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Huey Lewis with Evelyn Seibert - Heart of Rock'n'Roll  Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Huey Lewis and the News are at present (1984) the most successful rock band in the USA. They have become quite an attraction in the last few months after having several Top Ten Singles and selling three million LPs. Huey Lewis was born in 1951 in New York and was named Hugh Anthony Cregg III. His mother was a Polish artist that had to emigrate to the USA because of the World War. His father was a student with a well-known strong drive as a jazz drummer. After many moves, the family finally landed in Marin City in Mill Valley, near San Francisco, an area preferred by many rock musicians. In these surroundings, it was clear that Huey Lewis would somehow also be making music. There were many bands during high school and college times. Finally, Lewis met the band 'Clover', discovered in a club by Nick Lowe again . They became friends and then Clover decided that going to England would probably offer them better chances in the future than hanging around playing in small clubs in the Bay Area.

In the mid '70s, Clover belonged to the solid English 'Pub-Rock' regulars, including other bands such as 'Brinsley Schwartz', or 'Ducks Deluxe'. The group accompanied Elvis Costello on his first LP 'My Aim is True'. Lewis appeared on different LPs from Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe played harmonica. Unfortunately, the longed-for career-break in England didn't happen: In 1976/77, punk rock started up in England and hardly anyone was interested in rhythm and blues bands. Huey Lewis returned to the USA and had steady engagement in a club called 'Uncle Charlie's', outside of San Francisco (Corte Madera). He organized jam sessions and slowly formed the band that is nowadays called 'The News'.

The rest is history. A record contract, and in 1983, the release of the third album, 'Sports', which wasn't listened to for months. The singles 'Heart and Soul', 'I Want a New Drug' and 'The Heart of Rock and Roll', from the album, made them a hit with the American public. Huey Lewis and The News belong to the bands that really enjoy this success. They've done hundreds of live appearances for many years and are well experienced for the big tours in stadiums and halls. They represent the tradition of rock'n'roll, just as Bob Seeger and The Silver Bullet Band or Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band, whose careers also ran similarly to that of Huey Lewis and The News.
Huey Lewis and The News will be celebrating their premiere performance in Europe on October 13th in the Grugahalle in Essen.

"Huey Lewis and The News gave a concert that will not be quickly forgotten and since then, cannot be overlooked, even in Europe; in America, they were already way at the top sooner. It's like Huey Lewis said in an interview with Ken and Evelyn: "You can't quite explain what rock'n'roll is, but you can feel if it's happened or not." We believe that everyone here felt it. The music is by far not over for Huey Lewis; at the interview, the band sang 'So in Love' a capella. Whether on- or off-stage, Huey Lewis is busy around-the-clock with music. Behind stage, he let them acoustically play 'The Heart of Rock'n'Roll' for Evelyn. The next morning at the hotel, at 8 o'clock and having breakfast (after the Rockpalast Nacht), he sang country songs to us. Two hours long."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Huey Lewis - voc, harm
Mario Cipollina - bass
Chris Hayes - g, voc
Johnny Colla - saxophon, g, voc
Sean Hopper - keyb, voc
Bill Gibson - drums, voc


01  Heart Of Rock And Roll                     (4'45'')
02  Change Of Heart                            (3'15'')
03  Don't Make Me Do It To You                 (3'02'') 
04  I Want You                                 (3'10'')
05  If This Is It                              (4'00'')
06  Heart And Soul                             (4'05'')
07  Walkin' On An Thin Line                    (5'25'')
08  It's All Right                             (3'15'')
09  Do You Believe In Love                     (4'16'')
10  Finally Found A Home                       (3'52'')
11  Workin' For A Livin'                       (6'00'')
12  Buzz Buzz Buzz                             (3'11'')
13  I Want A New Drug                          (5'57'')
14  Bad Is Bad                                 (4'48'')


Huey Lewis and the News                    (1980) Chrysalis/Ariola 202700
Picture This                               (1982) Chrysalis 204442
Sports                                     (1983) Chrysalis 205845
Fore!                                      (1986) Chrysalis 207897
Small World                                (1988) Chrysalis 209200
Hard at Play                               (1991) EMI 7933551
The Heart Of Rock & Roll: The Best Of...   (1992) Chrysalis 3 21934 2
Four Chords And Several Years  Ago         (1994) Elektra 7559-61500-1
Time Flies...The Best Of                   (1996) Elektra 7559-61977-2
Plan B                                     (2001) Silverstone/Zomba 792.6026.2
Live At 25                                 (2005) Rhino / Wea
Greatest Hits                              (2006) Capitol
Soulville                                  (2010) Rough Trade
Weather                                    (2020) BMG


The Heart Of Rock'N'Roll               (1985) Warner Home Video, 34090, 53 min
Video Hits                             (1987) Chrysalis, CVHS 5016, 46 min
Fore & More                            (1987) Chrysalis, CFV 04262, 52 min
All The Way Live!                      (1987) Virgin Music Video, VVD 376, 46 min
Four Chords & Several Years Ago        (1994) Elektra/Warner 8536 40184-3,64 min
Rockpalast Live                        (2000) Pioneer DVD/VHS (USA)
Huey Lewis at Rockpalast               (2004) Fernseh Allianz DVD Rockpalast 1984 and 1991 concerts
Live At 25                             (2005) Warner DVD

Huey Lewis and the News im Internet:

HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS - Rocklife E-Werk Köln 08.12.1991
The Unofficial Clover Infopage (Huey's first recording band)
Huey Lewis Wikipedia DE
Huey Lewis Wikipedia EN

Huey Lewis & The News - At Rockpalast DVD - order now at Amazon ! - DVD Info
feat. this concert and 14. Rockpalast Nacht 13.-14. Oktober 1984 + Interview 212 min.


01. Interview Huey Lewis & The News
02. So in Love (Huey Lewis & The News - Acapella Song)
03. Interview mit Roger Chapman und Jeoff Whitehorn (as Guests)
04. Hang on to a Dream (Roger Chapman & The Shortlist - 9. Rocknacht, Essen, Grugahalle, 17.10.1981)


Chalice Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Chalice is the second band appearing at the 14th Rockpalast-Festival. Chalice's seven members belong to the young generation of musicians from Jamaica whom in the meantime are rejuvenating the established form of reggae with new ideas. Chalice was formed approximately three years ago by studio musicians. They had normal and well-paying jobs, but preferred to break through with their own group rather than continue with the boring and humdrum workaday that normal work brought.

While in seclusion for four weeks, Wayne Armond, Trevor Roper, Rabi Peart, Mickey Wallace, Keith Francis, Desi Jones and Allah together worked out a concept for a band and what they wanted to achieve with it. Starting out in the reggae tradition, they wanted to bring in elements from other music styles into their own music. The way the music was visually presented on stage should also be interesting and full of variety. The main plan was communication with the public and gags. Finally the name: Chalice means drinking glass or mug. The seven musicians took a broader interpretation of this name: "We see our name like a program. We want to share the fun that we have playing for the audience with them", according to Wayne Armond.

They soon made a name for themselves everywhere in Jamaica with their first live concerts and recordings. They became well-known internationally after successful appearances at different 'Sunsplash Festivals' and tour throughout the USA and Europe. In the meantime, live concerts have especially helped them to achieve their great reputation.

Next to Black Uhuru, many consider this the only band to have achieved a revival in reggae music, after the death of Bob Marley, giving it new impulses. On-stage is the best entertainment for all needs. Chalice has seven of the best musicians in Jamaica. In the band, there are five equally qualified singers. Contact with the audience is immediately reached - after a short time, everyone is singing and dancing with each other and results in - as Chalice themselves put it - "One universal love."

"Chalice played for us in Essen because we thought that reggae can also be alive and creative, even after Bob Marley's death. Exclusively puritanical verdicts cannot stop the development, etiquette shouldn't stick forever. - Chalice had to go directly to their plane after the concert. They already had an appearance booked in Jamaica for Sunday."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Wayne Armand - g, voc
Travor Roper - g, voc
Rabi Paart - g, voc, perc
Mickey Wollace - voc, keyb
Keith Francis - bass
Dasi Jonee - drums
Allah - voc, keyb


01  Stand Up                                   (4'29'')
02  Good To Be there                           (5'11'')
03  I'm Trying                                 (5'52'')
04  Go Slow                                    (6'58'')
05  Stew Peas                                  (5'21'')
06  A Song                                     (5'54'')
07  Youthman                                   (5'16'')
08  Ol'Nayga                                   (6'36'')
09  Dangerous Disturbance                      (7'04'')
10  Night Fever                                (4'20'')
11  Can't Dub                                  (7'36'')
12  Children In Exile                          (7'57'')


Blasted              (1982)
Standard Procedure   (1983)
Good To Be There     (1984) On Recorde/Ariola 206099O
Stand Up             (1985)
Catch It             (1989)
Si Mi Ya             (1990) SPV Recordings/SPV 084-44032
Tuff Enuff           (1998)
Let It Play          (2010) Tad's Records

Chalice Internet:

CHALICE - Philipshalle Düsseldorf 01.06.1984
Chalice Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Gespräch mit Georg Kranz & Band (as guests)
03. Rockabella (Ace Cats unplugged)
04. Midnight Blue (Chris Rea - Zeche Bochum, 28.10.1983)
05. Interview Chalice


Mark King, The bass of Level 42  Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Level 42 belongs to the younger English bands that have achieved success in recent years, particularly through their astounding live performances. The four original members of the band all come from Isle of Wight and have know each other since their school days. Their joint love of black American music in all variations, funk and soul, is what first brought them together.

Mark King, Mike Lindup, Boon and Phil Gauld had tried their luck out in different forms before forming their own group. In 1980, Level 42 was formed by the four, by chance, at a get-together; they swapped knowledge about their experiences with music until that point in time. In spite of, and against the signs and tendencies of the times, they tried to form an English funk band and be in a position to create their own renditions of this style of music. The principle of Level 42 was to demonstrate their instrumental know-how in pieces and arrangements containing structure and elements of construction of jazz. The two main persons of the group, bass player Mark King and keyboard player Mick Lindup, were also the ones who shared the songs. Lindup, as a singer with a clear falsetto voice, was especially good at interpreting the music.

Within a year after they formed their group, Level 42 was the most popular club band in London, and soon, all over England. Concerts were regularly sold out. With the release of their first LP, they were able to reach a larger audience. The radio played many Level 42 songs; the singles and LPs reached the tops of the charts.

The group now has many big tours throughout the USA and Europe behind them. During one of their visits to the states, Earth, Wind and Fire were very attentive to Level 42 and produced the LP 'Standing in the Light', the biggest success for Level 42 till now. Level 42 live concerts offer a lot for the eyes and ears. The group has a lighting concept that offers spectacular effects and also effectively supports certain musical effects and arrangements . And of course, Mark King, the bass player and singer of the group, is there and exudes so much energy during the whole show - no onlookers can withstand it.
"With the song 'Hot Water', the group had a hit and attempted to shock with it. "I'll do it!" was a phrase that Mark King used over and over in his talks. The front man for Level 42 is always in motion, always restless. The vocal harmonies between King, Mike Lindup and Phil Gould work well. Level 42 does not hide themselves, in spite of expensive electronics; the direct way to the audience was found."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

After Rockpalast, Level 42 went upwards. Many of their singles placed in the charts, and the album 'World Machine' sold four million worldwide. In 1986, they could fill Wembley Stadium for four nights in a row. In 1987, they had reached their peak when drummer, Phil Gould, left the group. In the next few years, the band could be seen with different line-ups, amongst others, with drummer Gary Husband, and guitarist Alan Murphy, who died in 1989. Once again, in 1994, with drummer Phil Gould, they reached the UK Charts, but in October of that year, the band finally dissolved. But they are still playing. In 2006 Level 42 played again Rockpalast at the Leverkusener Jazztage.


Mike Lindup - keyb, voc
Mark King - bass, voc
Phil Gould - drums
Boon Gould - g
Krys Mach - saxophon, keyb


01  Almost There                               (6'06'')
02  Turn It On                                 (5'19'') 
03  The Chant Has Begun                        (6'21'')
04  Mr. Pink                                   (5'55'')
05  I Want Eyes                                (5'34'')
06  Kansas City Milkman                        (8'10'')
07  The Pursuit Of Accidents                   (6'31'')
08  Koyate                                     (5'34'')
09  The Chinese Way                            (4'33'')
10  The Sun Goes Down                          (5'35'')
11  Hot Water                                  (6'00'')
12  Love Games                                 (9'05'')


Level 42                             (1981) Polydor 2383612
Strategy                             (1981) Elite LEVLP 1
The Pursuit Of Accidents             (1982) Polydor 2383649
Standing In The Light                (1983) Polydor 813865
True Colours                         (1984) Polydor 823542
A Physical Preference                (1985) Polydor 825677
World Machine                        (1985) Polydor 827487
Running In The Family                (1987) Polydor 831593
Staring At The Sun                   (1988) Polydor 837247
Guaranteed                           (1991) RCA PL 75055
Forever Now                          (1994) RCA 7432118996
Live at Wembley                      (1996) World Famous
Remixes                              (1998) Polygram
Turn It On                           (1998) Polygram
One Man                              (1998) Eagle/Edel - Mark King
Trash                                (2000) DFP music
Live At The Jazz Cafe                (2000) DFP music
Live On The Isle Of Wight            (2000) DFP music
Live At Reading 2001                 (2002) DFP Music
Live At The Apollo 2003              (2004) DFP Music
Level 42 GOLD                        (2006) Universal 2CDs
Retroglide                           (2006) Universal
Living It Up                         (2010) Universal 4-CD-Box
Sirens                               (2013)
Live At London's Town & Country Club (2015) H'Art
The Complete Polydor Years           (2021) Cherry Red 10 CDs


Live at Wembley               (1987) PolyGram
Family of Five                (1988) PolyGram
Fait Accompli                 (1980) PolyGram
Level Best                    (????) PolyGram
Live On The Isle Of Wight     (2000) DFP music DVD
Live At Reading 2001          (2002) DFP Music DVD
The Collection                (2003) Universal CD+DVD
Live At The Apollo 2003       (2004) DFP Music DVD
Live at Wembley, England 1988 (2005)
At Rockpalast                 (2005) InAkustik
Love Games: In Concert        (2006)


Level 42 - A Biography
London 1990, 264 pages, 44 pics.

Level 42 Internet:

LEVEL 42 - Zeche Bochum 29.10.1983
Level 42 OfficialHomepage
Level 42
The Official Mark King WebSite
Level 42 @ - The Music of Level 42 on the Web A Carl Mueller Website
LEVEL 42 Rockpalast - Jazztage Leverkusen, Forum 04.11.2006
Level 42 Wikipedia DE
Level 42 Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert
02. Interview John Cale (alias David Lichtenstein)
03. This is not a Love Song (Public Image Ltd. - Zeche Bochum, 31.10.1983)
04. Interview Level 42


John Cale Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: With the appearance of John Cale on October 13th, this man absolutely counts amongst some of the most creative and most influential personalities in rock music. John Cale comes from Wales and was born in 1942 in Garnant. His musical career began with his studies at Goldsmithe College in London; his subjects were the viola and piano. He was considered to be gifted and received a scholarship for studies in the USA. He first became known as a member of Velvet Underground and worked with them on their first two Lps.

From 1970 on, he spent time working with the different musical spectrums and experimenting with them. In that manner, he formed a rock band, wrote an opera and produced electronic music. He worked as musician, composer, arranger and producer. Different musicians and artists like Little Feat, Patti Smith, Brien Eno, Kevin Ayers, Iggy Pop, etc., etc., sought to work together with John Cale.

In 1979, he formed his own record label and released records that were brought to the stores using their own distribution system. He works mainly with film music and now only makes sporadic live appearances. In 1983, John Cale undertook a solo tour throughout Europe and starred, amongst others, on the voting day for a Rockpalast concert in the Zeche in Bochum. There, totally in his own way, John Cale presented himself as a musician who joined his intelligence with impressive feelings with an astounding presence on-stage. His versions of 'Heartbreak Hotel' or 'Waiting for the Man' had an intensity that is rarely achieved at a live concert. John Cale will surely show these qualities also at his appearance at the Rockpalast-Festival on October 13th in the Grugahalle in Essen. This time he has a band with him that will add another dimension to his songs.

"John Cale set the finale. He has so many talents that he is constantly thinking about which ones are most important for him. Musician, songwriter, producer, composer, interpreter, actionist, cult figure - these are just some of the possible ways to describe him. We knew ahead of time that his appearance would be received differently from different people. He knew about it also on this Sunday morning, and on-stage, presented himself the way that he felt was right. - For a strong minority, John Cale's appearance on this night was the strongest. Many felt that his concert was "typical Rockpalast" and remembered in the same breath about the famous fulmoon concert from Mitch Ryder. But no one can confuse John Cale with anyone else..."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


John Cale - voc, g, piano
David Lichtenstein - drums
Andy Heermans - bass
David Young - g


01  Autobiography                              (4'30'')
02  Oh La La                                   (2'38'')
03  Evidence                                   (3'21'')
04  Magazins                                   (3'33'')
05  Model Beirut Recital                       (3'40'')
06  Streets Of Laredo                          (2'43'')
07  Dr. Mudo                                   (3'24'')
08  Leaving It Up To You                       (5'12'')
09  Caribbean Sunset                           (4'39'')
10  The Hunt                                   (3'41'')
11  Fear                                       (3'23'')
12  Heartbreak Hotel                           (2'15'')
13  Paris 1919                                 (3'30'')
14  Waiting For The Man                        (5'41'')
15  Mercenary Ready For War                    (8'45'')
16  Pablo Picasso - Love me two Times          (8'26'')
17  Close Watch                                (2'14'')


Vintage Violence                 (1970) Columbia
Church Of Anthrax                (1971) Columbia
Academy In Peril                 (1972) Reprise
Paris 1919                       (1973) WEA
Fear                             (1974) Island/Ariola 
Slow Dazzle                      (1975) Island
Helen Of Troy                    (1975) Island
Sabotage/Live                    (1979) Spy
Honi Soit                        (1981) A&M
Music For A New Society          (1982) Za/Island/Ariola
John Cale Comes Alive            (1984) Ze/Island/Ariola 
Caribbean Sunset                 (1984) ZE
Artificial Intelligence          (1985) Beggars Banque 
Words For The Dying              (1989) Opal
Wrong Way Up                     (1990) Opal
Songs For Drella                 (1990) Sire
HN                               (1990) Mango
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues      (1991) ROIR
Paris S'eveille                  (1992) Crepuscule 
Fragments Of A Rainy Season      (1992) Hannibal
23 Solo Pieces For La 
Naissance De L'Amour             (1993) Crepuscule
Walking On Locusts               (1996) RycoDisc
(Music f. Andy Warhol Film)      (1997) RTD 511.140.2
The Unknown                      (1999) Crepuscule/Rough Trade 372.1023.2
5 Tracks                         (2003) Capitol EP
HoboSapiens                      (2003) Capitol/EMI
Process                          (2005) Syntax/Cargo
Paris 1919                       (2006) Rhino/Warner 11 Bonus-Tracks
Circus Live                      (2007) EMI
The Island Years                 (2007) Universal
Gold                             (2007) Universal 2CD Collection
Live at Rockpalast               (2010) MIG Music Doppel-CD/Vinyl
Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood (2012) Domino Records
M:FANS                           (2016)

With Velvet Underground (Auswahl):
The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) MGM 2459358 White Light White Heat (1967) MGM 2353024 The Velvet Underground (1968) MGM 2325022 Live At Max's Kansas City (1970) Atlantic 30022 Squeeze (1972) Polydor 2383180 VU (1985) Verwe 823 721-1


Fragments For A Rainy Season - Live (2003) Choice-of-Music DVD
John Cale                           (2007) Warner
Live At Rockpalast                  (2010) MIG Music 

Velvet Underground:
Under Review (2006) in-akustik DVD Velvet Redux Live MCMXCIII (2006) Warner


Das John Cale Buch
Weyhe 1992 Paperback,110 Seiten, ca. 30 Abb.

Stefano Bianchi
John Cale - L' Academia in pericolo
Rom 1997 Paperback,96 Seiten, ca. 10 Abb.

Victor Bockris
What's Welsh For Zen
The Life of John Cale
London 1998, Linen, 320 pages, 25 pics

John Cale Internet:

JOHN CALE - Rockpalast Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983
John Cale official
John Cale
John Cale @ The Roundhouse
John Cale Wikipedia DE
John Cale Wikipedia EN

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CD - John Cale & Band - Live at Rockpalast - order now at Amazon!  

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Velvet Underground:

The Velvet Underground Web Page
Velvet Underground Wikipedia DE
Velvet Underground Wikipedia EN

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Pictures of the 14.Rocknight

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