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Southside Johnny Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1979: S.J.a.t. A.J. belong to the music scene of the northeast U.S., which also includes musicians and bands like Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band or The J. Geils Band, which, incidentially, gathered a lot of attention at Rockpalast in April '79. There's a close private connection between Southside Johnny and Bruce Springsteen, resulting in Bruce writing numerous songs for Johnny. Among them the wellknown "The Fever' and Hearts of Stone". The music of the Asbury Jukes is rooted firmly in the tradition of Rhythm & Blues, but a 5-piece hornsection is added to the classic R&B instrumentation. S.J. became known in Germany about 1 1/2 years ago, through a now legendary 1 1/2 week stint in Hamburg's "Onkel Poe'. Around the end of the year S.J. had a bad accident on stage, which created a major setback for the band. With a change of management and a new recording contract, they soon got a new start, which catapulted them to new heigths: shows at both festivals in Knebeworth/England in front of audiences of 80,000. The Rockpalast crew had the chance to go to one of the festivals and subsequently made the decision to invite S.J. a t A J to the upcoming rockpalast Festival. The band proved, that they belong to some of the best live bands in the U.S. Musically, they're standing pretty much on their own feet, as all of the material on their new album 'The Jukes' was written by band members - besides S.J. mainly by guitarist Billy Rusch and Bassplayer Allen Berger."


Southside Johnny - Vocals/Harm
Billy Rush - Lead-and Rythmguitar/Voc
Joel Gramolini - Rythmguitar/Voc
Allan Berger - Bass
Kevin Kavanaugh - Keyb/Voc
Steve Becker - Drums/Voc
Ed Manion - BaritonSax
Richard"La Bomba"Rosenberg - Trompone
Rick Gazda - Trumpet
Bob Muckin - Trumpet/Horn
Stan Harrison - Sax/Flute


01  All I Want Is Everything                   (5'52'')
02  Your Reply                                 (4'51'')
03  Talk To Me                                 (4'29'')
04  Livin' In The Real World                   (4'53'')
05  Security                                   (5'56'')
06  I'm So Anxious                             (2'57'')
07  The Time                                   (3'58'')
08  Trapped Again                              (4'23'')
09  Vertigo                                    (3'42'')
10  The Fever                                 (10'08'')
11  I Don't Want To Go Home                    (3'21'')
12  We Are Having A Party                      (6'54'')
13  Got To Be A Better Way Home                (3'02'')


I Dont Want To Go Home                   (1976) Epic 81515
This Time It's For Real                  (1977) Epic 81909
Hearts Of Stone                          (1978) Epic 82994
Havin' A Party                           (1979) Epic
The Jukes                                (1979) Mercury 9111 047
Love Is A Sacrifice                      (1980) Mercury 9111 081
Live - Reach Up And Touch The Sky        (1981) Mercury 6619 052
Trash It Up !                            (1983) Mirage 90120
In The Heat                              (1984) Polydor 823 747
At Least We Got Shoes                    (1986) RCA PL 71049
Slow Dance                               (1989) RCA
Better Days                              (1991) Impact
The Best Of Southside Johnny             (1992) Sony/Epic/Legacy
Jukes live At The Bottom Line            (1993) Sony/Epic
Spittin' Fire                            (1997) Musidisc 120272 Edel Contraire
Messin' With The Blues                   (2000) LEROY RECORDS
Live At The Paradise Theater             (2000) PHOENIX GEMS
Superhits                                (2001) Sony
Going To Jukesville                      (2002) Leroy Records
Missing Pieces                           (2004) Leroy Records
Into The Habour                          (2005) Leroy Records
Collections                              (2006) Sony/BMG
Jukebox                                  (2006) 4 CD Set
Grapefruit Moon - The Songs Of Tom Waits (2008) Evangeline/Soulfood
Pills And Ammo                           (2010) Soulfood	    
Soultime!                                (2016) Leroy/Import            


Having A Party - Live At The Stone Pony (1991)
In Concert - Ohne Filter                (2003) Inak DVD
Live At The Opera House - 2002          (2004) DVD
Southside Johnny At Rockpalast          (2004) Fernseh Allianz DVD


Southside Johnny Rocklife, Live Music Hall K๖ln 26.03.1992
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes official
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Southside Johnny Homepage
Southside Johnny Wikipedia EN
Southside Johnny Wikipedia DE
Eddie Manion Homepage

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Nils Lofgren Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1979: The american Nils Lofgren, of italian and swedish descent, grew up in chicago, and maryland, around the washington area. as a teenager he played in a number of bands, before he decided to start his own:'Grin'. Grin's second album, titled "1+1", released in 1972, is even today by many still seen as one of the classic rockalbums. After long, draining tours in the US Grin broke up and nils lofgren started his solo-career. having originally started as an accordeon- player, he later on changed to guitar, after seeing Jimi hendrix live in maryland, which left a deep impression on him. He was 16 at the time. In 1973 he was invited by Neil Young to join his band 'Crazy Horse'. You can hear him on Young's 'After the gold rush' album, on which he plays the right-hand piano, as well as on 'Tonight's the night'. Together with Neil Young he toured the U.S. and England. In 1975 his solo-effort 'Nils Lofgren' was released and garnered a lot of positive attention. It included for instance the title 'Keith, don't go', which was written for Keith Richards, another one of his idols, next to Jimi Hendrix.

Next to music, Nils is very heavily involved in Sports, which he also proves on stage by doing full flips with guitar from his mini trampoline. asked about it nils replies:"don't ever stop! I want the to incorporate the discipline, precision, elegance and grace of body movement into my show." Since his Rockpalst-show 3 years ago, Nils has become known in this country as well. A big European Tour followed and this year, as a special guest of 'The Who', he was able to play at 2 big festivals infront of 60,000 people each. The mainaspect of his music is now based on his guitarwork. his unique and creative soli are withot com- parison. Nevertheless, he still makes it a point to let each member of his band get the attention, they deserve.


Nils Lofgren - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Tom Lofgren - Rythm Guitar/Voc
Warnell Jones - Bass
Mike Zack - Drums
Tommy Thomas - Keyb


01  Keith Don't Go                             (5'59'')
02  A Fool Like Me                             (3'10'')
03  Beggar's Day                               (5'35'')
04  No Mercy                                   (3'46'')
05  It's Not A Crime                           (4'31'')
06  Like Rain                                  (4'45'')
07  Heart of Fire                              (2'46'')
08  Cry Tough                                  (6'14'')
09  Going Back                                 (7'11'')
10  You're So Easy                             (7'27'')
11  I Came To Dance                            (7'10'')
12  It's Over                                  (5'20'')
13  Listen to my Heart/Back It Up             (10'15'')
14  Moon Tears                                 (6'31'')
15  Soft Fun                                   (3'18'')


Grin                         (1971)  CBS Spindizzy 64272 
Grin 1+1                     (1972)  Spindizzy Z31038
Gone Crazy                   (1973)  AM SP - 4415
All Out                      (1972)  EPIC 65166 Falt out Cover 
Nilslofgren Live             (1974)  In San Fransico (Bootl.) Flat Records
Nils Lofgren                 (1975)  AM SP - 4509                
Back It Up                   (1975)  Auth. Bootleg       
Cry Tough                    (1976)  AM AMLH 64573               
Nils Lofgren+Grin            (1976)  BEST  EPIC EPC 81 544       
Nils Lofgren+Grin            (1976)  1+1 Doppel-Lp CBS 88204     
For Your Live                (1976)  Bootl. Live in Philadelph.
I Came To Dance              (1977)  AM Z 8566 XOT               
Night After Night            (1977)  DO-Lp AM 396509-1   
Nils                         (1979)  AM 11.64756 (+Live Single) 
NilS                         (1979)  AM 394 756 - 1              
Nils Lofgren+Grin            (1979)  BEST CBS EMBASSY EMB31770 
Nils Lofgren Best            (1981)  AM 393201-1         
Night Fades Away             (1981)  BACKSTREET 203672   
A Ryhthm Romance             (1982)  AMLH 68543          
Cry Though                   (1983)  FAME FA 3070        
Wonderland                   (1983)  250457-1 BSR 5421
Flip                         (1985)  ARIOLA 42 7005          
Code Of The Road             (1986)  TOW DO-LP 17        
Westwood One                 (1986)  w. NICK LOWE
Don't Walk,Rock              (1990)  CONNISEUR VSOP LP 152
Silver Lining                (1991)  ESSENTIAL ESS LP 145
Westwood One                 (1991)  w. MIDNIGHT OIL     
Westwood One                 (1991)  w. L.A.-GUNS 
Crooked Line                 (1992)  ESSENTIAL           
Live On The Test             (1996)  Windsong WHISCD 001
Acoustic Live                (1997)  Demon/Edel Contraire 934FIE
Breakaway Angel              (2002)  Hypertension
Live                         (2003)  Hypertension
Grin                         (2005)  Evangeline/Soulfood Orginal+2 Bonus Tracks
Sacred Weapon                (2006)  Hypertension/Soulfood
The Loner - Nils Sings Neil  (2008)  Hypertension/Soulfood
Old School                   (2011)
Keith Don't Go               (2013)  Live At The Town & Country Club London 1990
Hanging Tough                (2014)  inakustik  - 1977 Live Radio Broadcast            
Face The Music               (2014)  9 CD + 1 DVD
UK 2015 Face the Music Tour  (2015)
Blue With Lou                (2019)  Cattle Track Road Records
Weathered (Live)             (2020)  Cattle Track Road Records
Bonus Tracks                 (2021)  Cattle Track Road Records
Mountains                    (2023)  Cattle Track Road 

Nils Lofgren DVD/Video:

How to Play Guitar, Instructional Video (1989) Hot Licks
Live at Town and Country Club           (1991) Castle CMP  6030
Live & Raw                              (2001) Vision Music Inc.
At Rockpalast                           (2005) inakustik
Live Acoustic                           (2006) MVD/inakustik



Rockpalast NILS LOFGREN - WDR Studio-L K๖ln 18.05.1976
Rockpalast NILS LOFGREN - Live Music Hall K๖ln 25.07.1991
Nils Lofgren Web-Site
Nils Lofgren
Nils Lofgren Wikipedia EN
Nils Lofgren Wikipedia DE

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Mitch Ryder - Rock'n Roll can be agony and pain Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1979: Mitch ryder's gig at the Rockpalast was for many a nice surprise. He took a long break, until last year a new album, aptly called:'How i spent my vacation' garnered a lot of attention. Listening to the album, you can tell how fruitfull this 'vacation' must have been. The Rock'n'roll singer Mitch Ryder hails from the 'motorcity' Detroit, which also produced such names as MC5, Bob Seeger and Ted Nugent. His first band was called "Billy Lee and the Rivieras', but that was changed soon. As 'Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels' the band made Music-History. Mitch Ryder is one of the very few white singers, that understands 'R & B' to the T. On stage he is 150% energy and he also seems to have a certain influence on his large number of female fans. the music critic Lillian described him as 'sweaty, barechested, hardrock, bump-and-grind sexualty."

'Mitch Ryder's famous ugly hour'. Even with apparent good mood and planned jam-session beforehand, it looked as if this gig was about to turn into chaos. Shortly before the show a fight broke out backstage and a guitar barely missed Mitch. Even the (non-)interview with Alan Bangs was a disaster. Alan asked and Mitch asked back, totally unrelated. Suddenly mitch turned away to start talking to someone else. Alan turned him back towards the camera and Mitch asked:"have you ever seen 2 dogs fucking in the street?" By now the audience was already partially turned against him. Surprisingly, though, it came to be an incredible show. the band and the band seemed to turn their 'war' into raw energy on stage, which did not hurt their music at all. Rock'n'roll to the finest. Even I was first annoyed about Mitch until i noticed the intensity all of this brought to the songs. When i later on listened to the 'live-cuts' again, i realized, that this was one of the best Rockpalast concerts. A real 'magic night' in the history of the Rockpalast or simply 'The Blues'.

Alan Bangs to this:
'In my opinion this was one of the best shows i have ever witnessed, and as with all realy 'Great shows' it included moments, that mirrored the size of the microcosmos. One of those moments was during 'ain't nobody white'. Even now i get goosebumps thinking about it. It showed not only the tension, that excisted during the whole show between Mitch and his band, but also the one between William Levise (his real name) and his alter ego, Mitch Ryder, and, of course, not to forget the tension he had built up to his audience. 'The Blues' is not only a sympton of social, but also of personal hurt, and Mitch Ryder certainly hurt that night. Sometimes it acutally felt bad to watch it, it was almost too much. Some people later on claimed, that Mitch Ryder went too far, that he put more into this than was fair to his audience. They also later on claimed, that he made a fool of himself in front of millions of people. They got embaressed and turned away. I believe they missed out on something."
from 'Nightflights' by Alan Bangs.

A Night To Remember..... from Billy Csernits

......Detroit boys in Germany for the first talk about culture shock! We flew into Germany 1 week before the night of the concert. Our record company thought it would be a nice touch if we could get to know your country and enjoy the sights. A very nice thought, but for a fast hard hitting Rock was WAY TOOOO MUCH IDLE TIME. We were used to "pull up... hit the stage.... and move on to the next city". So after a full week in a 5 Star hotel with great food and "carte blanc" for everything from room service to message' girls, the time the night of the show came, we were a little on EDGE to say the least. To make things even more surreal, the record company said to us that afternoon at rehearsal..." well boys, we put out for you for the last its your turn to put out for had better not let us down" It was kind of like taking a girl home from the gig and the next morning she says you owe her $100.......are you getting the picture? So the band, our record execs and Rockpalast staff were waiting down in the lobby of the hotel, ready to take the tour bus over to the venue for the show......and no Mitch to be found. We call the answer......we check the hotel Mitch...things are getting more tense by the minute....THIS THING HAS TO RUN on schedule.....there are millions of people watching Southside Johnny as we are waiting. Finally the elevator doors open and here he comes........ a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and his hair looking like he had slept on it for 20 hours....all ratted up on one side...then sprayed with so much Hair Spray that it didn't move even as we went into the cool breeze of the night. I knew at that moment we were in for "A Night To Remember"
The night is pretty much documented other spots on this site...The fist fight backstage.....The drunken Pre-Interview with Alan which point 3 or 4 countries just pulled the plug on the broadcast. And I pretty much remember the set that night...... as just like most of our sets, and that was...when Mitch was "ON" there was always a spot where the music just took on a life of its own. It was not like this everynight..some nights were just plain BAD. But like anything that has very high levels there are always very low ones to go with it. But the nights were the real Mitch Ryder came to the party......were some high points of my life.
I am proud to have performed with one of the true Rock Legends of our time.
Thank you to all my German friends that I made over the years.......I miss seeing them more than anything else....... when I remember my days with Mitch.

Billy Csernits....Jan. 2001


Mitch Ryder - Vocals
Joe Gutc - Lead-Guitar
Richard Schein - Rythm-Guitar
Billy Csernits - Keyb
Mark Gougeon - Bass
Wilson Owens - Drums


01  Long Hard Road                             (5'48'')
02  War                                        (7'38'')
03  Nice 'n' Easy                              (6'46'')
04  Jenny Take A Ride                          (3'45'')
05  Ain't Nobody White                         (7'15'')
06  Devil With A Blue Dress On                 (3'28'')
07  Liberty                                    (4'54'')
08  Dance Ourselves To Death                   (7'18'')
09  Wicked Messenger                           (3'19'')
10  Rock 'n' Roll                              (6'15'')
11  Tough Kid                                  (5'14'')
12  True Love                                  (6'16'')
13  Soul Kitchen                              (11'32'')


Take A Ride                     (1966)  New Voice 2000
Breakout                        (1966)  Sundazed Records
What Now My Love                (1967)  Dynavoice
Sock It To Me                   (1967)  New Voice 2003
Mitch Ryder Sings The Hits      (1968)  New Voice
The Detroit Memphis Experiment  (1969)  Dot 25936
Detroit                         (1971)  Paramount SPFL 277
How I Spent My Vacation         (1979)  Line 4.0047
Rock'n'Roll Soul Kitchen        (1979)  Line 6.20047AE Recorded live at the Rockpalast LP
Naked But Not Dead              (1980)  Line 4.00052
We're Gonna Win                 (1980)  Line
Look Ma No Wheels               (1981)  Quality
Live Talkies                    (1981)  Line 5.00002
Never Kick A Sleeping Dog       (1983)  Mercury 812 517-1
Wheels Of Steel                 (1983)  PRT
Legendary Full Moon Concert     (1985)  Line LRMC-50.007 Rockpalast Konzert !
Red Blood White Mink            (1988)  Line 5.00030
Best Of                         (1990)  WEA/Atlantic/Rhino 70941
La Gash                         (1992)
Rite Of Passage                 (1994)  Line - mit der Ostberliner Band ENGERLING
Devil With A Blue Dress On      (1995)  Rhino
Beautiful Toulang Sunset        (1995)  Line
Got Change For A Million        (1995)  Line
Live At The Logo Hamburg        (1996)  Line
Monkey Island                   (1999)  Line with King Chubby
A Dark Caucasian Blues          (2004)  Buschfunk
Devil With Her Blue Dress Off   (2005)  Music Avenue/Soulfood
The Acquitted Idiot             (2006)  Buschfunk
You Deserve My Art              (2008)  Buschfunk
Detroit Ain't Dead Yet          (2009)  Soulfood
Air Harmonie.Live in Bonn       (2009)  Buschfunk
The Promise                     (2012)
The Anthology 1979-1994         (2012)  Repertoire	    
Live at Rockpalast              (2012)  MIG Music 3CDs
Live 2012 It's Killing Me       (2013)  Buschfunk mit Engerling
Georgia Drift                   (2022)  Buschfunk
The Roof Is On Fire             (2024)  RUF Records


Mitch Ryder At Rockpalast       (2004)  inAkustik
Live at Rockpalast              (2012)  MIG Music 2DVD


Mitch Ryder Rockpalast Burg Satzvey 27.02.2004
Mitch Ryder Rockpalast Pictue Exhibition Gronau 17.02.2006
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Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
Mitch Ryder Wikipedia DE
Mitch Ryder Wikipedia EN
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Engerling Homepage
Rockpalast Archiv Radio Sendung Mitch Ryder 2023

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