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Feargal Sharkey - The Undertones Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1981: The Undertones will open the 9th Rockpalast-Festival. The group was formed in 1976 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. For the five band members, this seemed to be the best attempt to be able to stand the depressing life in their hometown. The early days of the Undertones were mainly filled with playing songs from well-known rock bands, then they slowly wrote their own texts and compositions.

In the mid '70s, there was a movement in English rock music. All at once, it was no longer necessary to play perfectly whenever possible, nor to be able to appear on-stage only with a large technically- equipped set-up. To play live concerts was important, no matter how. It also wasn't important whether one called himself a musician or tried to prove himself as a virtuoso instrument player. These differences also had some effects on the Undertones. The members of the group decided to become pros and to write only some of their songs.

In 1978, the Undertones released their first LP on one of the many labels that existed back then. 'Teenage Kicks' was a sales success. Now the group was well-known everywhere and regularly completed extended club tours, to which ever-increasing fans always came.

Today, the Undertones count amongst the most successful live groups in Great Britain. At concerts, the band presents a varied musical repertoire: For one, their stage appearance and the impressive voice of the singer, Feargel Sharkey and, for another, the way the group works the dense and imaginative arrangements. The Undertones don't waste any time on-stage. The songs are short and have no solo side-trips. The performances are played straight to the point, without forgetting to communicate with the audience. As the Undertones see it, it is very important that the audience doesn't come out short on fun and entertainment at their concerts. (Official -Text).

The Undertones, a band from Northern Ireland (you could tell from their texts), opened the 9th Rocknacht. You could tell that from their texts. A young group with a real singer, Feargal Sharkey, they will be pushed forwards with pressure from the band. From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

In 1975, five friends from Northern Ireland got together as the band The Undertones in order to close up the gap between punk, pop, rock and rhythm and blues. Three years later, they were in Belfast and had a first record contract. With the LP 'Positive Touch' in 1981, the Undertones changed stylistically and experimented with string and wind sections. They closed a big tour through North America and Europe (including Rockpalast). After a pause, the LP 'Sin of Pride' appeared in 1983, which did not meet expectations. Disappointed, the Undertones gave a farewell concert on July 17th, 1983, in Dublin, and then dissolved the group.


Feargal Sharkey - voc
Billy Doherty - dr
Michael Bradley - b, voc
John O'Neill - g
Danion O'Neill - g, keyb, voc


01  You Got My Number                          (2'25'')
02  Hypnotized                                 (2'20'')
03  His Goodlooking Girlfriend                 (2'35'')
04  Tearproof                                  (2'00'')
05  As Long As I Can See That Girl             (2'30'')
06  Girls That Don't Talk                      (2'10'')
07  It's Going To Happen                       (3'25'')
08  Jimmy Jimmy                                (2'25'')
09  I Don't Know                               (2'20'')
10  More Songs About Chocolate And Girls       (2'22'')
11  Forever Paradise                           (2'25'')
12  Beautiful Friend                           (3'10'')
13  Julie Ocean                                (3'20'')
14  You're Welcome                             (3'15'')
15  When Saturday Comes                        (2'40'')
16  Jump Boys                                  (2'30'')
17  Teenage Kicks                              (2'05'')
18  Get Over You                               (2'45'')
19  Sigh And Exlode                            (3'05'')
20  My Perfext Cousin                          (2'30'')
21  Get It On                                  (4'00'')


Teenage Kicks                    (1978) Good Vibration
The Undertones                   (1979) Sire/Ariola 200 681     
Hypnotized                       (1980) Sire/Ariole 202 203     
Positive Touch                   (1981) Ardeck/EMI 1 C 064-64367
All Wrapped Up                   (1983) Capitol     
The Sins Of Pride                (1983) Ardeck 064-65009
Cher O'bowlies                   (1986) EMI
The Peel Session Album           (1989) Strange Fruit SFRLP 103
The Very Best Of The Undertones  (1994)
Six Women No Strings             (1997)
True Confessions Singles=A's+B's (1999) Castle
No Sense Of Sin                  (2000) Castle
Teenage Kicks                    (2003) Sanctuary (Best of)-Limite
Get What You Need                (2003) Sanctuary
Dig Yourself Deep                (2007) CookingVinyl
An Anthology                     (2008) Soulfood 2CDs
The Undertones                   (2009) BGO/Soulfood + Bonus Material
An Introduction To...            (2013) Soulfood
The Very Best Of                 (2016) Soulfood 2 CD


Teenage Kicks                    (2003) Sanctuary - Story of 60 min Docu. 40 min Interviews

Undertones Internet:

The Undertones official
The Undertones
The Undertones Net
The Undertones french site
The Undertones Wikipedia DE
The Undertones Wikipedia EN

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STRAY CATS (Sartory Säle Köln, 16.07.1981)
Title: 01. Stray Cat Strut 02. Fishnet Stockings
Interview with Roger Chapman and Jeoff Whitehorn (recorded day before)
PRETENDERS (Sartory Säle Köln, 17.07.1981)
Title: 01. Tatooed Love Boys 02. Bad Boys get spanked 03. Precious
Interview with The Undertones


In memory of Willy De Ville 25. August 1950 - 6. August 2009   R.I.P.

Willy De Ville Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1981: Mink De Ville is the second group at the 9th Rockpalast-Festival on October 17th and 18th, 1981. Mink De Ville's frontman is Willy De Ville (Willie Borsey), a 28-year old New Yorker who decided over ten years ago that he would rather sing in a rock 'n' roll band and write songs about his experiences than do anything else. Willy was influenced by black American rhythm and blues of the early '60s; this music contained the romance and melancholy of the overcrowded and unpredictable living in the too densely populated parts of New York.

Willy De Ville went to London to start his own band, but only gathered together a few appearances in clubs and a few pounds as a street musician. After a short stopover in New York, he tried his luck on the west coast in San Francisco. With the New York originated New Wave, Mink De Ville then got the chance to present their music style to an audience. The band played regularly in clubs. A little while later, Mink De Ville met producer, Jack Nietzsche (who had recorded together with many musicians and arrangers), whom fascinated him. Nietzsche did an outstanding job in interpreting Willy's rhythm and blues from the '70s. Mink De Ville was almost constantly on tour during 1977 and 1978, which surely sapped away at the already not too strong constitution of Willy De Ville. So, he took a break and lived for a while in Paris and took the time to write new songs and produce new records.
A few months ago, he formed a new version of his group: Mink De Ville, with whom he will also be appearing at the 9th Rockpalast- Festival. Incidentally, he will interrupt his US tour for a week for this concert. (Official -Text).

Willy de Ville, suit, tie, the slim mustache and the burning cigarette. He gave a perfect concert and didn't get sidetracked in spite of the fact that some of the audience couldn't get into his music. At rehearsal, he had been paralyzed by a flu. From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

William Borsay (Mink de Ville) was born in New York on August 25th, 1950. In 1971, the man with the raspy voice began his musical career in San Francisco. In 1977, he returned to New York to form his band and where, at this time, the punk movement was happening. His music could be described as romantic rhythm and blues with Latin-American and Cajun elements. His records also ran the gamut from the critics from enthusiastic to refusal. Line-up changes, being kicked out because of alcohol misuse and a change of record label have forced Willy de Ville to appear as a solo performer since 1987.


Willy de Ville - voc, g, harm
Ricky Burgia - g, voc
Thommy Prica - dr, voc
Joey Vesta - b, voc
Kanny Mergolie - keyb, voc
Louie Cortelozzi - sax, perc, voc


01  Harlem Nocturn                             (3'00'')
02  Slow Drain                                 (5'45'')
03  Savoir Faire                               (2'30'')
04  Cadillac Walk                              (4'30'')
05  Mixed Up Shook Up Girl                     (4'15'')
06  Just Your Friends                          (3'40'')
07  Can't Do Without It                        (3'20'')
08  Love And Emotions                          (4'00'')
09  Love Me Like You Did Before                (2'45'')
10  She's So Tough                             (2'35'')
11  You Better Move On                         (3'05'')
12  Teardrops Must Fall                        (4'30'')
13  Steady Driving Man                         (5'10'')
14  Just Gives Me One Good Reason              (2'40'')
15  Maybe Tomorrow                             (2'55'')
16  This Must Be The Night                     (3'00'')
17  Spanish Stroll                             (3'15'')
18  Lipstick Traces                            (7'42'')
19  Mazurka                                    (4'54'')


Mink de Ville:
Cabretta                                       (1977) Capitol/EMI 1 C 064-85 137
Mink DeVille                                   (1977) ERA
Return To Magenta                              (1978) Capitol/EMI 1 C 064-85 461
La Chat Blau                                   (1979) Capitol/EMI 1 C 064-86 086
Coup De Gracal                                 (1981) ATL K 50 833 WEA 
Where Angels Fear To Tread                     (1983) Atlantic 780115-1
Sportin Life                                   (1985) Polydor 825776-1
The Originals                                  (1996) Capitol

Willy de Ville: Miracle (1987) Polydor 833669-1 Victory Mixture (1990) CD New Rose Backstreets Of Desire (1992) CD F.N.A.C. Live (1994) CD F.N.A.C. Loup Garou (1995) A Horse With A Different Colour (1999) Eastwest 494203 2 The Willy DeVille Acoustic Trio Live In Berlin (2002) Eagle Crow Jane Alley (2004) Eagle Rock/Edel Pistola (2008) Eagle Rock/Edel Live At Montreux 1994 (2009) Eagle Rock/Edel DVD+CD The Best Of Willy DeVille Live (2011) Edel Unplugged In Berlin (2011) Rough Trade In New Orleans (2012) Soulfood Venus Of The Docks - Live In Bremen (2022) MIG/Indigo


Live At The Savoy                              (1981)     
From The Bottom Line To The Olympia            (1993)
25 Years of Heart & Soul                       (2002) Special Edition (2 DVDs)
The Berlin Concerts                            (2003) EMS New Media 2DVD
Live In The Lowlands                           (2006) DVD Eagle Rock 500ERD
Live At Montreux 1982                          (2008) Eagle Visions
Live At Montreux 1994                          (2009) Eagle Rock/Edel DVD+CD
Still Alive                                    (2012) MEYER RECORDS no 184 (3-Disc DVD Box Set)

Mink De Ville im Internet:

MINK DE VILLE - Rockpalast WDR Studio-L Köln 16.06.1978
WILLY DE VILLE - Rocklife Biskuithalle Bonn 25.03.1995
WILLY DE VILLE - Bonn, Museumsplatz 19.07.2008
Willy DeVille official
Willy DeVille
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Mink DeVille Live at Rockpalast (1978 & 1981)
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Mink DeVille Live at Rockpalast (1995 & 2008)
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IDEAL (Sartory Säle Köln, 17.07.1981)
Title: Rote Liebe
Interview with Willy De Ville


Black Uhuru Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1981: For the first time, a reggae-formation will be appearing at the Rockpalast-Festival, the Black Uhuru (translated, this means: 'Black sounds of freedom'). The group comes from Jamaica and unites all the elements that have made reggae the most influential music trend in recent years. First of all, Black Uhuru is a singing trio, made up of: Puma Jones (born in the USA), Michael Rose and Duckie Simpson. The vocal group in this line-up have a long tradition in Jamaican music. The first ones came into being in the '60s as imitators of popular American role models, such as 'The Drifters' or 'The Platters'. Parallel to the further musical development of Ska to Rock Steady to Reggae, the vocal groups of Jamaica also developed their own style trends and today cannot be wished out of the total spectrum.

Black Uhuru was formed in 1977 by Duckie Simpson. After line-up changes and many futile attempts to publish their own compositions on records, Simpson, Puma Jones and Michael Rose met up with the drummer, Sly Dunbar, and bass player, Robbie Shakespeare. They declared themselves ready to produce Black Uhuru and to play live concerts together with them. Today, Black Uhuru (vocal trio as well as the six musicians in the band), is regarded as reggae icons that stand at the forefront of this music style. That can clearly be seen at live concerts at which, along with the singing group with it's structured harmonies, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare were the most conspicuous performers. These two are at this time the most sought-after studio musicians everywhere, even though the spectrum from Ian Dury to Joan Armatrading is enough. They do live appearances only with two groups: Peter Tosh and Black Uhuru. (Official-Text).

An important music trend, reggae, also shouldn't be missed at the Rockpalast, and so, Black Uhuru will oblige. Unfortunately, one of the band's guitarists had to learn about German thoroughness and intolerance while going through customs at the Düsseldorf Airport. He was so thoroughly 'examined' that he ended up in the hospital. From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

From 1977 on, in Bob Marley's shadow, Black Uhuru, with help from the capable rhythm team, Robin Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar, became an internationally successful reggae band. The American songstress, Sandra 'Puma' Jones, who was politically engaged with the Black Panthers and the SNCC, left her stamp on Black Uhuru. The band managed to join together the originally militant reggae sound with western pop and rock-style riffs. The album 'Red' landed them in the English charts and they finished big tours throughout Europe and the USA, where they filled 36 stadiums in 1986.


Puma Jones - voc
Michael Rose - voc
Duckie Simpson - voc
Sly Dunbar - dr
Robbie Shakespeare - b
Sky Juica - perc
(Christopher Burth)
Derryl Thompson - g
Billy Johnean - g
Bubler - keyb
(Franklyn Waul)


01  Shine Eye Girl                             (5'35'')
02  Plastic Smile                              (5'05'')
03  Puff She Puff                              (5'25'')
04  King Selassie                              (4'50'')
05  Youth Of Eglington                         (5'10'')
06  Push, Push                                 (5'20'')
07  General Penitentiary                       (4'25'')
08  Happiness                                  (4'55'')
09  World Is Africa                            (5'30'')
10  Sponji Reggae                              (5'10'')
11  Sinsemilla                                (10'30'')
12  Guess Who Is Comimg To Dinner              (6'35'')
13  Abortion                                   (8'45'')


Love Crisis                 (1977) Third World TWS 925/Greensleeves in 1981
Uhuru In Dub                (1978) Jammy's
Showcase                    (1979) Taxi JA / Black Rose (Canada) / D-Roy U.K.
Sensimilla                  (1980) Island/Ariola 202 525
Red                         (1981) Island/Ariola 203 775
Tear It Up                  (1982) Island 294367
Chill Out                   (1982) Island 204698
The Dub Factor              (1983) Island 802694
Anthem                      (1984) Island 205911
Reggae Greats: Black Uhuru  (1985) Island
Brutal                      (1986) Bellaphon/Ras 260-07-088
Positive                    (1987) Bellaphone/Ras 260-07-106
Black Uhuru (s)             (1981) Virgin/Ariola 202 513  
Liberation Island Anthology (1993) Island
Proud                       (1990) RCA &shyp; U.K. / BMG Japan 1990
Bonanza                     (1992) Dread Lion / VAP Japan Japan-only release
King of General             (1994) HiBrite Japan  Japan-only release
Michael Rose                (1995) Heartbeat US 
The Taxi Sessions           (1995) Taxi 
Rising Star 
(Voice of the Ghetto)       (1995) Record Factory U.K. / VP US
Be Yourself                 (1996) Heartbeat US
Big Sound Frontline         (1996) Heartbeat US
Nuh Carbon                  (1996) Greensleeves U.K. / RAS US
Dance Wicked                (1997) Heartbeat US
Dub Wicked                  (1997) Heartbeat US
Dynasty                     (2001) Jamaican No1/EFA 33266

Black Uhuru Internet:

Black Uhuru
Black Uhuru Wikipedia DE
Black Uhuru Wikipedia EN
Sly and Robbie Wikipedia DE
Sly and Robbie Wikipedia EN

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01. Looks like Rain (Grateful Dead - Grugahalle Essen, 28.03.1981)
02. Moderation Alan Bangs & Albrecht Metzger
03. Ain't got no Money (Frankie Miller - Wiebaden, Rhein-Main-Halle, 06.05.1979)
04. Honky Tonk (Frankie Miller - Wiebaden, Rhein-Main-Halle, 06.05.1979)
05. Moderation Alan Bangs


Roger Chapman Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1981: Roger Chapman and the Shortlist is the fourth group at the 9th Rockpalast-Festival on October 17th and 18th, 1981. Roger Chapman is one of the few English rock singers from the first generation that is still active today. He began in 1966 with Family, a group that he formed together with Charlie Whitney in the English city of Leicester. Until 1973, Family was one of the best English live bands. There was a lot of talk about Roger Chapman, especially, because he regularly used a large number of tambourines and microphone stands during appearances. From 1974 until 1977, Chapman was singer for the Streetwalkers.

In 1979, he left his years-long partner, Whitney, and has been singing solo since then with a 'half-solid' band, The Shortlist, in which many of his friends play. Roger Chapman and the Shortlist's appearance at the Rockpalast-Festival will show that Roger Chapman is absolutely one of the best rock singers ever. He will be supported by a partly new line-up whose members will see to it that this concert will also be an event that offers everything that one expects from good rock music. (Official-Text).

The best rock'n'roll. What energy. 10 Jahre Rockpalast: "A moment that simply had to come. Roger Chapman and the Shortlist in the Rockpalast-Nacht. They played until the sun went down and then still had problems getting away from the audience. We should have let him appear in the beginning, at the end and in the middle. Daddy Rolling Stone, Roger Chapman, the Rock'n'Roll Doctor had administered us the right medicine".

The singer was born on April 8th, 1942 and had his first large success with the group Family, who had produced some successful albums. He formed the band Streetwalker out of which The Shortlist would emerge in 1979. Roger Chapman gives everything he's got at his concerts and physically goes to the limit of what can be done. 'Chappo' is mostly on tour and is a successful live act today still, especially in Germany.


What does Roger Chapman actually do?

Uwe Schmalz in the Rockpalast Club Info, April 16th, 1998

Roger Chapman, surely one of the most important and well-known rock-shouters, appeared at the Rockpalast four times already. First of all in 1975, with his band Streetwalkers (back then), whom especially lived from their co-operation with guitarist, Charlie Whitney (both formerly together with Family), and released altogether four Lps.
In 1979, Roger Chapman, with his new band 'The Shortlist', gave his first guest appearance in the Hamburger Markthalle. In the same year, they recorded a notable LP, which certainly should not be missing in any good record collection.

On October 18th, 1981, 'Chappo' became a classic for many Rockpalast fans. True to his motto from his first encore 'Let's spend the night together', he gave a thunderous show in the Grugahalle in Essen. 'Chappo' was absolutely top-fit at all times and, together with the refined guitar riffs from Geoff Whitehorn, his raspy voice made him incomparable in all of Europe.
Then, the Englishman, born on April 8th, 1942, went into a decline. However, the LP 'Mango Crazy', and the co-operation with the happy-experimenter, Mike Oldfield, immediately cemented Roger Chapman's reputation as an unmistakable shouter. He made it big in the Charts with his songs on Mike Oldfield's 'Shadow on the Wall'. In the following years, with the Shortlists, he proved himself to be a great rock'n'roll entertainer whose concerts were always expected to be energetic.
His form seemed to give out in the early '90s. (Too) many rock parties took their toll. Indestructible, he remained his old self, just like his strong conventional songs. With changing line-ups, Roger Chapman and the Shortlist also toured through the province. Rock- hard work! With his latest CD 'Do I Leave a Stone Unturned?', he not only poses a probable ironic question to his fans, but, at the same time, he announces his remarkable return. Right on time at the Rockpalast. Let it blues and roll, Chappo!


Roger Chapman remembers:

I've made contact with Roger Chapman and asked him what memories he had about his appearance at the Rocknacht. He gave me the following answer:

"I remember:
We were there for 2 days before the event for sound and camera checks. Myself & The Shortlist borrowing equipment from the resident band of a club situated somewhere in the Grugahalle & then playing for the next two nights in the club. Waiting for the Rockpalast show.......waiting for hours & hours on the day of the show to go on stage (we were the last band appearing). Going on about 2 in the morning & not wanting to stop. I think they turned the video off for the last hour of our set.
I also remember we played The Beatles Sgt.Pepper for the first and only time and never playing it since. I must watch the video again to see how we did it. That's about it, the rest is just a haze of sex, drugs, rock & roll & happiness. Hope that does it for you Michael"
Roger Chapman


Roger Chapman - voc
Geoff Whitehorn - g, voc
Steve Simpson - g, violin, acc, mandolin, voc
Tim Hinkley - keyb, voc
Poli Palmer - vibraphon, synthesizer
Nick Pentelow - saxophone
Stretch - dr
Boz Burell - b


01  Who Pulled The Night Down                  (5'15'')
02  Keep Forgettin'                            (3'45'')
03  Unknown Soldier                            (5'18'')
04  Ducking Down                               (5'17'')
05  I Just Went To Make Love To You            (5'30'')
06  Killing Time                               (6'15'')
07  He Was, She Was                            (7'30'')
08  Hang On To A Dream                         (3'38'')
09  Prisoner                                   (5'20'')
10  Short List                                 (6'00'')
11  Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun                  (3'50'')
12  Comman Touch                               (6'10'')
13  Making The Same Mistake                    (6'05'')
14  Midnite Child                              (5'50'')
15  Stone Free                                 (5'30'')
16  Goodbye Reprise                            (4'00'')
17  Blood And Sand                             (3'15'')
18  Let's Spend The Night Together             (5'40'')
19  Jesus And The Devil                        (4'08'')
20  Can't Get In                               (4'30'')
21  Hey Bo Diddley                             (5'00'')
22  St. Pepper                                 (4'55'')
23  Prisoner                                   (0'45'')


The discs of Family and the Streetwalkers also:
Roger Chapman (Solo or with the Shortlist):

Chappo                      (1979) Line/Teldec 6.24 708 
Live in Hamburg             (1979) Line/Teldec 6.24 720 
Mail order magic            (1980) Line/Teldoc 6.24 515 
Hyenas only laugh for fun   (1981) Line/Teldoc 6.24 850 
The Riffburglar Album       (1981) Line LLP 5150 AS
He Was..She Was..He Was..   (1982) Line 628600
Mango Crazy                 (1983) Instant ZL 28532
The Shadow Knows            (1984) Instant ZL 70482
Zipper                      (1986) RCA PL zo989
Techno Prisoners            (1987) RCA PL 71516
Walking The Cat             (1989) Maze 08-4631
Live in Berlin              (1989) Polydor 843 886
Hybrid and Lowdown          (1991) Polydor 847 117
Under No Obligations        (1992) Polydor 513073
Chappo King Of The Shouters (1992) Polydor 523580-2 (S) 79-92
Kiss My Soul                (1996) Essential/Castle ESS CD382
Do I Leave A Turn Unstoned  (1998) SPV
Anthology 1979-1998         (1998) Castle/Edel ESDCD 665
In My Own Time              (1999) SPV Double Live CD
Rollin' & Tumblin'          (2001) Mystic
Family & Friends            (2003) Mystic 79788-2 5CDs
One More Time For Peace     (2007) Mystic
Hide Go Seek                (2009) Hypertension/Soulfood 2CDs
Live At The Opera House     (2009) Angel Air/Fenn - Newcastle 2002
Riff Burglar                (2009) BGO/Soulfood - Live At Munster Hall
Maybe The Last Time - Live  (2012) Soulfood
Peaceology                  (2014) Hypertension
Live in Hamburg             (2014)
Life In The Pond            (2021) Ruf/Indigo
Moth To A Flame             (2022) Cherry Red 5CDs Boxset Recordings 1979-1981
Turn It Up Loud             (2022) Cherry Red 5CDs Boxset Recordings 1981-1985

Roger Chapman Video/DVD:

Family & Friends            (2003) Fenn Music DVD
Roger Chapman At Rockpalast (2004) in-akustik DVD

Roger Chapman Internet:

Roger Chapman Official Appreciation Society
Chapman-Whitney Streetwalkers - Rockpalast WDR Studio-L Köln 25.03.1975
Roger Chapman - Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 09.11.1979
Roger Chapman Blues Festival 13. April 1998 Biskuithalle, Bonn
Roger Chapman Wikipedia DE
Roger Chapman Wikipedia EN
Family Wikipedia DE
Family Wikipedia EN
Roger Chapman Burg Herzberg 2010 Pictures

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Pictures of the 9.Rocknight

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