                            (2010) Universal
National Ransom                                       (2010) Hear Music/Universal
Wise Up Ghost                                         (2013) Universal - & The Roots
Live In San Francisco                                 (2013) Warner - & Corridos Famosos
Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album                   (2015) Universal
Look Now                                              (2018) Universal & The Imposters
Hey Clockface                                         (2020) Concord
The Boy Named If                                      (2022) EMI & The Imposters

Elvis Costello Video/DVD:

Best of Elvis Costello & the Attractions              (1985) CBS Video
The Juliet Letters                                    (1993) Warner Video/DVD
The Very Best of Elvis Costello                       (1996) Demon
Live: A Case for Song                                 (1997) Warner
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Elvis Costello Internet:

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Rockpalast WDR Studio-L Kφln 15.06.1978
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello Wiki
Wilson & Alroy's Elvis Costello Reviews
Elvis Costello Wikipedia EN
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Elvis Costello and The Imposters - Club Date: Live in Memphis DVD - bei Amazon bestellen!


01. Moderation Albrecht Metzger & Alan Bangs
02. Heartbreak Hotel (John Cale - Zeche Bochum, 06.03.1983)
03. Interview mit Cheap Trick (Rick Nielsen & Robin Zander)
04. Innercity Blues (Joe Cocker - Loreley Festival vom 20.08.1983)


Cheap Trick  Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1983: Cheap Trick is an American band that enjoys international fame particularly because of their spectacular live concerts. The history of Cheap Trick is as uncommon as the band itself. Rick Nielsen, an American, and Tom Petersson, who was born in Sweden and grew up in the USA, decided in the beginning of the '70s to form a band in Europe. They played around in different line-ups and with different names throughout England, Germany and France. There, in the south, they found singer and guitarist Robin Zander, also an American and a manager that Nielsen already knew from earlier times.

Afterwards, they decided to return to the USA because they felt that the best job possibilities were there; there, (to their luck?) they found a drummer, Bun E. Carlos, who came from Venezuela. After releasing their self-produced LP in 1976, Cheap Trick played endless tours throughout the USA, sometimes doing more than 300 dates per year. Their success was not only due to the fact that they were one of the few bands that didn't take everything in rock'n'roll so seriously, but also because they always entertained the audiences with lots of action and gags.

Rick Nielsen is guitarist and writer of most of the songs and also head of the group; he not only writes good songs, but also came up with each band member's styling. Whereas Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos look more like the type of people from whom you'd probably never buy a used car, Zander and Petersson seem likeable and attractive.

1978 and '79 were successful years for Cheap Trick. A live concert at the Budokan Theater in Japan, and a live recording brought the group world-wide notices in the Hit Parade and filled concert halls. The stress associated with all this was too much for Petersson and he pulled out of the group. His successor was Jon Brant. Tick Nielsen saw to it that they had variety at live appearances. He has a strange collection of guitars which he puts into the shows at certain surprising moments without ending up looking like a poser.
Cheap Trick will be flying in from the USA especially for their appearance at the 13th Rockpalast-Festival. It's a sure bet that the band will also see to it that there will be lots of fun and surprises in Essen.

There wasn't much ado about the band and, up till 1985, they pulled themselves out of the music business, at times completely. Cheap Trick returned with the LP 'Standing on the Edge'. The grand-daddy bass player of the band, Tom Petersson, came back in 1988. Cheap Trick tours and tours and are still loved in many parts of the world, even if they are no longer as successful as before.

"Cheap Trick still lives from the tension between Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander and Bun E. Carlos. Rick Nielsen wore loud clothes ("Next position please"), and, along with the guitar in the national colors of Germany that we already knew about, he brought along a new invention with him: A guitar with five necks."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Rick Nielsen - g, voc
Robin Zander - g, voc
Bun E. Carlos - dr
Jon Brant - Bass, Gesang
Phil (Magic) Cristian - keyb


01  Hello There                                (1'02'')
02  California Man                             (2'36'')
03  Tonight                                    (4'30'')
04  Southern Girls                             (2'30'')
05  I Want You To Want Me                      (3'20'')
06  Reach Out                                  (3'12'')
07  On Top Of The World                        (4'51'')
08  Voices                                     (4'37'')
09  Dancing The Night Away                     (4'12'')
10  Heaven's Falling                           (3'40'')
11  Everthing Works If You Let It              (3'22'')
12  Baby Loves To Rock                         (3'41'')
13  If You Want My Love                        (4'00'')
14  Stop This Game                             (3'33'')
15  Next Position Please                       (5'05'')
16  Ain't That A Shame                         (2'37'')
17  She's Tight                                (3'08'')
18  Dream Police                               (3'41'')
19  Surrender                                  (4'02'')
20  I Can't Take It                            (2'56'')
21  Day Tripper                                (3'25'')
22  Clock Strikes Ten                          (2'15'')
23  Big Eyes                                   (3'14'')
24  Good Night                                 (1'35'')


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Bang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello          (2016) Universal
We're All Right - Deluxe            (2017) Universal
Christmas Christmas                 (2017) Universal
In Another World                    (2021) BMG


Every Trick In The Book             (1990) SMV - 72min
Live in Australia                   (1997) Rhino
Music For Hangovers                 (1998) Rhino DVD
Silver                              (2002) Image DVD

Cheap Trick Internet:

Cheap Trick - Rockpalast Kφln Studio L, 30.08.1979
Cheap Trick - Official
Cheap Trick
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Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker

Pictures of the 13.Rocknight

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