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16. Rockpalast Nacht 19.-20.October 1985

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Translation: Rachel Holznienkemper and Family


Armoury Show Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1985: That the group's music shows similarities to the group Big Country most likely has to do with the fact that Richard Jobson, the singer from The Armoury Show, earlier played together with Stuart Adamson, the singer from Big Country, in a group called Skids. If you've ever seen The Armoury Show play in their hometown of Edingurgh in Scotland, then you can understand that they are a typical Scottish phenomenon: The English is harder, but the contact with the public is more quiet and not so hectic, nevertheless direct.

After a concert, the musicians still sit in the foyer with their fans. The big drums and the 'big' sound are trademarks of the group, similar to Big Country. Sometimes the singer, Richard Jobson, looks like a boxer and reminds one of Muhammed Ali. The creative tension comes from his texts and the music from guitarist, John McGeoch, who also left his mark on the different sound of Siouxsie and the Banshees. For a while, McGeoch was also a member of the group, Magazin, and belonged to the top class of guitarists of the new generation after 1976. The function of bass player, Russell Webb, as a singer, is important. With his clear, high voice, he sings all the second parts.

The group's goal is to carry through positive energy, which they themselves embody. What this is all about, is told by Richard Jobson announcement to 'Avalanche': He'd rather be a boxer, even when that means getting hit on the nose once in a while instead of always remaining the same, the way you normally do.


Richard Jobson - voc, g
John McGeoch - g, voc
Russell Webb - bass
John Doyle - drums


01  Higher Then The World                      (5'00'')
02  Sleep City Sleep                           (5'09'')
03  Ring Those Bells                           (3'50'')
04  The Glory Of Love                          (4'58'')
05  A Sense Of Freedom                         (3'20'')
06  When The River Runs Dry                    (4'05'')
07  Waiting For The Floods                     (5'45'')
08  Kyrie                                      (6'25'')
09  A Feeling                                  (4'30'')
10  We Can Be Brave                            (3'35'')
11  The Innocents Abroad                       (4'57'')
12  Castles In Spain                           (5'30'')


Waiting For The Floods - EMI 1 A o64/24 o3 59 1

Armoury Show Internet:

Armoury Show
The Armoury Show reformation campaign
The Armoury Show Wikipedia EN

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Squeeze Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1985: "Every list from top-class songwriters of today must include the names Difford and Tilbrook", as the famous New York Times recently wrote. It all began with an advertisement: In 1972, the English musican Chris Difford was looking for a guitarist, in order to start a band, and placed an ad. Glenn Tilbrook answered the ad. At first, nothing came out of the band, but the two stayed together in order to write songs. The two developed their own work style: Chris, who in the meantime rented from Glenn, wrote many text ideas at night and then left them laying on the breakfast table. During the day, Glenn used the time pondering about the music for the text.

They had their record debut in 1976 with the EP 'Packet of Three'. Incidentally this EP was produced by John Cale. The first LP with the simple title 'Squeeze' appeared two years later, and with 'Cool for Cats' in 1979, they reached their international breakthrough. The band which had been formed in the meantime toured in great detail throughout the USA as openers for groups like The Tubes, Blondie and Patti Smith; as headliners later, after a sold-out tour that ended in Madison Square Garden in New York, Squeeze gave their (for the time being) last concert in November,1982.

Now the group has gotten back together in almost their original line-up. Newcomer is bass player Keith Wilkinson. "Our separate experiences have shown us that we need each other in order to realize our music ideas", said Jools Holland. In the meantime, he has worked on solo projects, just like Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook. Incidentally, Holland is also moderator of the rock music series 'The Tube', in English TV, in which the man of action likes to call himself 'Son of the Rockpalast'.


Glenn Tilbrook - g, voc
Chris Difford - g, voc
Jools Holland - keyb, voc
Keith Wilkinson - bass
Gilson Lavis - drums


01  Another Nail In My Heart                   (2'55'')
02  Is That Love                               (2'25'')
03  In Quintessence                            (2'50'')
04  Hits Of The Year                           (3'10'')
05  Last Time Forever                          (5'25'')
06  By Your Side                               (4'35'')
07  King George Street                         (3'30'')
08  Love's Crashing Waves                      (4'15'')
09  Up The Junction                            (3'05'')
10  No Place Like Home                         (3'10'')
11  Take Me I'Am Yours                         (3'30'')
12  Pulling Mussels From A Shell               (4'50'')
13  Annie (Get Your Gun)                       (3'02'')
14  Tempted                                    (5'05'')
15  Black Coffee In Bed                        (5'30'')
16  Messed Around                              (3'30'')
17  Goodbye Girl                               (8'00'')


Packet Of Three (EP)          (1977)      
Squeeze                       (1978) A&M 393 185-1
Argybargy                     (1980) A&M 393 232-1
Cool For Cats                 (1979) A&M 393 231-1
Eastside Story                (1981) A&M AMLH 64 854
Sweets From A Stranger        (1982) A&M AMLH 64 899
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti         (1985) A&M 395 o85-1
Babylon And On                (1987) 
Frank.                        (1989)  
A Round And A Bout            (1990) 
Play                          (1991) 
Some Fantastic Place          (1993)  
Ridiculous                    (1995) A&M 540440-2
Excess Moderation             (1996) A&M 540 (1978-1993)
Piccadilly Collection         (1996) A&M 314540425-2 IMS (1978-1993)
Excess Moderation             (1996)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1997)
Master Series                 (1998)
Domino                        (1998) A&M Japan
Spot The Difference           (2010)
Cradle to the Grave           (2015)            
The Knowledge                 (2018)

Squeeze Internet:

Squeeze official
Squeeze Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Video: Making of "Sun City" (Artists Against Apartheid)
03. donations account
04. Interview The Squeeze
05. Face the Face (Pete Townshend - Video: soundtrack "White City")


In memory of RAIMUND SALG 11.5.1954 - 9.8.2023  R.I.P.


Rodgau Monotones Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1985: The Rodgau Monotones were originally a combination of musicians that played in different bands and came together in this line-up to have fun and to make a lot of noise. That was 1978, and their first live appearances were made up of covers for the most part, especially from Deep Purple, ZZ Top and others. From the Rocknacht with ZZ Top, there is still a neon sign on which is written: The Rodgau Monotones greet ZZ Top.

While other bands (in which the single musicians originally played) broke up more and more, the Monotones stayed together and further developed themselves into Hessen-style regional matadors. On top of covers, they added their own compositions, in German, and with their own program that had many cheerful numbers, they were soon able to play to sold-out audiences of up to 2000 in party tents and halls.

Rodgau Monotones With the motto 'Have mercy, the Hessens are coming', they set out to expand their regional success nationwide in 1984.
Their appearance in Jugendabend of the Hessischen Rundfunks on channel 1 also made them well-known to many. Rockpalast fans know the Rodgau Monotones from their concert that we recorded in the Zeche, in Bochum. They have drummed up some surprises for their appearance at the Rockpalast-Nacht.

At the Rockpalast-Nacht, Rodgaus appeared with reinforcements in order to fully present their Comedy Rock Show on-stage. The audience, surely at least the Hessens, went along with them fully. Naturally, the support from ZZ Top was not missing.

The Rodgaus' high waned again and they were once again local matadors. They wouldn't dare not to show up at all the Hessentags. After Henny left, the Rodgaus became very quiet. Henny formed the very successful 'Badesalz Theater' with Gerd Knebel (who was also at the Rocknacht, earlier Flatsch). Since 1991, there is a new edition of the Rodgau Monotones with a different line-up.


Peter Osterwold - voc
Henny Nachtsheim - voc, sax
Ali Neander - g
Raimund Salg - g
Joky Becker - b
Mob Böttcher - dr
And as guest:
Christian Schneider - sax
Jo Reitz - trumpet
Frank Wolf - cello
Susanne Grawe - voc
Gerd Knebel - voc


01  Schritt Für Schritt                        (3'15'')
02  Ätzend                                     (3'00'')
03  Frach Mich Net                             (4'35'')
04  Mein Freund Harvey                         (3'45'')
05  Wenn Bullermann Kommt                      (4'25'')
06  St. Tropez Am Baggersee                    (4'00'')
07  Hallo Ich Bin Hermann                      (6'30'')
08  Gimme All Your Lovin'                      (3'25'')
09  Der Kleine Pirat                           (3'48'')
10  Ich Bin Müde                               (4'02'')
11  Normale Härte                              (5'40'')
12  Don't Talk About Love                      (5'25'')
13  Die Hesse Komme                            (5'35'')
14  Volle Lotte                                (3'08'')
15  Immer Ohne Mich                            (3'45'')
16  Tush                                       (4'10'')

Discography: (selected)

Wollt Ihr Musik, Oder Was?      (1980) Rockport/EMI o66 1554 o61
Fluchtpunkt Dudenhofen          (1982) Rockport/EMI o66 1554 o71
Volle Lotte                     (1984) Rockport/EMI o66 1554 ool
Wir Sehn Uns Vor gericht        (1985) Rockport/EMI o66 1554 171
Sportsmänner                    (1986)
Schön, Reich Und Berühmt        (1987)
"Live" DCD                      (1992) Rockport/EMI 3887002247
Eukalyptus Now!                 (1994)
Adrenalin                       (1999)
Silberhochzeit                  (2003) Rockport Records
Silberhochzeit live             (2003) DCD Rockport Records
Ein Leben für Lärm              (2008) Indigo
Genial                          (2015) Indigo   
Live At Rockpalast 1984 & 1985 (2020)  MIG/Indigo 3CD+2DVD Box         


Silberhochzeit live             (2003) DVD Rockport Records
Bergfest                        (2014) Rough Trade
Live At Rockpalast 1984 & 1985 (2020)  MIG/Indigo 3CD+2DVD Box

Rodgau Monotones Book:

Oliver Zils
Wollt ihr Musik, oder was?
Die ganze Geschichte der Rodgau Monotones
Veröffentlichungsdatum: Oktober 2018 Auflage: 1. Auflage Seiten: 176 ISBN: 978-3-95542-303-2 Format: Hardcover, Bild- und Textband

Rodgau Monotones Internet:

RODGAU MONOTONES - Rockpalast Zeche Bochum 13.11.1984
Rodgau Monotones
Rodgau Monotones
Rodgau Monotones Wikipedia
Henni Nachtsheim
Henni Nachtsheim Fanpage

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Impressions from Salsa quarter (Video)
03. Interview Ruben Blades
04. Interview Rodgau Monotones


Ruben Blades Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1985: Ruben Blades, born on July 16th, 1948, in Panama City, and living in New York since 1974, is, next to Willie Colon, the most important representative of the so-called salsa music today. In english, salsa means 'sauce' and this is mixed with the different styles and rhythms of Caribbean music, and enriched with elements from jazz and rock by Blades. Characteristic is the polyrhythmic playing of a whole arsenal of percussion instruments such as bongos, kongas, timbales, cow bells, maracas and naturally, drums. Over this network of rhythms, sharp horn parts were normally placed; however, Ruben Blades has replaced this with the synthesizer.

Ruben Blades passed up the normal folklore type of appearance of this type of group with colorful costumes and the obligatory macho mustache. His texts also do not deal with the three main themes of conventional salsa: Women, Women, Women. He much more consciously busies himself with the everyday life of the Latino ghettos of New York, the Barrios, and the problems of the people in Middle and South America. But he sets the critically social texts in tension to a music with rhythms that can be danced to.

Getting out of the ghetto situation is another theme from Ruben Blades. "Why do we always think only about the part of the city in which we live in, when we really live in the whole city"? is one of his main questions. That's where he derives the need to write music which goes over one's own social and cultural boundaries and is generally understood, without losing his identity.

The record labels at first thought that Ruben's texts were too complicated. "They wanted me to write shit because they think that the people are stupid. That is not what I want to make out of my life", he told us recently. The people weren't so stupid: With the song 'Pedro Navaja', Ruben Blades had the biggest hit in the history of salsa music.


Ruben Blades - voc
Ricardo Marrero - keyb
Oscar Hernandez - piano
Michael Viftas - bass
Robert Allende - congas
Ralph Irrizary - percussion
Robert Ameen - drums


01  Pana Fuerte                                (6'15'') 
02  Pablo Pueblo                               (8'00'')
03  El Padre Antoino                           (8'45'')
04  Cuentas Sel Alma                           (6'40'')
05  Decisiones                                 (5'50'')
06  The Hit                                    (5'10'')
07  Todos Vuelven                              (5'30'')
08  Tierra Dura                               (10'30'')
09  Cancion Del Final Del Mundo                (5'50'')
10  Muevete                                   (16'30'')
11  Buscando America                           (9'40'')
12  Tiburon                                   (11'19'')
13  Pedro Navaja                               (9'00'')

Discography: (selected)

El Que hace La Page                        Pläne Import 34 ooo 624 g
Maestra Vida 1+2                    (1980) Pläne Import 34 ooo 576 g
Y Son Del Solar Live                (1990) Elektra
Antecedente                         (1988) Elektra
Agua De Luna                        (1987) WEA/Elektra Entertainment
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Antecedente                         (1988) WEA/Elektra Entertainment
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Live                                (1990) WEA/Elektra Entertainment
Caminando                           (1991)  CBS Int
Mucho Mejor                         (1992) Musica Latina
El Que La Hace La Paga              (1992) Fania
Ruben Blades with Strings           (1992) Fania
Amor Y Control: Con Son De Solar    (1993) Sony Discos
Caminando                           (1994) Sony Discos
Poetry                              (1994) Fania
Mucho Mejor                         (1995) Westwind
Greatest Hits                       (1996) WEA/Wea Latina
La Rosa De Los Vientos              (1996) Sony Discos
Tiempos                             (2000) SMIS/Sony Music
Mundo                               (2002) Sony
Across 110th Street                 (2004) Red Ink - feat. Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Tangos                              (2014)

Ruben Blades/Willie Colon: Metiendo mano (1977) Siembra (1978) 34 ooo 537 g Canziones Del Solar De Los Aburridos (1981) 34 ooo 597 g The Last Fight (1982) Tras la tormenta (1995) Con sabor a salsa (2015)

Ruben Blades Internet:

Ruben Blades official
Ruben Blades
Willie Colon/Ruben Blades Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews
Ruben Blades Wikipedia DE
Ruben Blades Wikipedia EN

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