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The Test Open Air Festival Loreley 29.8.1981

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Actual Loreley Open Air No.1 but it wasn't broadcast live. It was supposed to be a test, in order to see if such concerts were able to be organized.

Rockpalast's comments:
"And then we did something new. Rockpalast went outside, to the Loreley. In 1981 we tried it out there to see if we could manage the technical, organizing and financial aspects of this show. The results were encouraging."

Loreley Foto WDR/Manfred Becker 10 Years of Rockpalast to this Concert:
'The next project was our first Open Air Concert. The Bands: Nine Below Zero, 38 Special, The Outlaws and Thin Lizzy. One day with a lot of guitars. We decided to have the concert at the Loreley, the date was to be the 29th August. lt turned out to be a very beautiful weekend. 6000 people came, and the atmosphere was buzzing. There was a lot of open air barbecuing going on. The bands had a lot of fun and the stone steps in front of the stage were an irresistible invitation for everyone to go into the audience. With this production, we had discovered a new dimension for ourselves!'

Nine Below Zero

Nine Below Zero Foto WDR/Manfred Becker This London band's name was derived from one of Sonny Boy Williamson's song-titles. In 1977 they started out as "Stan's Blues Band", and the name said all. Rhythm & Blues, Boogie and Rock'n'Roll. In 1979 the band was renamed. They turned out to be a superb live band, which was proven quite well by their 1980 LP 'Live at the Marquee". They toured as openers for The Kinks and The Who. Their activities in the Studio were never so impressive. In 1983 the band dissolved and the new Formations of the former band members and the trials in New Wave were not quite successful and that's how it came to a reformation of Nine Belo Zero. They never reached high sales, but up until today they're still a successful live band. In 1996 they once again played at the Rockpalast Open Air with the "Band of Friends" for a tribute to Rory Gallagher.


Dennis Greaves - guitar, voc
Mark Feltham - harp
Mickey "Stix" Burkey - drums
Peter Clark - bass


01  Don't Point Your Finger At The Guitar Man     (2'50'')
02  Homework                                      (2'30'')
03  True Love Is A Crime                          (3'25'')
04  Ridin' On The L+N                             (4'20'')
05  Helen                                         (3'20'')
06  Sugar Beat                                    (3'55'')
07  Sugar Mama                                    (5'15'')
08  Rockin' Robin                                 (3'30'')
09  Treat Her Right                               (2'25'')
10  You Can't Please All The People All The Time  (7'15'') 
11  Why Don't You Try Me                          (3'35'')
12  Three Times Enough                            (2'10'')
13  One Way Street                                (7'15'')
14  Pack Fair And Square                          (2'25'')
15  Can't Say Yes Can't Say No                    (3'50'')


Live at the Marquee           (1980) A&M 68515
Live at the Venue             (1980) Receiver Records
Don't point your finger       (1981) A&M 68521
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Nine Below Zero               (1991) China CHI 9019
On the Road Again             (1991) China Records
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Work Shy                      (1992)
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It's Never Too Late!          (2009) Zed Records
The Co-Operative              (2011)
Live At The Marquee           (2012) UMC/Mercury CD/DVD
A to Zed - The Very Best of   (2013) Zed Records
Don't Point Your Finger       (2014) UMC 2CD Expanded Edition
Third Degree                  (2014) UMC 2CD Expanded Edition
Live At Gifhorn               (2016) Sireena 2CD
Avalanche                     (2019) Zed
Live at Rockpalast 1981+1996  (2020) MIG/Indigo 3CD+2DVD Box


On the Road Again              (2005) SPV DVD
Bring It On Home               (2007) DVD
Live at Rockpalast 1981+1996   (2020) MIG/Indigo 3CD+2DVD Box


Nine Below Zero Rockpalast Loreley 1996
Nine Below Zero Homepage
Nine Below Zero
Nine Below Zero Wikipedia DE
Nine Below Zero Wikipedia EN

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38 Special

In memory of Larry Junstrom 1949 - 2019   R.I.P.


38 Special Foto WDR/Manfred Becker This band got its name from a car that Donnie Van Zant received as a gift for his 16th birthday, a 1938 Buick Special. (or was it a gun with .38 ?) Donnie was the younger brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd's singer Ronnie Van Zant, who passed away in an airplane crash. Encouraged by Lynyrd Skynyrd's success, the band formed in 1975. 38 Special were constantly on tour with their heavy Southern-Rock-Sound . Wild guitarslaughters belonged to their show. In 1979 they entered the charts for the first time with their LP 'Rockin' Into The Night'. They received platinum for their Album 'Wild Southern Boys' and the Single 'Hold On Loosely ' ended up being a hit. Unfortunately the band wasn't able to keep up their high standards and their sound slowly transformed into mainstream Hardrock. But 38 Special was always a very good live band.

Original - Musicians:

Donnie Van Zant - voc
Don Barnes - g/voc
Steve Brookins - dr
Jeff Carlisi - g
Jack Grondin - dr
Larry Junstrom - b


01  Turn It On                                 (4'30'')
02  First Time Around                          (3'50'')
03  Stone Cold Believer                        (4'50'')
04  Robin Hood                                 (6'00'')
05  Wild Eyes Southern Boys                    (5'00'')
06  Hold On Loosely                            (5'05'')
07  Back Alley Sally                           (4'10'')
08  Around And Around                          (4'25'')
09  Rockin' Into The Night                     (4'40'')
10  I've Been A Mover                          (6'25'')
11  Fortunate Son                              (5'20'')


38 Special                     (1977)   A&M 4638
Special Delivery               (1978)   A&M 4684
Rockin' Into The Night         (1979)   A&M 4782
Wild-Eyed Southern Boys        (1980)   A&M 4835
Special Forces                 (1982)   A&M 4888
Tour De Force                  (1983)   A&M 64971
Strength In Numbers            (1986)   A&M 395 115-1
Flashback: Best of .38 Special (1987)   A&M 393 910-1
Rock N' Roll Strategy          (1988)   A&M 395 218-1
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Live At Sturgis                (2000)   SPV
The Very Best Of The A&M Years (2003)   A&M (1977-1988)
Drivetrain                     (2004)   UK
Live in Texas                  (2010)
Live At Rockpalast 1981        (2023) MIG/Indigo CD/DVD

Johnny & Donnie Van Zant: Brother to Brother (1998) SPV 085-18902 Van Zant II (2001) SPV Get Right With The Man (2005) Columbia/Universal


Live At Sturgis                (2000)   SPV
Live At Rockpalast 1981        (2023) MIG/Indigo CD/DVD


38 Special Official
38 Special
38 Special Wikipedia DE
38 Special Wikipedia EN

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The Outlaws

Outlaws The Outlaws formed in 1965 in Tampa, Florida, but they are really known since mid of the seventies. They considered themselves an American Rock Band with Country and Folk influences, but generally counted to the Southern Rock Bands. In 1975 they went on their first big-scale U.S. Tour as openers for Lynyrd Skynyrd. lt was Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd who recommended the Outlaws and that's how they were able to sign their first record deal with Arista in 1975. Their first album sold over half a million copies. In 1977 the first changes in the band's constellation took place and their sound started to be a bit heavier. In the following year they brought out their Live LP 'Bring 'em Back Alive', that was able to demonstrate the band's live qualities quite impressively. After 1980 the band's situation calmed down somewhat as they slowly drifted into the mainstream scene. They tried their luck in the Hardrock sector with their LP 'Los Hombres Malo' but the former quality of the compositions and the typical Outlaw's Sound were not as easily heard as before. After a 4-year break they returned to the scene in 1986 with a new Album.

Original - Musicians:

David Dix - dr
Chuck Glass - b/key/voc
Steve Grisham - g/voc
Henry Paul - g/voc
Hughie Thomasson - g/voc


01  Devil's Road                               (5'30'')
02  Hurry Sundown                              (4'30'')
03  Holiday                                    (5'10'')
04  Long Gong                                  (3'50'')
05  Angels Hide                                (6'40'')
06  Waterhole                                  (2'25'')
07  There Goes Another Love Song               (3'45'')
08  Green Grass And High Tides                (18'20'')
09  Ghost Riders In The Sky                    (8'00'')


Outlaws                                 (1975) Arista 201106
Lady In Waiting                         (1976) Arista 201113
Hurry Sundown                           (1977) Arista 201121
Bring'em Back Alive                     (1978) Arista 300689
Playin'To Win                           (1978) Arista 201134
In The Eye Of The Storm                 (1979) Arista 201182
Ghost Riders                            (1980) Arista 203108
Greatest Hits                           (1982) Arista
Los Hombres Malo                        (1982) Arista 204558
High Tides Forever (S)                  (1982) Arista 205184
Soldiers Of Fortune                     (1986) Pasha 4501351
Hittin' The Road - Live                 (1993)
Diablo Canyon                           (1994) Arista
Best of the Outlaws                     (1996) Green Grass & High Tides
There Goes Another Love Song            (1999)
Greatest Hits: High Tides Forever       (2000)
The Heritage Collection                 (2000)
Extended Versions                       (2002) Live
Platinum & Gold Collection              (2002)
Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules (2004)
It's About Pride                        (2012)
Los Angeles 1976                        (2015) Live
Legacy Live                             (2016) SPV 2 CD
Dixie Highway                           (2020) SPV
Live at Rockpalast 1981                 (2020) MIG/Indigo CD+DVD


The Outlaws official
The Outlaws
The Outlaws Wikipedia DE
The Outlaws Wikipedia EN

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Thin Lizzy

In memory of Phil Lynott 20.8.1949 - 4.1.1986   R.I.P.

Phil Lynott Foto WDR/Manfred Becker This band too, has it's name from a manipulated cars name. Thin Lizzy could not be imagined without the name 'Phil Lynott'. Lynott was born on 20th August 1949 in Dublin as the son of Brazilian and Irish parents. He was the singer, bassist and composer as well as the center of attention of the band. He was a Rock'n'Roll entertainer, who knew how to work with the audience. The German magazine 'Musik Express' called him an exciting and attractive Rock-Gypsy'.

In 1969 he founded the trio 'Thin Lizzy' along with his school friends Eric Bell and Brian Downey. The direction was clear: Hardrock based on a Rhythm & Blues foundation. In their early years Thin Lizzy played in diverse small clubs. A first record deal in 1972 didn't bring the success they'd hoped for. Success finally set in in 1972 with their cover-version of the Irish-folk song 'Whiskey in a Jar', with which they reached 6 th place in the British and 7 th place in the German charts. Now they were well known in all of Europe, but were not able to keep up the success with the following LP. In 1974 Eric Bell left the band and was replaced by Gary Moore, who left the band shortly afterwards. This started a constant coming and going of the guitarists:

Gary Moore - Andy Gee - John Cann - Brian Robertson - Scott Gorham - Gary Moore - Midge Ure - Snowy White - John Sykes.

The band was able to present itself as an excellent Hardrock formation with the new album 'Nightlife' and the single 'Philomena' on a new label. Their climb to reach the Rock Olymp began. They were now playing as headliners of large festivals. In 1976 they were able to set foot in the American charts with the single 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Their first international hit-album 'Jailbreak' was released. With his distinguished voice and charisma, Phil was able to celebrate the songs that told stories about romance, bad boys and drugs on the stage. In the years 1976/77 they went on long stretched tour's, that were well kept on their Live LP 'Live and Dangerous'. Thin Lizzy now belonged to the great Hardrock bands of the world. The 1979 LP 'Black Rose' was additionally influenced by Gary Moore, who suddenly and unexpectedly left the band during the tour following the album's release. Until 1981 Snowy White played guitar and also composed some songs. Already in 1982, as Lynott started solo projects the first rumors were going around that the band was going to dissolve. In 1983 Lynott could see no more perspective for Thin Lizzy and finally called it quits. His solo career was not quite successful and there was not much turbulence about him. On the 4 th January 1986 Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll called for another victim. Phil Lynott died due to heart failure in Salisbury, England.

On the 17 th May 1986 Thin Lizzy reunited to honor Lynott. Bob Geldolf took the part of the singer.


Phil Lynott - Bass,Vocal
Brian Downey - Drums
Scott Gorham - Guitar
Snowy White - Guitar
Darren Wharton - Keyboards


01  Are You Ready                              (3'05'')
02  Genocide                                   (5'35'')
03  Waiting For An Alibi                       (3'45'')
04  Jailbreak                                  (4'15'')
05  Trouble Boys                               (4'15'')
06  Don't Believe A Word                       (2'20'')
07  Memory Pain                                (6'00'')
08  Got To Give It Up                          (7'45'')
09  Chinatown                                  (4'45'')
10  Hollywood                                  (4'35'')
11  Cowboy Song                                (7'30'')
12  The Boys Are Back In Town                  (4'35'')
13  Suicide                                    (5'10'')
14  Black Rose                                 (7'50'')
15  Sugar Blues                                (6'00'')
16  Baby Drives Me Crazy                       (9'20'')
17  Rosalie                                    (7'20'')
18  Angel Of Death (Disaster)                  (5'40'')
19  Emerald                                    (4'20'')


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Live & Dangerous                                        (????) PMV
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Live In Concert 1983                                    (2011) XXL Media
Live At The National Stadium Dublin                     (2012) Universal
The Boys Are Back In Town "Songs from a while I'm away" (2022) MIG/Indigo 2DVD+CD


Phil Lynott, The Rocker
Biography by Mark Putterford
OMNIBUS Musik-Books, England

Philomena Lynott
My Boy: The Philip Lynott Story
London 1996 Paperback,192 Seiten, ca. 32 Abb.
Die faszinierend-tragische Story des Masterminds der legendären Thin Lizzy, erzählt aus der Sicht seiner Mutter.

The Ballad of the Thin Man
The Authorized Biography of Phil Lynott
Stuart Bailie
London 1996, 194 S., 14 Abb.

Songs for while I'm away
The Words and Lyrics of Phil Lynott
London 1996, 86 S., 40 Abb.

Soldiers Of Fortune
Alan Byrne
London 2003, Linen 224 pages, 20 pictures

Thin Lizzy - Alan Byrne
London 2005, Paperback, 256 Seiten neue Auflage


Official Web Site
ThinLizzyGuide.COM made by Peter Nielsen
Vibe for Philo
Thin Lizzy the complete discography - Thomas Norlund
Thin Lizzy Wikipedia DE
Thin Lizzy Wikipedia EN
Black Star Riders

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2.Day August 30, 1981 (not broadcasted live)


Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker

Pictures of the Open Air Loreley 1981

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