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2. Open Air Loreley 20.August 1983

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Dave Edmunds "Early on, Dave Edmunds opened the Festival, and after his appearance announced that he didn't want to play live concerts again. But two hours laters, he appeared on- stage again with the Stray Cats, with whom he had produced two albums."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Edmunds, who was born in Cardiff on April 15th, 1944, is accepted as THE English pioneer and legend of rock'n'roll, rockabilly and rhythm and blues. He always knew how to keep this style up-to-date. At the age of 15, he already played with the 'Raiders'. He played as front man first with 'Love Sculpture', and later, with 'Rockpile'. Edmunds is famous for his many talents as a singer, guitarist, songwriter and well-loved producer. After his Rockpalast appearance, he has been working mainly as a producer, and returned in 1990 with his own LP.


Dave Edmunds - guit/voc
Billy Bremner - guit/voc
John David - bass/voc
Geraint Watkins - keyb/voc
Dave Charles - drums


01  From Small Things                          (3'14'') 
02  Dear Dad                                   (2'19'')
03  Sweet Little Lisa                          (3'28'')
04  Loud Music In Cars                         (2'54'')
05  Girls Talk                                 (3'08'')
06  Don't You Double                           (3'21'')
07  Queen Of Heart                             (2'49'')
08  I Don't Wanna Be In Love                   (2'47'')
09  I Hear You Knockin'                        (2'23'')
10  Trouble Boys                               (2'40'')
11  I Knew The Bride                           (2'43'')
12  You Ain't Nothing But Fine                 (2'24'')
13  Information                                (3'52'')
14  Slipping Away                              (4'20'')
15  Crawling From The Wreckage                 (2'27'')
16  Sweet Littke Rock And Roller               (1'55'')
17  Let's Talk About Us                        (0'55'')


Blues Helping                   (1968)  Parlophon PCS 7059 (Love Sculpture)
Forms And Feelings              (1969)  Parlaphon PCS 7090 (Love Sculpture)
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Tracks On Wax 4                 (1978)  Swan Song
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Twangin'                        (1981)  Swan Song
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Dave Edmunds At Rockpalast 1983 (2014)  Repertoire
On Guitar...Rags&Classics       (2015)  RPM


Dave Edmunds At Rockpalast 1983 (2014)  Repertoire

Dave Edmunds Internet:

Dave Edmunds
Dave Edmunds Wikipedia EN
Dave Edmunds Wikipedia DE
ROCKPILE - Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 1980

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01 Moderation Alan Bangs
02 Kid Creole - No Fish Today (11. Rockpalast Nacht 16.-17 Oktober 1982)
03 Interview Dave Edmunds



U2 - BonoWDR text 1983: U 2 will perform as the second group at the Loreley Rockpalast Festival. The name of the group is a play on words meaning: You too. The group, through it's name, shows it's relationship to it's audience on the one hand, and on the other, it's an expression of the practised religion within U 2. All four members are still in their early twenties. Asked for their musical idols, they name bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Bono Vox, the singer of U 2, says in this context: "A song like 'Won't get fooled Again' by the Who tells about not giving up. That's the attitude of the best bands. We want our audience to think about what they do. They should realize the pressure they are under, but at the same time, they should never give up."
The members of U 2 have known each other since their school days. They just decided at some point to become a group. Demo tapes were sent to different record labels and agents. This resulted in a first LP and small tours through England and Ireland - the group is from Dublin - and some performances at different festivals, amongst others, a very successful opening of the Pink Pop Festival, 1981, in Holland.
Today, U2 are considered to have the possibility to become a big name in this business. That became obvious at the Rockpalast Concert in November, 1981, in the 'Metropol' in Berlin. At first, the audience wasn't on the band's side. However, the group played so convincingly, played better by the minute, and projected such irresistable energy, that the spectators couldn't help but to dance and sing along.
In 1982 and the beginning of 1983, U 2 mainly spent their time touring through the USA. The audiences and the critics there are equally enthusiastic about this group; Bono Vox is already being declared the upcoming superstar. Success everywhere for U 2 and they will certainly also convince the public in Germany of their skillls at the Loreley Festival!

"U2 at the Loreley. Bono's charisma was enormous. He went into the audience and was always right in the middle of all the happenings. He carried a white flag: A symbol of willingness to communicate in a world full of problems, with which U2's lyrics deal with. No instruments were necessary at the end of his appearance. The audience had joined itself with the group: "We will sing a New Song".
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

There's a lot to say about U2 and they have a gung-ho group of regular fans, what you can see nowadays by their gigantic presence in the Internet. It all started in 1976 as a school band in Dublin. Within years, the band developed into one of the best- loved British rock bands and became a World Act that filled giant stadiums everywhere. Many songs landed in the Top Ten. They invested the profits from their commercial successes into the Windham Hill Studios and their own record label, Mother Records.

Their political involvement can be seen in the projects Band Aid, Live Aid, Amnesty International, Artists United Against Apartheid, as well as their foundation Self Aid in Dublin, against unemployment. In 1990, the band split up for a while due to their bass player's alcohol problems and a problem with Bono's vocal cords. The 'Fall of the Iron Curtain' and breakdown of the wall in Germany was also a turning point for U2. The LP 'Achtung Baby' was produced in the Hansastudios in Berlin, and new modern influences were worked in. The tour 'Zoo TV', with a staff of 120, was a multimedia spectacle. The hookup to the MTV Era was accomplished. The next LP brought about another turn in their style and U2 also made some music for movies.

After ending their mammoth tour 'Zoo TV', U2 took a long break. In 1995, under the project name 'Passengers', U2 released an album they did together with Brian Eno. In the same year, Bono visited Sarajevo. In the following year, he just barely escaped death as his plane was mistaken for a drug dealer's and came under fire while on vacation in Jamaica. On March 3rd, 1997, a new U2 album appeared, 'POP'. It combines the classic U2 sound with the modern sound of the London dance scene. U2 is also involved in the Ireland peace process.


Bono Vox - voc
The Edge - voc/guit
Adam Clayton - bass
Larry Mullen - drums


01  Out Of Control                             (4'25'')
02  Twilight                                   (4'00'')
03  The Black Cat                              (4'45'')
04  Into The Heart                             (2'15'')
05  Surrender                                  (5'55'')
06  Two Herats Beats As One                    (4'24'')
07  Seconds                                    (2'55'')
08  Sunday Bloody Sunday                       (4'43'')
09  The Electric Co.                           (5'18'')
10  Gloria                                     (4'28'')
11  New Years Day                              (4'27'')
12  I Will Follow                              (3'38'')
13  40                                         (3'00'')


Boy                                   (1980)  Island 202913
2 Sides Live                          (1981)  Warner Brother
October                               (1981)  Island 204185
War                                   (1983)  Island 205295
Under A Blood Red Sky                 (1983)  Island 205904
The Unforgettable Fire                (1984)  Island 206530
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Popmart                                   (1998)  Polygram Video
Best of 1980-1990                         (1998)  Polygram Video
The Joshua Tree                           (2000)  DVD Image
Elevation 2001 U2 live from Boston        (2001)  Universal DVD
The Best Of 1990-2000                     (2003)  Island/Mercury
Rattle & Hum                              (2003)  Anamorphic Widescreen DVD
U2 - Vertigo Live from Chicago            (2005)  Universal (auch als DoDVD)
Zoo TV: Live from Sydney                  (2006)  Universal 5.1 + Bonus Tracks
Under a Blood Red Sky - Live at Red Rocks (2008) Island/Universal
360° At The Rose Bowl                     (2010)  Universal
From The Sky Down - Director's Cut        (2011)  Island/Universal	    
Innocence + Experience - Live In Paris    (2016)  Island/Universal Blu-ray                        


U2 Die Rolling Stone Fakten
300 Seiten incl. Diskographie, Charts, Plattenkritiken etc.
Hannibal Verlag, ISBN 3-85445-124-5

Burning Desire - Omnibus Music-Books, England
U2/LIVE A Concert Documentary - Omnibus Music-Books, England
The Complete Guide To The Music - Omnibus Music-Books, England

U2 At the end of the World
Bill Flanagan, 481 Seiten
Bantam Books

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U2 Into The Heart - Die Story zu jedem Song von Niall Stokes
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Susan Black
Bono - In his own words
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Surrender: 40 songs, eine geschichte | Deutsche Ausgabe. Autobiografie Gebundene Ausgabe 2022
von Bono (Autor), Charlotte Breuer (Übersetzer), Norbert Möllemann (Übersetzer)
Droemer HC ‎ 696 Seiten ISBN-13 978-3426278055


U2 im Internet:

U2 - Rockpalast Metropol Berlin 03.11.1981
U2 offizielle Homepage
U2 Tours
U2 @
Elevation Tour
U2 Wanderer
@ U2
The U2 Station
U2 Wikipedia EN
U2 Wikipedia DE

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01 Moderation Alan Bangs
02 Interview U2


Stray Cats Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1983: New York is the home of this group. For approximately four years, they have been known as the Stray Cats and they went to the top, against all trends and expectations. At the end of the '70s, Brian Setzer (then 19), Slim Jim Phantom and Lee (both 17) decided to found a band to realize their own musical preferences. Their outward appearances were kiss-me-quicks and tattoos; a little guitar, drums and contrabass as the instruments.
The Stray Cats wanted to play rockabilly for the '80s, but they didn't want to be one of those many revival bands who were satisfied with copying songs and heroes of an over 25-year-old style. Especially Brian Setzer, guitarist, singer and composer of the band, had followed the musical developments of the late '70s. Short songs without long solos, fast and to the point arrangements and lyrics that dealt with the here and now built the substance of the Stray Cats.
But even in colorful New York, there weren't many possibilities for a rockabilly band of that kind. They received an offer from London that wasn't quite serious, but the Stray Cats accepted. For three months, there was nothing going on, but finally supported by several performances in important London clubs, and due to the efforts of a female publisher, other musicians, like Dave Edmunds, and the music press in England began to be interested in the three. It was really brave of them to go on- stage with such instruments. Many came to their shows to see whether this was serious music or not. And it worked. Dave produced a first single with the Stray Cats called 'Runaway Boys', a few weeks later it hit #1 in the British charts. Successful tours and festival performances followed.
Finally, in 1982, the band's homeland, the USA, also understood that the Stray Cats were something special. There the group is experiencing a repeat of the European enthusiasm. The performance at the Rockpalast Loreley Festival on August 20th will be their first after a break that lasted over a year. The Stray Cats will present their own version of Rockabilly at this festival, too. They never interpreted this style the old way. For them it's just the fun of being on-stage and letting it all hang out.

"Rockabilly for the '80s was announced as the Stray Cats got up on stage. Kiss-me- quicks and tattoos are the external trademarks, standing drums and contrabass are the characteristic medium."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

The band was formed in 1979 in New York by guitarist and singer, Brian Setzer. Dave Edmunds produced their first LP in London, and they soon landed in the charts there. The mixture of traditional rockabilly and new wave helped them on to popularity. Their second LP just trailed along, but an LP with the best songs from the first two Lps helped to be successful in America also. The next Lp was produced from Dave Edmunds again and it went gold. The Stray Cats split up at the end of 1984, but had a reunion in Los Angeles in 1986. Brian Setzer has been very successful as a solo artist and with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. The Stray Cats met from time to time for a concert.


Brian Setzer - guit/voc
Lee Rocker - bass/voc
Slim Jim Phantom - drums/voc
Mel Collins - sax


01  Baby Blue Eyes                             (3'28'')
02  Double Talking Baby                        (     ?)
03  Rumble In Brighton                         (3'45'')
04  Drink That Bottle Down                     (5'20'')
05  Something Is Wrong With My Radio           (2'30'')
06  Built For Speed                            (5'58'')
07  Cadillac (Look At That Cadillac)           (4'16'')
08  Runaway Boy                                (3'25'')
09  Lonely Summer Nights                       (3'56'')
10  Too Hip, Gotta Go                          (2'33'')
11  Stray Cats Strut                           (5'25'')
12  She's Sexy And 17                          (3'28'')
13  Banjo Time (Foggy Mountain Breakdown)      (1'37'')
14  The Race Is On                             (2'12'')
15  Tear It Up                                 (3'26'')
16  Oh Boy                                     (2'42'')
17  Rock This Town                             (6'27'')


Stray Cats                             (1981) Arista 203295
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Something Else                         (1995) Receiver
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Recorded Live in Berlin 12th July 2004 (2004) Surfdog/Sony
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Live in Hamburg 13. 07. 04             (2004) Sony
Live in Amsterdam 14. 7. 04            (2004) Sony
Live in Manchester 16. 7. 04           (2004) Sony
Live in London 18. 7. 04               (2004) Sony
Live in Barcelona 22. 7. 04            (2004) Sony
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Live in Holland 30. 7. 04              (2004) Sony
The Toronto Strut                      (2012) inakustik
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Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot Live From The Planet (2012) Sony Rockabilly Riot: All Original (2014) Sony


The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Live In Japan          (2003) Sony/BMG
Stray Cats - Rumble in Brixton                      (2004) Sony/BMG
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Christmas Extravaganza (2005) Sony/BMG limited
Brian Setzer - One Rockin' Night                    (2007) Sony/BMG
It's Gonna Rock                                     (2011) Sony - Montreal Jazz Festival 2010
Live At Montreux 1981                               (2012) Eagle Vision/edel
Live at Rockpalast                                  (2015) MIG/SPV DVD/2CD+DVD

Stray Cats Internet:

STRAY CATS - Rockpalast Sartory-Säle Köln 16.07.1981
Stray Cats official
Stray Cats
Stray Cats
Stray Cats Wikipedia DE
Stray Cats Wikipedia EN

Brian Setzer (Orchestra):
Brian Setzer Official Website
Brian Setzer

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DVD - Brian Setzer - ONE ROCKIN NIGHT LIVE IN MONTREAL - bei Amazon bestellen!


01 Moderation Alan Bangs
02 Interview Stray Cats


In memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014 and B.J. Wilson 1947 - 1990  R.I.P.


Joe Cocker Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1983: To tell the full story of Joe Cocker would fill books. He is a person with many different appearances and many links to rock music. Just one example: The simple man from Sheffield who suddenly has got a world hit with a single and his phenomenal voice. Someone's who's gone through the worst experiences with the business side of this field and who, after 15 years after his first success, finally receives a Grammy for the best vocal performance.
Joe Cocker was born in Sheffield in 1944. He busied himself with music after hearing some of Ray Charles' records. After several tries to get lasting recording and tour contracts with different bands, he hit #1 in England with The Grease Band and the single 'With a little help from my Friends' in late 1968. In the following years, Joe Cocker mainly played in the USA. His performance in Woodstock and his 'Mad dogs and Englishmen' tour have become legendary.
But Cocker lost his health as well as his musical direction because of the many concerts and because he often changed his manager. Every now and then new records appeared, but most of them were compiled from older songs. Joe Cocker rarely gave performances. At the end of 1980, he accepted an invitation by the Rockpalast to perform in the Metropol in Berlin, a performance nobody has ever forgotten. Cocker showed that he still is an exceptional singer. Having to play four encores, he covered more than his entire repertoire.
Within the last two years, he also got new chances concerning his record deal. He signed a contract that allowed him to work with really good musicians again. The result was called 'Sheffield Steel' and was made together with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, among others. Everybody considered it to be the best Joe Cocker album in years.
Today Joe Cocker is again touring with a steady band and, as he says, "has a great time singing again". Joe Cocker is going to perform at the Rockpalast-Loreley Festival in the early evening and he will demonstrate why he is, for many people, the white blues singer. You only have to think of his version of 'You are so Beautiful' to realize that he is one of a kind.

"Joe Cocker, at this time, is living through a successful phase in a life filled with highs and lows. His album, 'Sheffield Steel', was very well received. But, he was literally pushed through the world: Within four days, he had to manage Los Angeles, the Loreley, Eindhoven in Holland, the Loreley again, and finally, Lund in Sweden. We had the impression that he had been squeezed like a lemon. Joe's concert was fantastic. 'Many rivers to Cross', 'Innercity Blues', 'With a little help from my Friends' - there were many moments where he really got to us. A hint of Woodstock blew over the Loreley."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Joe Cocker, his life, his troubles, that's how his story could be called. On May 20, 1944, he was born as the son of a worker in the English steel metropolis, Sheffield. At the age of 16, he played the harmonica and sang in his brother's band. Many other bands followed and in 1968, he landed a giant hit for the first time (GB 1, G3, US 49), with his rendition of the Lennon/McCartney title 'With a little help from my Friends'. This title became 'his hymn' with his appearance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, and this song can never again fail at a concert. On-stage, Cocker paddled his arms like a windmill and his movements seemed spastic. He sang the blues like a black man from the Delta.

The next years could be used as a prime example of how it can be for a rock musician. Cocker was taken advantage of to the limit and made successful tours, but at the end, there were only a few dollars left over for him. The deals were completely out of his hands and alcohol set in. He shuttled back and forth between England and America and toured. In Los Angeles, he collapsed on-stage, drunk. In 1978, there was a three-year time-out for him.

In the Bahamas in 1982, he recorded the album 'Sheffield Steel' and rang out his comeback with the schmaltzy song 'Up where we Belong'. The next album, 'Civilized Man', strengthened his success and he finally became a living legend. Sensible management finally blessed him with a decent income, he got married, and lives in Santa Barbara in California. He was there for the 25th Woodstock Anniversary spectacle and received an Honorary Doctor title in his hometown of Sheffield.


Joe Cocker - voc
Cliff Goodwin - guit
Howard Hersh - piano
Barry Wilson - drums
Larry Marshall - organ
Arthur Funaro - bass
Anita Sherman - voc
Maxine Green - voc


01  A Girl Like You                            (3'31'')
02  Feelin' Alright                            (3'42'')
03  A Whiter Shade Of Pale                     (5'24'')
04  Innercity Blues                            (5'31'')
05  Don't Talk To Me                           (3'15'')
06  Just Like Always                           (3'22'')
07  Many Rivers To Cross                       (4'23'')
08  Threw It Away                              (3'50'')
09  Seven Days                                 (5'13'')
10  Watching The River Flow                    (3'46'')
11  With A Little Helf From My Friends         (6'50'')
12  You Are So Beautiful                       (3'34'')
13  The Letter                                 (4'04'')
14  The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress               (3'18'')
15  Heard It Through The Grape Wine            (4'05'')


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Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends - durch die Hölle zum Erfolg
207 pages, 16 Seiten s/w Fotos with Diskographie
Hannibal Verlag

Joe Cocker
Frank Laufenberg, 80 pages
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Rojo Strittmatteer
Schrei's noch einmal Joe!
Gedichte, Momentaufnahmen, Photographien
Stuttgart 1990, Paperback, 72 pages, 70 pics

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01. Laser-Lightshow
02. Interview Joe Cocker
03. Give the People what they want (The Kinks - 10. Rocknacht, Grugahalle Essen, 03.04.1982)
04. Pressure (The Kinks - 10. Rocknacht, Grugahalle Essen, 03.04.1982)
05. Moderation Alan Bangs & Albrecht Metzger


Steve Miller Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1983:The Steve Miller Band concert will end the Rockpalast-Loreley Festival. Steve Miller is one of the few rock musicians of the first generation who still makes interesting music, tries out new things and gives new impulses to rock'n'roll. Steve Miller was born in 1943. He and his parents were friends of T-Bone Walker; through this connection, Miller was almost forced to discover rhythm and blues and the electric guitar. First bands were founded in school. They sounded so good that Miller decided to become a professional.
From 1966 on, he played at all well-known places on the American west coast and he was one of the few who didn't say yes to the first offer a record label sent them. He demanded several things and was one of the first to achieve better working conditions for rock musicians, which are standard today. This included the total control over the content of his records as well as the possibility to choose studio and producer himself and a rather big advance for the financing of his productions.
Between 1968 and 1972, the Steve Miller Band published different records which established their reputation as one of the most advanced and influential groups. At that time, the term 'progressive' was still being used. Miller impressed with his perfect arrangements, and songs that mirrored his varied influences (from rhythm and blues to country to folksongs) and the full use of the studio's possibilities.
The Steve Miller Band live concerts were always musical highlights. Miller himself once made this comment: "There was already a difference when we performed in San Francisco in 1967. All the bands that are very famous today, back then still used to play hours-long jam sessions about Johnny B. Good etc., but they couldn't really master their instruments because they had just begun to learn. We already had the experience of some years of touring as a band for people like Muddy Waters, for example. No one could tell us what to do."
In the 1970s, Miller took long breaks, partly due to illness. But each time he came back, it was with a big bang. In 1973, it was 'The Jocker', in 1976 'Fly like an Eagle', with 'Rockin' Me' and other hit singles. Nowadays, Miller is very relaxed and only does things that are fun for him. In recent years, he was in Europe again for the first time after many years and gave concerts which lasted over two hours, encompassing his whole repertoire, from 'Livin' in the USA' to 'Abracadabra'.
On-stage, the Steve Miller Band is simply one of the best. Miller himself is an experienced guitar player who knows that the quality and the tension of a solo often depend on which notes are left out. Alongside of him is Norton Buffalo, who can do unbelievable things with his harmonica. The Steve Miller Band concert at the Rockpalast-Loreley Festival will offer rock'n'roll at it's best, with everything that goes with it.

"American show biz and Las Vegas at the Loreley. Stever Miller had decided to give his only concert in Europe in 1983 at the Loreley: "That's got to be a spectacular event!", was his evaluation. He wanted to turn into a tiger with 'Abracadabra'. Two tigers with a trainer appeared at the Loreley. The tiger cage found no favor with the Stagemaster, Thilo Schernau. A newer, safer cage had to be built. It had to be worked on day and night. In London, a complete stage set had to be designed, just for this concert. On top of that, a magician came from America. All of this - and don't forget, a computer - saw to it that some of the team members got very little sleep during the production week."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Steve Miller was born in Milwaukee on October 5th, 1943, but grew up in Texas. He began playing early with a guitar and during his high school days, played in bands. He received a doctorate in the subject, 'Comparing Literature', but decided in favor of music in 1965. He lived through the music stream in the USA, then onto the blues in Chicago, then the Flower Power times in San Francisco. In 1972, he was forced to take a break after an accident. Afterwards, he started with a new concept that turned him into a megastar. The platinum LP 'Fly like an Eagle', made him famous with three Top 20 single releases.


Steve Miller - guit/voc
Gerald Johnson - bass
Norton Buffalo - harm/voc
Kenny Lee Lewis - guit/voc
Garry Mallaber - drums
Byron Allred - keyb


01  Guitarsolo                                 (0'50'')
02  Abracadabra                                (5'00'')
03  The Joker                                  (2'50'')
04  You You You                                (2'40'')
05  Out Of The Night                           (4'14'')
06  Living In The USA                          (2'55'')
07  Somebody Done Hoo Doo To The Hoo Doo Man   (2'56'')
08  Just A Little Bit                          (2'28'')
09  Buffalo'S Serenade                         (5'48'')
10  Fly Like An Eagle                          (2'58'')
11  Keeps Me Wondering Why                     (4'16'')
12  Rock'n Me                                  (5'17'')
13  Jungle Love                                (3'37'')
14  Jet Airliner                               (4'36'')
15  Macho City                                 (7'27'')
16  Honey Hush                                 (4'26'')
17  My Babe                                    (3'21'')
18  You Know What I Mean                       (6'06'')
19  Yonder's Wall                              (3'09'')
20  Yonder's Wall reprise                      (2'00'')
21  Space Cowboy                               (2'50'')
22  Abracadabra                                (4'17'')

Discography: (selected)

Children Of The Future     (1968)  Capitol 2920   
Sailor                     (1968)  Capitol
Revolution                 (1969)  United Artists
Your Saving Grace          (1969)  Capitol
Brave New World            (1969)  Capitol
Number Five                (1970)  Capitol
Rock Love                  (1971)  Capitol 062-80962   
Living In The USA          (1973)  Capitol
The Joker                  (1973)  Capitol 062-81514
The Legend                 (1975)  Capitol   
Fly Like An Eagle          (1977)  Mercury 6303925   
Book Of Dreams             (1978)  Mercury 6303926
Circle Of Love             (1981)  Capitol   
Acracadabra                (1982)  Mercury 6302204
Steve Miller Band: Live!   (1983)  Capitol
Live                       (1983)  Mercury
Italian X Rays             (1984)  Capitol   
Livin in the 20th century  (1986)  Capitol 064-2406491   
Born 2B Blue               (1988)  Capitol 064-7483031
Wide River                 (1993)  Polydor      
Box Set                    (1994)  Capitol Records CDP 0777 7 89827 2 2
Young Hearts               (2003)  Complete Greatest Hits
Bingo!                     (2010)  Roadrunner/Warner 
Let Your Hair Down         (2011)  Roadrunner/Warner
The Joker Live In Concert  (2015)  Soulfood
Ultimate Hits              (2017)  Universal
Complete Albums Vol1 68-76 (2018)  Universal Box
Wide River                 (2019)  Universal
Welcome To The Vault       (2019)  Universal 3CD/DVD
Live! Breakimg Ground      (2021)  Universal (August 3, 1977)
J50                        (2023)  Universal - The Evolution Of The Joker


Live From Chicago          (2008)  Coming Home Studios 2DVDs+CD

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