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3.Rockpalast Rocknight 15.-16.September 1978

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Translation: Rachel Holznienkemper and Family
The shortest Rocknight which served as a bridge to the big Muhammad Ali box fight.


Levin Gabriel McGuiness Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR Text 1978: The Rockpalast staff was able to engage the english Peter Gabriel and his band for a live appearance at the third Rockpalast-Festival in the Grugahalle in Essen. Gabriel is a well-known name in rock music; as co-founder, he was a singer with Genesis until 1975. In the three years since his separation from this band, he has received good notes on two LPs of his own, had some hits and made a successful tour through Europe and the USA. (Official Text)

Reflecting construction worker vests, builder's gloves and shaven heads count among some of the outer appearances of Peter Gabriel's band. With ladders as decoration and an appearance from the middle of the audience, he is trying to make his work as a rock musician transparent. After being with the mega undertaking Genesis, Gabriel for the first time questioned everything and did some thinking for himself.
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast

Peter Gabriel was born on February 13th, 1950, in Chobham. In 1965, he played with his friend Tony Banks in the band 'The Garden Wall'; together with 'Anon' , the supergroup, 'Genesis', was formed. Gabriel, through his movements and dress, was the visual focus at Genesis. In order to follow his solo experiments, Peter Gabriel left Genesis in 1975, at the end of their 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' tour. In 1976, his first solo LP 'Peter Gabriel' was finished. He experimented with synthesizers, ethno sounds and worked with African musicians in his ensuing albums. His mega-seller, 'Sledgehammer' appeared in 1986, made popular through the video. More singles were taken from the album 'SO', as also the ballad 'Don't give up' with Kate Bush. Gabriel participated in many benefit concerts and took part in the tour 'Human Rights Now' (for the benefit of Amnesty International), together with Yousson N'Dour, Sting, Tracy Chapman and Bruce Springsteen. He has also made some soundtracks and appeared at the Woodstock 25th Anniversary spectacle.


Peter Gabriel - voc/piano
Tony Levin - voc/bass
Jerry Marotta - drums/voc
Sid McGuiness - guit/voc
Larry Fast - keyb
Timmy Capello - keyb/sax


01  On The Air                                 (5'57'')
02  Moribund The Burgermeister                 (4'35'')
03  Perspective                                (3'17'')
04  Here Comes The Flood                       (3'50'')
05  White Shadow                               (4'43'')
06  Waiting For The Big One                    (6'08'')
07  Humdrum                                    (3'49'')
08  I Don't Remember                           (4'48'')
09  Solsbury Hill                              (4'40'')
10  Modern Love                                (4'03'')
11  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway             (5'00'')


Peter Gabriel                    (1977)  Charisma 6369978
Peter Gabriel II                 (1978)  Charisma 9124025
Peter Gabriel III                (1980)  Ein deutsches Album - Charisma 6302035
Peter Gabriel IV                 (1982)  Charisma 6302201
Peter Gabriel IV Deutsches Album (1982)  Charisma   XPGCD4
Plays Live                       (1983)  Charisma 812445
Birdy                            (1985)  Charisma 0777 7 86468 2 2
SO                               (1986)  Virgin 207587
Passion                          (1989)  Geffen(The Last Temptation Of Christ)
Shaking The Tree                 (1990)  Geffen (SIXTEEN GOLDEN GREATS)
Us                               (1992)  Geffen
Revisited                        (1992)  Atlantic
Secret World Live                (1994)  Geffen 
Ovo                              (2000)  RealWorld/Virgin 849500
Long Walk Home                   (2002)  RealWorld/Virgin (Soundtrack Rabbit-Proof Fence)
Shaking The Tree                 (2002)  RealWorld/Virgin (Sixteen Goleden Greats)
UP                               (2002)  RealWorld/Virgin
Hit                              (2004)  The Definitite Two CD Collection RealWorld/EMI
Hit                              (2004)  Die definitive DCD Kollektion Deutsche Ausgabe RealWorld/EMI
Scratch My Back                  (2010)  EMI
New Blood                        (2011)  EMI
SO                               (2012)  EMI 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 4 CD,2 DVD, 2 Vinyl Box
And I'll Scratch Yours           (2013)  Real World/Warner
Rated PG                         (2020)  Universal
i/o                              (2023)  Universal

Most albums are now available as SACD, published by Real World/Virgin/EMI
with Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation (1969) London Trespass (1970) Impulse Nursery Cryme (1971) Famous Charisma Foxtrot (1972) Famous Charisma Genesis Live (1973) Famous Charisma Selling England By The Pound (1973) Famous Charisma The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974) Atco Genesis Archiv 1967-75 4CDs (1998) Virgin 72458 4222 123


P.O.V.                           (1990)  Virgin Music
All About Us                     (1993)  Geffen
Secret World Live                (1994)  Geffen (DVD 2003)
Me Baktabak                      (1994)
Compilation                      (????)  Atlantic  
More Than This                   (2003)  Virgin DVD
Growing Up                       (2003)  Virgin DVD
Play - The Videos                (2004)  Warner
New Blood - Live In London       (2011)  Eagle DVD/BlueRay			
Secret World Live                (2012)  Eagle + Bonus Tracks
Live In Athens 1987              (2013)  Eagle Vision                        
Back To The Front-Live In London (2014)  Eagle Vision
Growing Up Live                  (2016)  Eagle Vision


Peter Gabriel 4 Worlds CD-ROM
Limited Edition London 1995
Limited Edition inkl. Xplora CD-ROM (Windows), Secret World Live-CD, Secret World Live-Video (VHS) and book.


Mick St. Michael
Peter Gabriel In his own words
1994, OMNIBUS Music-Books England

Peter Gabriel Photoalbum
Eng./Ital. Rom 1990 Paperback,88 pages, ca. 80 pics

Chris Welch
The secret life of Peter Gabriel
London 1998, Paperback, 208 pages, 20 pics

Spencer Bright
Peter Gabriel
London 1998, Linen, Register, Discography, 288 pages, 20 pics
authorized by Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel An Authorized Biography
Spencer Bright
London 2000, cheaper paperback version of the biography

Daryl Easlea
Das Leben und die Musik von Peter Gabriel - Die exklusive Biografie
2014 Hannibal, ISBN 979-3-85445-459-5 496 Seiten


Peter Gabriel official
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel's REAL WORLD STUDIOS Official Web Site
The place of Gabmiration
Peter Gabriel Wikipedia EN
Peter Gabriel Wikipedia DE
Genesis official
Deutscher Genesis Fanclub

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01. Interview Alvin Lee Ten Years Later
02. Interview mit Peter Gabriel


In memory of Paul Butterfield 17.12.1942 - 4.5.1987  R.I.P.

Paul Butterfield Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR Text von 1978: Paul Butterfield, an American singer and harmonica player, will be flying in with another band from the USA for his appearance at the Rockpalast-Feestival. This will be his first European concert. Paul Butterfield is one of the few authentic white blues musicians. To many music lovers in Germany, he will become a common term through his appearance in the presently-running movie, 'The Last Waltz'. - (Official Text).

An absolute pro with many years of stage experience, he plays solid blues. - Rock concert. He brought along guitarrist Buzzy Feiten and producer Jimmy Miller (Traffic, Stones, i.e.) and the concert was recorded with multi-track technology for a forthcoming live LP.
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Paul Butterfield was born on December 17th, 1942, in Chicago. Already at a young age, he wrote black blues songs for himself as a singer and harmonica player. In 1965, with Elvin Bishop (g) and Mike Bloomfield (g), amongst others , the first edition of the 'Paul Butterfield Blues Band' was formed. The group very quickly changed itself from a traditional blues band to a modern blues rock group. After many line-up changes came the next step forward and influences from jazz and soul were worked in. The band became bigger and a brass section (with David Sanborn, sax, amongst others) was integrated into the band. With his new blues-rock big band, Butterfield appeared in Woodstock in 1970 and played a live LP. After further line-up changes, Butterfield dissolved the band in 1972. He did some solo projects and played with many people as studio musician until 1974. In the next years, Paul Butterfield was quiet. In 1978, he announced himself for the farewell performance from 'The Band' - The Last Waltz and to return to the Rockpalast concert. In 1980, he returned to his blues roots with the LP 'North South'.

Paul Butterfield died on May 4th, 1987, under mysterious circumstances.


Paul Butterfield - Voc/Harm
Ernest Carter - drums
Bobby Vega - bass
Buzzy Feiten - guit/voc
Peter Atanasoff -guit


01  Fair Enough                                (4'37'')
02  One More Heartache                         (3'44'')
03  Fool In Love                               (5'17'')
04  New Walking Blues                          (5'13'')
05  It's Alright                               (5'05'')
06  Goin' Down                                 (5'16'')
07  Born Under A Bad Sign                      (3'19'')
08  Just When I Needed You Most                (4'48'')
09  Be Good To Yourself                        (9'50'')


The Butterfield Blues Band     (1965)  Elektra EKS-7294
East - West                    (1966)  Elektra EKS-7315
Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabsha (1968)  Elektra
Live                           (1970)  Elektra 62001
Better Days                    (1973)  Bearsville 45515
It All Comes Back              (1973)  Rhino
Original Lost Elektra Sessions (1995)  Rhino
Rides Again                    (1986)  Amherst
Strawberry Jam                 (1995)  Winner
East-west Live                 (1996)  Winner
Born In Chicago-best Of        (1998)  
Complete Albums 1965-1980      (2015)  Warner 13 CDs
Got A Mind To Give Up Living   (2016)  H'art Live 1966


Paul Butterfield Wikipedia EN
Paul Butterfield Wikipedia DE
Paul Butterfield Bio
Paul Butterfield The Glory Years by Tom Ellis III Blues Access

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Interview Paul Butterfield


In memory of  Alvin Lee  1944 - 2013 R.I.P.


Alvin Lee Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR Text 1978: Alvin Lee Ten Years Later is the third band that will be appearing live at the 3rd Rockpalast-Festival in the Essener Grugahalle. The Englishman, Alvin Lee, is counted as one of the best and most popular rock guitarists for over ten years. In 1966, he founded the group Ten Years After, which, within the next years and with intensive tours, became one of the best-known and best-paid groups ever. As of 1973, Alvin Lee appeared mostly as solo singer, released records and played concerts with different accompanying musicians. In the beginning of 1978, he once again formed a band, Ten Years Later, with whom he will also appear at the Festival. (Official Text)

Alvin Lee? You automatically think about the guitar with the peace symbol, Woodstock and 'Goin' Home'.
"Before the concert, the Woodstock atmosphere just couldn't be achieved. Alvin Lee was very skeptical: "You know, I've been betrayed often enough." He arrived with two managers and there were many complaints. They had problems with the guitars in the system, and the recorders had to be hidden from view since it would be a sacrilege to touch this Woodstock symbol. After the concert, Alvin was happy though: "That was the best TV show I ever appeared in."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Alvin Lee was born in Nottingham on December 19th, 1944; in August of 1965, he formed the group Ten Years After. The name comes from his first meeting with Leo Lyons, ten jears after the birth of rock'n'roll. They had their first successes in England and the international breakthrough came after their fantastic appearance in Woodstock; 'Goin' Home' became their trademark. Their studio LPs had just restrained success; their strength lay in their live appearances. That's where Alvin Lee could demonstrate his finger dexterity and enrich the mixture of boogie, rock'n'roll and blues with his high-speed playing. The live LP 'Recorded Live', from 1973, is proof of that. The ending for Ten Years After was to be a concert in the London Rainbow Theatre on March 22nd, 1974.
After 10 years of working together and innumerable tours, the band dissolved itself. Then Lee formed Alvin Lee and Company. In 1975, Ten Years After toured once again in the USA. In 1978, Lee introduced his new band 'Ten Years Later', a trio that was a little more rock and had given a successful concert at the Rockpalast. In 1980, the group was dissolved again; at times, the Company existed, and in 1988, there was even a reunion from Ten Years After that played at four festivals in Germany. Even today, Alvin Lee tours with different bands and often plays at jazz festivals.


Alvin Lee - guit/voc
Tom Compton - drums
Mick Hawksworth - bass


01  Gonna Turn You On                          (3'35'')
02  Help Me                                    (8'27'')
03  Ain't Nothing Shakin'                     (14'03'')
04  Bass Boogie                                (6'50'')
05  Hey Joe                                    (6'00'')
06  I'm Going Home                             (9'21'')
07  Choo Choo Mama                             (2'12'')
08  Rip It Up                                  (1'43'')
09  Sweet Little Sixteen                       (2'25'')
10  Roll Over Beethoven                        (3'07'')

Tracks 7-10 were not broadcast live. Tracks 7-8 were broadcast on 17.9.78 on WDR.


Alvin Lee (Solo, Ten Years Later, Company, AL Band):
On The Road To Freedom (1973) Chrysalis CHR 1054 In Flight (1974) Chrysalis CHR 1069 Pump Iron! (1975) Chrysalis CHR 1094 Rocket Fuel (1978) Polydor 2344103 Let It Rock (1978) Chrysalis 6307644 Ride On (1979) Polydor 2310678 Free Fall (1980) Avater RX 5 (1981) ATLANTIC Detroit Diesel (1986) 21 RECORDS Zoom (1992) CSL 7050 Nineteenninetyfour (1993) CSC 7099 Live In Vienna (1994) CSC 7175 Pure Blues (1995) Chrysalis Solid Rock (2000) Capitol Alvin Lee Anthology (2002) Repertoire REPUK 4970 Alvin Lee in Tennessee (2004) Repertoire REPUK 1029 Saguitar (2007) Repertoire/SMARIS Still On The Road To Freedom (2012) Repertoire Live In Vienna (2023) Repertoire
Ten Years After: Ten Years After (1967) Deram SML 1015 Undead (1968) Deram Stonedhenge (1969) Deram SML 1029 SSSSH.... (1969) Deram SML 1052 Cricklewood Green (1970) Deram Watt (1971) Deram A Space In Time (1971) Chrysalis Alvin Lee And Company (1972) Deram SML 1096 Rock&Roll Music to the World (1972) Chrysalis Recorded Live (1973) Chrysalis 6641146 Positive Vibrations (1974) Chrysalis About Time (1989) Chrysalis Solid Rock (1997) Chrysalis CDCHR 6129 Live At Fillmore East (2001) Chrysalis/EMI (1970) One Night Jammed (2003) CKDC Records TYACD001 (Joe Gooch -g) Now (2004) CKDC Records TYACD002 (Joe Gooch -g) Roadworks (2005) DCD live Evolution (2008) H'Art Think About The Times (2010) Chrysalis "The Crysalis Years 1969 To 1972" Live at Rockpalast (2013) Sony Repertoire Naturally Live (2019) Buttler


Goin' Home - Live At The Marquee          (2002) SPV
Going Home - Live From London             (2009) CHERRY RED
Live at Fiesta City                       (2009) Fast Weste (H'ART)
Live Performance 1975                     (2012) Bellaphon
Live at Rockpalast                        (2013)  Sony Repertoire                        


Alvin Lee COM
The 'Official' Ten Years After Site
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Ten Years After
" Going Home" Page : Izumi Tada's Alvin Lee & Ten Years After Page
Network ES335: Looking Back At Ten Years After
Ten Years After Wikipedia EN
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