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4.Rockpalast Night 21.-22.4.1979

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J.Geils Band

In memory of John Warren "J." Geils (February 20, 1946 - April 10, 2017)  R.I.P.


Peter Wolf Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1979: "The J. Geils Band arrived in Düsseldorf and was picked up at the airport by Christian and Peter. On the trip to Essen in a comfortable conference bus, Peter Wolf made one thing clear: "We didn't come to try out German beer. And not for the German 'Frolleins', either. We've come to work for you!!!" That was apparent at the rehearsal. The band played through their whole concert many times, and with energy output at 150%. Peter Wolf worked up the few people standing around just as intensively as he did the 9000 on the next day. And then came the question to all of Europe: "Are you ready for the J. Geils Band?" - the loud-mouthed tour manager even forgot his speech impediment. And the answer was a many-voiced YES. Then it got under the skin. Peter Wolf swam in the multitude. Enthusiasm without limits. The perfect opening for a Rockpalast Nacht."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

The J. Geils Band, an American group, was formed in Boston in 1969. They fuse together the elements of rock'n'roll, blues and rhythm and blues and developed into one of the most important and popular live bands in the USA. In live concerts, the group surpasses their recordings in spite of some of their LPs becoming, in the meantime, rock classics. The J. Geils Band was at their peak in 1978 with the LP 'Sanctuary' and the Rockpalast concert the following year. They were special guests of the Rolling Stones; extended tours throughout the USA, Japan and Europe followed. In 1982, their song 'Centerfold' went platinum and landed in the Charts. The rivalry between Geils and Wolf led to their separation at the end of 1982. J. Geils tried out his luck, relatively unsuccessful, without Wolf. He has been working as solo singer since the separation.


Peter Wolf - Vocals
Seth Justman - Keyb/Voc
Magic Dick - Harm
J.Geils - Guitar
Daniel Klein - Bass
Stephan Bladd - Drums/Voc


01  Just Can't Stop Me                              (4'37'')
02  I Could Hurt You                                (4'49'')
03  Sanctuary                                       (4'54'')
04  One Last Kiss                                   (4'27'')
05  Teresa                                          (3'46'')
06  Nitemares                                       (1'15'')
07  Wild Man                                        (5'30'')
08  I'm Looking For My Love                         (5'33'')
09  Give It To Me                                   (5'13'')
10  Whammer Jammer                                  (2'48'')
11  Houseparty                                      (5'22'')
12  Where Did Our Love Go                           (3'50'')
13  Give It To Me                                   (1'45'')
14  Pack Fair and Square/First I Look at the Purse  (6'20'')


The J.Geils Band             (1970)  Atlantic 40108
The morning after            (1971)  Atlantic 40293
Live - Full House            (1972)  Atlantic 40426
Bloodshot                    (1973)  Atlantic 40479
Dies Invited                 (1973)  Atlantic
Nightmares...and other 
tales from the vinyl jungle  (1974)  Atlantic 50073
J Geils Band/Morning After   (1975)  Atlantic 
Hotline                      (1975)  Atlantic 50175
Blow your face out           (1976)  Atlantic 60115
Monkey Island                (1977)  Atlantic 50381
Sanctuary                    (1978)  EMI-America 064-85737
Love Stinks                  (1980)  EMI-America 064-86071
Freeze - Frame               (1981)  EMI-America 064-400064
Showtime                     (1982)  EMI-America 064-402144
You're getting even while 
I'm getting odd              (1984)  EMI-America 064-2402401
Must of Got Lost             (1995)  Rhino

Peter Wolf: Lights out (1984) EMI-America 064-2401851 Come as you are (1987) EMI-America 064-2407441 Long Line (1996) Warner Bros. Fool's Parade (1998) Mercury Sleepless (2002) Sony
Magic Dick u. J.Geils: Bluestime (1994) Rounder


House Party: Live In Germany (2015) Edel


J.Geils Band
J.Geils Band
Geils Files George Corneliussen, J.Geils Audio Crew
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J.Geils Band Wikipedia DE
Peter Wolf official
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Magic Dick

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JOAN ARMATRADING (WDR Studio L, Köln, 15.02.1979)
Title: 01. Down to Zero 02. Barefoot and pregnant 03. Cool blue stole my Heart
Interview with J. Geils Band
Title: - Rosalita
JOAN ARMATRADING (WDR Studio L, Köln, 15.02.1979)
Title: - Tall in the Saddle

Patti Smith Group

In memory of Ivan Kral 12 May 1948 - 2 February 2020  R.I.P.


Patti Smith Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1979: "She didn't care to do anything with the J. Geils Band, but she was proud to play with Johnny Winter. Albrecht had no chance to announce her because she kept opening and closing the stage door and simply climbed on-stage. She had already let all of Europe know her wishes for this time period: "Let me get on that fucking stage!" There are many differences of opinion on her concert. One possibility: On-stage stood a self-proclaimed high priestess of rock who emphatically presented her charismatic charm. That impressed a lot of people on that night." - From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

In her following interview Alan wasn't able to get much more out of her than a few sounds from a clarinet.

Patti Smith was born in Chicago in 1946, grew up mainly in New Jersey, then moved to New York, where she is an important exponent of the New York rock and culture scene. There she has become a popular term as a rock musician and poet . Her big idols were the Rolling Stones, particularly Mick Jagger. People that have influenced her include Bob Dylan, whose 'Blonde on Blonde' was a decisive experience for her, just as singer for the Doors, Jim Morrison, was. There were also important influences for her in literature such as, for example , the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, and the American, William Burroughs. The starting point in the development of her own group was her relationship with the rock journalist and guitarrist, Lenny Kaye, who already accompanied her poem readings on his guitar. Since 1974, her poems became songs and a group was formed.
Shortly after the Rockpalast concert, Patti Smith pulled herself out of the music business. In 1988, she returned with the album 'Dream of Live'. Between those times, she released many books. Presently (1996), another new LP is just being released.


What is Patti Smith doing now?

From Uwe Schmalz, Rockpalast Club Info 15, January, 1998

Patti Smith was also made into a legend of the Rockpalast-Nights through her notorious appearance. On the fourth Rocknacht in the Grugahalle in Essen, on April 21st, 1979, she, as former cult star of the New York punk movement, gave an original show and threw the world out of whack. Everyone there was of a different opinion. Patti proclaimed herself as high priestess of punk, wave and rock'n'roll, but seemed to have lost every concept about it with her appearance. Following her performance and in front of an audience of millions, she crawled on-stage towards Johnny Winter to the sound of clarinets. Live, it all seemed more embarrassing than crazy, but for the audience, she was immediately a cult figure. Only Rockpalast offers such moments. And live, on top of that! An absolute highlight in the history of Rockpalast, and repeatedly asked and wished for. Unfortunately, not possible because of legal grounds.
Patti Smith, whose career began more as a lyricist than a musician, pulled herself out of the music business shortly after the European-wide record-breaking Rockpalast appearance. 'Because the Night' became, and remains until today, a party classic and fans always have Patti in their thoughts. With the album, 'Dream of Live' in 1988, Patti provided for her first comeback. With her husband, Fred Smith, and producer, Jimmy Iovine, this comeback can be considered successful. Patti finally earned herself a spot amongst innovative evergreen rockers. After a period of long and painful suffering, Patti's husband died; her music capabilities also seemed to have ended forever. Patti Smith was quiet for a while.
More or less unexpectedly, she appeared again in 1996. She gave the second comeback in her life after working out with her music instead of being pushed out of it. Concerts in the USA and Europe (including gigs in Köln, Hamburg and Berlin, which were criticized as sensational) were highly praised. With her brand new CD 'Peace and Noise', she started a US tour (with four sold-out concerts) at the end of October, 1997, at the CBGB in New York, the cradle of alternative punk and wave music.
Greatly touted by the media there, I experienced one of these fantastic appearances in CBGB. It was a bizarre trip through darkness, happiness, fragility and powerful music. An almost tangible tension span was built up by poems, stories and carefully sought-out pieces, also including conversations from Dylan and Jim Morrison. In the meantime, Patti Smith embodies a generation of overlapping links of rock music between 1975 and the late '90s. Fresh, not dusty! On the last day in 1997, Patti Smith was 51 years old and seems more creative than ever.


Patti Smith - g,cl,voc
Lenny Kaye - g,b,voc
Ivan Kral - g,b,voc
Jay Dee Daugherty - dr
Bruce Brody - keyb


01  Rock 'n' Roll Star                         (5'59'')
02  Hymn                                       (1'10'')
03  Rock 'n' Roll Nigger                       (4'23'')
04  Privilege                                  (4'41'')
05  Dancing Barefoot                           (6'31'')
06  Redondo Beach                              (3'30'')
07  25th Floor                                 (4'00'')
08  Revenge                                    (5'10'')
09  5-4-3-2-1-Wave                             (2'23'')
10  Pumpin' My Heart                           (3'23'')
11  7 Ways Of Going                            (9'48'')
12  Because The Night                          (3'31'')
13  Frederic                                   (5'26'')
14  Jailhouse Rock                             (2'19'')
15  Gloria                                     (9'20'')
16  My Generation                              (5'00'')


Horses                   (1975)  (ARTY 122 - UK) (201 112 - Germany) 
Radio Ethiopia           (1976)  (AB 4097 - US)  (ARCD 8161 - US, CD)
Easter                   (1978)  (SPART 1043 - UK) -(AB 4171 - US) (ARCD 8166 - US, CD)
Wave                     (1979)  (AB 4221 - US) (201 139 - Germany) (ARCD 8546 - US, CD)
Dream of Life            (1988)  (AL-8453 - US)  (ARCD 8453 - US, CD) 
Gone Again               (1996)  BMG/Ariola Arista 187472
Peace And Noise          (1997)  BMG/Ariola Arista 189862
Land (1975-2002)         (2002)  BMG/Arista
Trampin                  (2004)  Sony
Twelve                   (2007)  Sony/BMG
Outside Society          (2011)  Sony	    
Banga                    (2012)  Sony
Dreaming Of The Prophet  (2014) Inakustik


Patti Smith - Under Review   (2007) Inakustik
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life   (2008) Alive
Play with fire               (2011) Woodstock Tapes
Live At Montreux 2005        (2012) Eagle Vision            

Literature of Patti Smith:

Seventh Heaven   (1972)  Telegraph Books, Boston MA, USA, Paperback, 47 pp.
A Useless Death (1972) Gotham Book Mart, New York, USA, Chapbook, 3 pp.
Kodak (1972) Middle Earth Press, Philadelphia PA, USA, Paperback, 17 pp.
WITT (1973) Gotham Book Mart, New York, USA, Hardcover & paperback, 45 pp.
A Swiss version, translated into German, was published by eco-verlag, Zurich, 1979. It contains several photos of Patti from that year.
Ha! Ha! Houdini! (1977) Gotham Book Mart & Gallery, NYC, USA, Chapbook, 8 pp.
Patti Smith (1977) Gallerie Veith Turske Galerie Veith Turske, Cologne, West Germany,Paperback, 44 pp.
Babel (1974-1978) G. P. Putnam's Sons, NYC, USA.Hardcover and paperback, 202 pp.
Woolgathering (1992) Hanuman Books, NYC, USA, and Madras, India, Paperback, 80 pp.
Early Work (1994) 1970 - 1979 W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. NYC, USA
The Coral Sea (1997) New York Paperback, 72 pages, 25 pics
Just Kids (2010) Bloomsbury Publishing, 304 pages ISBN-10: 0747548404

Literature about Patti Smith:

Nick Johnstone
Patti Smith - A Biography
London 1997 Paperback,200 pages, ca. 30 pics

Andi Ostrowe
Patti Smith - Wille und Vermächtnis
Eine Biographie 1992 Paperback,128 pages, ca. 36 pics

Victor Bockris
Patti Smith
London 1997 , 320 pages, ca. 40 pics

Michael Stipe
Two Times Intro - On the road with Patti Smith
New York 1998, linen, 112 pages, 120 pics

Patti Smith Complete
Lyrics, Reflections & Notes for the Future
New York 1998, linen, 257 pages, 15 pics

Die unauthorisierte Biographie
Victor Bockris, München 2003, Paperback, 336S. 33Abb.


Patti Smith official
Patti Smith
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MUDDY WATERS (Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 10.12.1978)
Title: 01. Baby please don't go 02. Call me Muddy Waters
Interview with Patti Smith Group
MUDDY WATERS (Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 10.12.1978)
Title: 01. Walking through the Park 02. Country Boy

Johnny Winter

In memory of Johnny Winter 1944 - 2014  R.I.P.


Johnny Winter Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text1979: Then came Johnny Winter. A few days earlier, we had shown him our recordings of the Rockpalast Concert with Muddy Waters. That made him feel so sure of himself that he basically saw no reason at all for them to have to rehearse (We are basically just a three-man band). The rehearsal was also very short. Johnny went on-stage and wanted to play only blues for two hours, but let himself get carried away by the audience and really let go and rocked. After 90 minutes, his tour manager looked at Peter (fascinated and standing on the right side of the stage) questioningly and asked: "Can he continue playing?" The answer was always: "Yes."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

The last pictures came from Johnny's dressing room. Jon Paris could just barely cover up his willingly offered "best piece" with his bass guitar.

Johnny Winter, American singer and star guitarist, today already belongs to the legendary rock stars. The Rockpalast staff are happy about the fact that they were once again able to get him to appear in Europe for a large audience. In recent times, Johnny Winter worked together quite often with the father of the blues, Muddy Waters, whom he greatly respects.
Johnny Winter comes from Texas. Because of an article in the Rolling Stone, he was discovered by a New York Club owner, Steve Paul, in 1969 and at the same time, received a lucrative record contract. As a child, he received his first musical impressions listening to the black radio stations. The blues from the Mississippi delta belong to that too. You do not need to say much about his history. There were some short breaks thanks to his health problems.

Otherwise, Johnny Winter lives the blues until his dead.


Johnny Winter - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Paris - Bass
Bobby Torello - Drums


01  Hideaway                                  (10'35'')
02  Messin' With The Kid                       (7'25'')
03  Walking By Myself                          (7'32'')
04  Mississippi Blues                         (16'50'')
05  Divin' Duck                                (6'13'')
06  Johnny B. Goode                            (5'35'')
07  Suzie Q                                   (12'38'')
08  Drum Solo                                 (10'05'')
09  I'm Ready                                  (5'36'')
10  Rockabilly Boogie                          (5'42'')
11  Medley                                    (15'46'')
12  Jumpin' Jack Flash                         (6'20'')


The Progressive Blues Experiment     (1969)  Sunset 50264
Johnny Winter                        (1969)  CBS 63619
Second Winter                        (1969)  CBS 66231
AND live                             (1970)  CBS 64289 
Still alive and well                 (1973)  CBS 65484 
John Dawson Winter III               (1974)  CBS PZ33292  
Dervish Blues                        (1975)  Tuff Bites TB 94.1007
Captured live                        (1976)  Blue Sky 69230
Together                             (1976)  Blue Sky 81338
Nothin but the Blues                 (1977)  Blue Sky 82141
White, Hot and Blue                  (1978)  Blue Sky 82963
Whole Lotta Love                     (1983)  American Concert Series ACS 042
Guitar slinger                       (1984)  Alligator
Midsummer Blizzard                   (1984)  Montreux 84 Blues Tune BT 004 
Live in Germany '84                  (1984)  AS-LP 584-2 
Serious business                     (1985)  Alligator/Sonet
Third degree                         (1986)  Alligator
The Winter of 88                     (1988)  MCA 255 932-1
Tattoos'n'blues                      (1988)  Rockdreams Rocks92022 
Barcelona Boogie                     (1990)  Barcelona Rockdreams Rocks92065
Let me in                            (1991)  POINTBLANK #86244
Can't Loose the Blues                (1991)  Not Guilty NG 40 891
Living Legends                       (1991)  Intern. Broadcast Recordings IBR 2565 
Scorchin blues                       (1992)  Sony Music
Hey where's your brother             (1992)  POINTBLANK #86512 
Winter Blues (1960-1968)             (1997)  Celebrity/Castle/Edel CCSCD 445
Live in NYC 97                       (1997)  Cema Virgin 45527 
Deluxe Edition                       (2001)  Alligator/Edel Contraire
The Best Of Johnny Winter            (2002)  Legacy
AND / AND Live                       (2004)  SoulFood 2 records on 1 CD
I'm A Bluesman                       (2004)  Virgin/EMI
Second Winter                        (2004)  Legacy Edition 2CD - CD 2 Live Royal Albert Hall 1970
Black Cat Bone                       (2006)  Music Avenue/Soulfood - Live at the Texas Pop Festival
Spoonful Of Blues                    (2006)  Music Avenue/Soulfood - with Willie Dixon
Second Winter                        (2007)  Repertoire 2 Bonus Tracks
Raised On Blues                      (2008)  Soulfood 2CD
The Woodstock Experience             (2009)
Roots                                (2011)  Sony	    
Rockpalast:Blues Rock Legends Vol. 3 (2011)  MIG Music
True To The Blues                    (2014)  Sony 4CDs The Johnny Winter Story
Step Back                            (2014)  Sony
Woodstock Revival 10 Year
Anniversary Festival 1979            (2016)  Soulfood            
Johnny Winter - Rockpalast:Blues
Rock Legends Vol. 3


Most Famous Hits - Live              (2003)  Carinco DVD
Live in Times Square                 (2004)  in-akustik DVD
Live Hoochie Koochie Man             (2004)  DVD
The Hoochie Coochie Man              (2005)  DVD
Pieces & Bits                        (2006)  Rough Trade DVD
Live Trough The 80s                  (2010)  in-akustik
Live From Japan                      (2012)
Rockpalast:Blues Rock Legends Vol. 3 (2011) MIG Music
Down & Dirty                         (2016) Megaforce            


Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Rockpalast Bonn Museumsplatz 12.05.2007
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Jon Paris official Homepage
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Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker

Pictures of the 4.Rocknight


Article from magazine Spotlight 6/79 4.Rocknacht (german)

Rockpalast Essen - Nicht gerade ein gefundenes Fressen! Sounds 06/1979 (german)

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