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Translation: Rachel Holznienkemper and Family


Wolf Maahn Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1985: Wolf Maahn und die Deserteure are a rock band from Cologne who have been playing together since 1982. Wolf Maahn himself is already well-known in the music scene for quite a while already. Born in 1955, he made his way like many other rock musicians did. At first he was very fascinated by many Anglo-American music styles, mainly soul, then he had his own bands in school and then decided to earn money by making music. To a few people he became known as the singer, guitarist and composer of the 'Legendary Food Band' (as said by Maahn).

This group dominated in their chosen music style (English texts, great arrangements and melodies that were easy to listen to), so perfectly that an English record label decided to release Food Band's LPs. German audiences weren't quite ready to accept an international standard so easily. So, in spite of great reviews, Food Band dissolved because of financial problems. Afterwards, Wolf Maahn worked in the studio. He pondered, dpicsd around, perfected and produced for other bands and musicians. Today, he is one of the most sought-after producers in Germany and has successfully worked together with Klaus Lage, Schroeder, Neue Heimat, Joseph Beuys and Marianne Rosenberg, amongst others.

In the second half of 1982, Wolf Maahn released his first LP under his own name. The titel was 'Deserteure', the text was German. The record was again a success with the critics; Wolf Maahn once again took pleasure in playing live concerts. He formed a band with his friends which today still has the original line-up, and in the meantime, is one of the favorite groups in Germany. The themes for Wolf Maahn's songs are observations and descriptions of situations that we encounter in everyday life, and in which we find ourselves. In different ways, they meet the demand that rock music is judged to be it's best if the performer succeeds in bringing a story to the point within three verses, one refrain and all that within three and a half minutes . Wolf Maahn can do that. Sometimes he only tells stories, sometimes be uses comparisons, sometimes he dreams, sometimes he shows movies.

At concerts, Wolf Maahn und die Deserteure add another dimension to their songs. The band does not want to offer their audiences just plain entertainment for one evening, they also want to present good rock music for the head and the gut. Wolf Maahn und die Deserteure's performance was a premiere: The first German rockband at a Rocknacht. And they showed all of Europe that they are a rock band that really has something to say. The medley at the end showed the deep roots to American music, especially soul and rock'n'roll.
The LP 'Irgendwo in Deutschland' is surely one of the German rock records, a classic. Wolf Maahn is also a successful producer (i.e., Niedecken or Lage) . He led in the Anti-Atomic-Energy movement (WAAhnsinns Festival), commented on Tschernobyl or sided with Greenpeace. An institution in German rock music.


Wolf Maahn - voc, g
Axel Heilhecker - g, voc
Jürgen Zöller - drums
Werner Kopal - bass
Paco Saval - keyb
Jane Palmer - voc
Renate Otta - voc


01  Irgendwo in Deutschland   
02  Die Sucht der Träumer   
03  Der Clown hat den Blues
04  Hobby Freud
05  Rosen im Asphalt
06  Es ist noch so weit (bis zu meiner Pension)
07  Zahltag
08  Deserteure
09  Fieber
10  Racing in the Street
11  Bimbo Club
12  Fa,Fa,Fa
13  Soul Man
14  Sex Machine


Deserteure                      (1982) Metronome 0060545
Bisse und Küsse                 (1983) EMI 1C 064 146 6231
Irgendwo in Deutschland         (1984) EMI 1C 066 146 9791
Kleine Helden                   (1986) EMI 066-147129
Rosen im Asphalt - Live         (1987) EMI 066-746406
Third Language                  (1988) EMI 066-790484
Was?                            (1989) EMI 066-792438
Maahnsinn                       (1991) Electrola 066-795810
Der Himmel ist hier             (1992) Electrola 780556
Direkt ins Blut (Un)plugged     (1993) Electrola 828306
Libero                          (1995) EMI 7243834817 2 9
Soul Maahn                      (1999) EMI 521055 2
Absolut Best Of                 (2001) EMI
Zauberstrassen                  (2004) Universal
Direkt ins Blut 2 - (Un)plugged (2007) DCD
Vereinigte Staaten              (2010)
Vereinigte Staaten Deluxe       (2011) + DVD Live at Fehmarn 2010
Lieder Vom Rand Der Galaxis     (2012) Rough Trade - Solo Live
Sensilble Daten                 (2015) SPV
Live & Seele                    (2017) SPV 2CD
Break Out Of Babylon            (2020) Libero


Direkt Ins Blut [un]plugged (2003) EMI DVD

Wolf Maahn Internet:

Wolf Maahn Rockpalast Konzerte 1983, 1990, 1995, 1996
WOLF MAAHN - 09.Dezember 2001 Köln, Live Music Hall
Wolf Maahn - Rockpalast Crossroads 2015
Wolf Maahn mit der Food Band Rockpalast WDR Studio-A Köln 26.06.1980
Wolf Maahn - die offizielle Page
Maahnews - Kleine Helden
Wolf Maahn
Wolf Maahn Wikipedia DE
Axel Heilhecker
Jürgen Zöller
Jane Palmer
Renate Otta

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01. Interview Wolf Maahn & Die Deserteure
02. I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen - video)
03. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
04. Less Cities more moving People (The Fixx - Markthalle Hamburg, 22.02.1985)



Paul Young Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1985: Paul Young is the most successful British singer in 1985. In earlier years, he worked at finding and realizing his own musical ideas the way he really wanted to, as many others before him also did. Today's success came on the second try. Paul Young was born in January 1956 in Luton, England. His first instrument was a base, and he became fascinated by rock music as a result of listening to records at his friends' parties. He played in different bands after finishing school.

Some friends told him that he was a better singer than instrument player, so he went to London and became singer of the 'Q-Tips' who tried to follow in the tradition of English soul of the late '60s (The Foundations, Geno Washington, etc.) The audience didn't just want to listen, 'Pogo' was already 'out' again, dancing was 'in'. The Q-Tips responded to this need perfectly. They were an outstanding 'Live- Jukebox', the clothing and dancing were synchronous. In 1982, after over 600 live performances, Young decided to shed his golden dress and to try and see if it was possible for a singer to find an audience for his own renditions in England.

The rest is history. 'No Parlez' was published in 1983, and a few singles later, Paul Young was a superstar. At his concerts, scenes of pure enthusiasm could be seen and suddenly, he found himself in a league he didn't want to belong to. In 1984 Paul Young quit the business to take a half-year break; during this time he changed the line-up of his band, The Royal Family. A few months ago, he celebrated his comeback with a sold-out tour of England and concerts in which the emphasis was on the music.

The band is more in the foreground now and three new black vocalists were added who also add a new visual effect to the show. The center of all attention is still Paul Young himself who shows that he is one of the best with his new songs. "For me it is enough if I can go on tour because there are enough people who want to hear what and how I'm singing. I don't want to be the star I was last year." That's the way Paul Young and the Royal Family want to present themselves in Essen on the 15th Rockpalast Festival, too.

Paul Young often takes a break in between. He also took part in Live-Aid and the Nelson Mandela concert. Since the Rockpalast he has been in the charts quite a few times.


Paul Young - voc
Ian Kewley - keyb
Mark Pinder - drums
Pino Palladino - bass
Matt Irwing - keyb
Johnny Turnbull - g
Jimmy Chambers - voc
George Chandler - voc
Tony Jackson - voc


01  Tomb Of Memories
02  Love Will Tear Us Apart
03  Love Of Common People
04  Bite The Hand
05  Everytime You Go Away
06  Tear Your Playhouse Down
07  Everything Must Change
08  Women
09  Come Back And Stay
10  Cupid
11  Sex
12  Broken Man
13  Wherever I Lay My Hat	    


No Parlez                                  (1983) CBS 25 521
The Secrets Of Association                 (1985) CBS 26 234
Between Two Fires                          (1986) CBS 450150
Other Voices                               (1990) CBS 466917
From Time To Time                          (1991) Sony (The Singles Collection)
The Crossing                               (1993) Columbia 473928
Acoustic Paul Young                        (1994) Columbia 660255
Reflections                                (1995) Vision Music
Love Hurts                                 (1997) Prime Cuts
From Time To Time (The Singles Collection) (1998) Townsend Records
Love Songs                                 (2000) Townsend Records
Live At Last                               (2000) Townsend Records
Super Hits                                 (2000) Townsend Records
The Essential Paul Young                   (2003) Townsend Records
The Only Paul Young Album You'll Ever Need (2005) Townsend Records
Rock Swings                                (2006) Sony/BMG
The Secret Of Association                  (2007) Anger Air/Fenn Deluxe 2CD Edition
Between Two Fires                          (2008) Soulfood + Bonus CD
No Parlez - 25th Anniversary Edition       (2008) Sony/BMG
Original Album Classics                    (2012) Sony 5CDs	    
Remixes And Rarities                       (2013) Rough Trade
Tomb Of Memories: The CBS Years            (2015) Sony (1982-1994)
Good Thing                                 (2016) New State Music
Live at Rockpalast                         (2019) MIG/Indigo DVD+2CD Boxset


Video Singles - Pid, Released 09/30/97, 30 min
Live at Rockpalast (2019) MIG/Indigo DVD+2CD Boxset

Paul Young im Internet:

Paul Young Homepage official
Paul Young
Paul Young Wikipedia DE
Paul Young Wikipedia EN

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01. Live from Syracuse, Moderation Angela Beyer, Video Syracuse
02. Interview Paul Young & Band
03. Ragazzo del Europa (Gianna Nannini - Live in Montreux)
04. California (Gianna Nannini - Live in Montreux)
05. I'm ready (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
06. Remember (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
07. The only One (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
08. Cuts like a Knife (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
09. Lonely Nights (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
10. Tonight (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
11. Straight from the Heart (Bryan Adams - 13. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 15.10.1983)
12. Change of Hearts (Huey Lewis & The News - 14. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 13.10.1984)
13. If this is it (Huey Lewis & The News - 14. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 13.10.1984)

AL JARREAU feat. David Sanborn

In memory of Al Jarreau March 12, 1940 - February 12, 2017   R.I.P.


Al Jarreau Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1985: Al Jarreau belongs to the American singers where one person unites the versatility and differences in popular music. He comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had his first encounter with music in his family; his older brothers were active musicians. During his studies, Al Jarreau made the decision to make music his job and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the university. That's where he learned how to keep up a band on his own in spite of the missing money. Soon, his solo appearances became solid engagements in different clubs in L.A.

After finishing a record contract, Al Jarreau accepted an invitation for concerts in Europe in 1975. These concerts were celebrated as a sensation by audiences and critics. He was touted as a singer and performer that had brought jazz songs to a new level. Until the beginning of the '80s, Al Jarreau won in polls, collected prizes and undertook many successful tours. At the end, he once again decided to expand his musical spectrum. He enlarged his band, introduced new arrangements and often opted for the direct way to the audience at concerts.

In order to make his appearance at the 15th Rockpalast Festival in Essen possible, he especially postponed one of his appearances on his German tour this year. At the same time, he shared with us that he would bring a special guest from the USA: David Sanborn, a first-class sax player whom enjoys the highest international respect as a studio- and live musician.


Al Jarreau - voc
Alex Acuna - drums
Sobby Lyle - keyb
Malando Gassame - percussion
George Hawkins - bass
Charles Johnson - g
James Studer - synthesizer
Michael Paulo - saxophon, flute
Michael Steward - trumpet
David Sanborn - voc , saxophon
James Studer - keyb
Charles Drayton - drums
Tom Barney - bass
Mike Stern - g


    Al Jarreau:
01  Raging Waters
02  Trouble In Paradise
03  I Will Be Here For You 
04  Mornin'
05  High Crime
    David Sanborn: 
06  Hideaway
07  Straight To The Heart
08  Anything You Want
09  Since I Fell For You
    Al Jarreau:
10  Imagination
11  Black And Blues
12  Boogie Down
13  Murphy's Law


1965                        (1965) Bainbridge
We Got By                   (1975) WEA 54045
Glow                        (1976) Reprise
Look To The Rainbow         (1977) Warner Brother
All Fly Home                (1978) Warner Brother
This Time                   (1980) Warner Brother
Breakin' Away               (1981) WEA 56917
The Masquerade Is Over      (1983) Happy Bird
Jarreau                     (1983) WEA 250070 1U
High Crime                  (1984) WEA 250807 1
Live In London              (1985) Warner Brother
L Is For Lover              (1986) Warner Brother
Heart's Horizon             (1988) Reprise
Heaven and Earth            (1992) Reprise
Tenderness                  (1994) Warner Brother
The Best Of Al Jarreau      (1996) Warner Brother
Tribute To Bill Withers     (1998)
Tomorrow Today              (2000) GRP/Universal
All I Got                   (2002) Universal
Accentuate The Positiv      (2004) GRP/Universal 986127-5
Givin' It Up                (2006) mit George Benson
Love Songs                  (2008) Rhino
Christmas                   (2008) Rhino/Warner
The Very Best Of            (2009) Rhino/Warner "An Excellent Adventure"
AJ And The Metropole Orkest (2012) Universal
My Old Friend               (2014) Universal - Celebrating George Duke

David Sanborn (Selected):
Hideaway (1980) Warner Brothers 3379-2 Voyeur (1981) Warner Brothers 3546-2 Backstreet (1983) Warner Brothers 9 23906-2 Change Of Heart (1987) Warner Brothers 32XD-631 Upfront Elektra (1992) Elektra #61272 Hearsay (1994) Elektra #61620 Pearls (1995) Elektra #61759 The Best Of David Sanborn (1996) Warner Brothers Songs From The Night Before (1996) Elektra #2-61950-P Time Again (2003) Verve 065578-2 Closer (2004) Verve Here & Gone (2008) Decca/Universal Only Everything (2010) Decca Then Again - The Anthology (2012) Warner Time And The River (2015) Sony

Al Jarreau Internet:

Al Jarreau official
Al Jarreau Wikipedia DE
Al Jarreau Wikipedia EN

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David Sanborn Internet:

David Sanborn official
David Sanborn
David Sanborn Wikipedia DE
David Sanborn Wikipedia EN

CD - Time Again - order at Amazon !

Before broadcast:

01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Bell of Saint Mark (Sheila E. - Syracuse, New York, 30.03.1985, Support Prince)
03. Moderation and introductions Angela Beyer


Live from Syracuse, NY, via Satellit

In memory of Prince 7. Juni 1958 - 21. April 2016   R.I.P.

Prince WDR text 1985: The closing at the 15th Rockpalast Festival will take form as a live concert from Prince. Prince plays on this evening from Syracuse, New York in the morning. The Rockpalast staff has succeeded, exclusively for Europe, to agree to a live stereo airing by satellite. Since so many of Prince's tours are announced and then again canceled, Prince's concert on the 30th and 31st of March will be the only possibility to see him live in Europe. A tour in the foreseeable future is not planned.

The Rockpalast staff has been trying to get Prince to do a live appearance for a long time. After the deals in 1984 had to be pushed aside because of Prince's non-stop obligations, the plan to let Prince play at the Rockpalast via satellite was then decided upon for the 15th Rockpalast Festival. This transmission will be the first ever of this kind. At this time, Prince is the most popular and most successful rock musician in the USA. After joining the group of superstars in recent years, and especially through his LP releases and spectacular concerts, he sprang as an all- around talent in all categories with the release of his first movie 'Purple Rain'. In the meantime, tours are made up of series of concerts lasting many days in the biggest halls in the respective cities; the live performances are met with many-minutes-long standing ovations from the audience.

With the live transmission on March 30th and 31st, the Rockpalast staff will give Prince's fans the possibility to experience the effects of his 110-minutes-long live concert.
In spite of some sound problems, the transmission was successful and the typical Prince live atmosphere really came through.

How much more can I say about Prince, who also has called himself 'Symbol' or O(+ and then The Artist. He died 2016.

A vast amount of information can be found on the Internet.


01  Let's Go Crazy              (05:30)
02  Delirious                   (02:45)
03  1999                        (04:15)
04  Little Red Corvette         (05:10)
05  Take Me With U              (04:15)
06  Do Me Baby                  (04:40)
07  Irresistible Bitch          (02:00)
08  Possessed                   (04:24)
09  How Come You Don't Call Me  (05:05)
10  Let's Pretend We're Married (04:15)
11  International Lover         (01:00)
12  God                         (08:30)
13  Computer Blue               (04:30)
14  Darling Nikki               (04:00)
15  The Beautiful Ones          (07:30)
16  When Doves Cry              (08:15)
17  I Would Die 4 U             (03:50)
18  Baby I'm A Star             (10:00)
19  Purple Rain                 (18:24)


For You                        (1978) Warner 56989
Prince                         (1979) Warner 56772
Dirty Mind                     (1980) Warner 56862
Controversy                    (1981) Warner Brother
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Purple Rain                    (1984) Warner 925 110-1
Around The World In A Day      (1985) Paisley Park 925 286-1
Parade                         (1986) Paisley Park 925 395-1
Sign O' The Times              (1987) Paisley Park 925 577-1
The Black Album                (1987) WEA
Lovesexy                       (1988) Paisley Park 925 720-1
Batman                         (1989) Paisley Park
The Scandalous Sex Suite       (1989) WEA
Graffiti Bridge                (1990) Paisley Park
Diamonds And Pearls            (1991) Paisley Park
Get Off Remix                  (1991) WEA
Love Symbol                    (1992) Paisley Park 
The Beautiful Experience       (1994) NPG Records
Come                           (1994) Warner Brother
The Gold Experience            (1995) WEA
Chaos And Disorder             (1996) WEA
Emancipation                   (1996) NPG/EMI
Crystal Ball                   (1997) NPG/EMI
New Power Soul                 (1998) BMG
The Vault...Old Friends 4Sale  (1999) WEA
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic     (1999) Arista/BMG/Ariola 2214624-2
The Rainbow Children           (2001) NPG Records
One Nite Alone                 (2002) NPG Records
One Nite!         (2002) NPG Records
N.E.W.S.                       (2003) NPG Records
Musicology                     (2004) Sony
3121                           (2006) NPG/Universal
Ultimate Prince                (2006) Warner
Guitar                         (2007)
Planet Earth                   (2007) Columbia/Sony BMG
Lotus Flow3r                   (2009) Internet Abo
MPLSoUND                       (2009) Internet Abo
Bria Valente                   (2009) Internet Abo            
20TEN                          (2010) NPG Records
4EVER                          (2016) Warner 2CD
Ultimate Rave                  (2019) Legacy
Up All Night With Prince       (2020) Sony 4CD/DVD
Welcome 2 America              (2021) Sony


Purple Rain                    (1984) Warner
Prince & the Revolution: Live  (1985) Warner
Graffiti Bridge                (1990) Warner
Sign of the Times              (1991) MCA
Prince & the Revolution: Live  (1991) Warner
Gett Off Warner                (1991) Reprise
Hits Collection                (1993) Warner
3 Chains O Gold                (1994) Warner
Rave Un2 the Year 2000...      (2000) Image/Edel DVD
Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas  (2002) Universal DVD
Diamonds And Pearls            (2006) Warner
Movie Collection               (2016) Warner 3 DVD            
Sign 'O' The Times             (2019) Turbine 2Blu-Ray/2DVD
Live                           (2022) Sony Blu-ray+CD


Prince - Illustrierte Dokumentation plus Diskographie
Jürgen Seibold, 80 pages

John W. Duffy
Prince The First Illustrated Biography
London 1992 Paperback,112 pages, ca. 100 pics

Per Nilsen
Prince - A Documentary
New Edition London 1993 Paperback,160 pages, ca. 200 pics

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The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Rock Lives - The Ultimate Story
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Alex Hahn - übersetzt von Kirsten Borchardt, 408 Seiten
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Prince - The unauthorised Edition
Full illustrated Book and Interview Disc
London 1995, Paperback, 120 pages, 100 pics

Liz Jones
Slave to the Rythm
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
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Prince - The complete Guide to the Music
London 1995, Paperback, 136 pages, 40 pics

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Matt Thorne
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Prince – Alle Songs: Die Geschichten hinter den Tracks
Benoît Clerc
Delius Klasing Verlag 2023 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3667125378


The Orange Park Online Fan Community
Prince in Print
Prince Wikipedia DE
Prince Diskografie Wikipedia DE
Prince Wikipedia EN
Prince Discography Wikipedia EN

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Sheila E. Official
Wendy and Lisa

Sheila E. CD - Romance 1600 - order at Amazon !

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Pictures of the 15.Rocknight

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