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Graham Parker Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1980: Graham Parker comes from England. He writes songs, sings, and plays acoustic guitar now and then, and has gone the usual route of second-generation rock musicians. First, he played in a school band. His first role models were the Beatles. After school, he worked at occasional jobs and went on trips that took him out to Marocco, and later, to Gibraltar. There, as a singer, he got a local group together and took the time to write his own songs and to try them out on stage.

In 1972, Graham Parker was in London again and tried, with little success, to bring his songs to other groups through a publisher. Everyone advised him to get his own band together. Through some connections, Parker came across 'The Rumour', a newly-formed band that was willing to work together with him. Parker himself was named by many as the best young English songwriter and singer.

Graham Parker's music is hard electric rhythm and blues, and reflects his musical influences. Earlier, he gladly used dense horn arrangements that effectively supported his raw voice. In his songs, he often tells stories about life and living together in the big cities. Parker's accompanying band, 'The Rumour' (who also give their own concerts and have their own recordings), has two outstanding guitarists playing for them, Brinsley Schwarz and Martin Belmont.

Especially for the concert at the Rockpalast-Nacht, the band will be reinforced with Nicky Hopkins (piano), who is flying in from the USA for this occasion. Nicky Hopkins, who has also released two solo LPs, is one of the most sought-after session musicians. You can hear him playing piano on a great number of records. Amongst others, he has played with the 'Beatles', the 'Rolling Stones', the 'Who', with Jeff Beck (he was a member of the Beck group until 1969), and with 'Quicksilver' (he was a member from 1970 till 1971).


Graham Parker - g, voc
Brinsley Schwarz - g, voc
Martin Belmont - g, voc
Stephan Göulding - dr, voc
Andrew Bodnar - b, voc
Nicky Hopkins - piano


01  Stupefaction                               (3'26'')
02  No Holding Back                            (3'17'')
03  Jolie, Jolie                               (2'53'')
04  Love Without Greed                         (3'23'')
05  Discovering Japan                          (3'26'')
06  Passion Is No Ordinary Word                (4'12'')
07  Howlin Wind                                (4'09'')
08  Thunder And Rain                           (3'02'')
09  Manouvers                                  (3'27'')
10  Don't Get Exited                           (3'41'')
11  Beating Of Another Heart                   (4'10'')
12  Empty Lives                                (5'00'')
13  Devils Sidewalk                            (3'22'')
14  Endless Night                              (4'17'')
15  Can't Get No Protection                    (4'20'')
16  Nobody Hurts You                           (3'39'')
17  Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions            (5'17'')
18  Tripe Face Boogie                          (2'46'')
19  Soul Shoes                                 (2'57'')


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Platinum Bastard                    (2007)  official Bootleg
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Carp Fishing On Valium              (2011)  Soulfood
80's Reverb Rules, OK!              (2011)  Soulfood
The Bootleg Box Vol.2               (2011)  Soulfood
Graham Parker at Rockpalast         (2012)  MIG Music 2CD            
Mystery Glue                        (2015)  Universal  
Cloud Symbols                       (2018)          


Graham Parker Live                  (????) Polygram CMV 1025
Graham Parker at Rockpalast         (2005) Inakustik DVD
Graham Parker at Rockpalast         (2012) MIG Music 2DVD


Squeezing Out Sparks
Graham Parker
Graham Parker
Graham Parker Wikipedia EN
Graham Parker Wikipedia DE

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Wiederveröffentlichung 2012
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Interview Graham Parker


Sting Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1980: The Police is THE success story of recent years. Those that like to make things easier for themselves and keep files where groups can be easily organized, categorize the music from The Police simply as 'New Wave'. But the three musicians and this music prove that these classifications can be nothing more than meaningless headings. Andy Summers, the group's guitarist, brings many years of musical experience to the group. In the '60s, he was a member of 'Zoot Money's Big Roll Band', which changed it's name to 'Dantalionis Chariot' during the psychedelic times. Afterwards, he changed over to playing with Eric Burdon, and later with Kevin Ayers, Kevin Coyne and numerous other musicians. Steward Copeland was the drummer in Curved Air earlier. Sting, bass player and singer of the group, was formerly a teacher and was discovered by Steward Copeland's brother Miles. The music of the group brought together all the important musical developments of the late '70s. Sting's high and clear voice and the almost blind understanding of the three musicians for each other are characteristic of the group.

Sting's first appearance confused the English music press whom, for a long time already, had difficulty in classifying their music. The breakthrough in England (which already took place in all of Europe) came after their self-organized tour on the USA east coast and the significant success of their single 'Roxanne', which made the charts there. In order to be able to appear at the Rockpalast-Nacht, The Police had to postpone an American tour.

"There was the possibility of having The Police in that night. We had just had a concert with them in the Hamburger Markthall, which went very well. After a gig in Düsseldorf, the first Rockpalast concert was cancelled. Andy Summers said to us back then: "We needed a long time to get us together. But now we are legendary and you are legendary. So it's easier now." The Police had already experienced a lot..
But the reaction of the audience in the Grugahalle outdid everything that had been there until now. After the concert in the Rockpalast Nacht, Sting walked around backstage and kept muttering: "It's unbelievable!" At the end, he even could have sung the telephone book from the beginning to the end, thanks to the resonance he got back from the crowd. Needless to say, the group sang all their hits and the Grugahalle sang along with him. Some of the camera shots showed a moving sea of amazement. For the first time, the concert with Police decided the BBC to at least partly air a Rockpalast Nacht."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Steward Copeland - drums, voc
Andy Summers - g, voc
Sting - b, voc


01  Voices Inside My Head                      (1'50'')
02  Don't Stand So Close To Me                 (5'25'')
03  Walking On The Moon                        (5'15'')
04  Deathwish                                  (4'15'')
05  Fall Out                                   (2'20'')
06  Man In A Suitcase                          (1'57'')
07  Bring On The Night                         (5'43'')
08  De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da                   (4'34'')
09  Truth Hits Everybody                       (2'20'')
10  Shadows In The Rain                        (4'40'')
11  When The World Is Running Down             (4'14'')
12  The Bed's Is Too Big Without You           (7'28'')
13  Driven To Tears                            (3'28'')
14  Message In A Bottle                        (4'14'')
15  Roxanne                                    (5'55'')
16  Can't Stand Losing You                     (6'41'')
17  Next To You                                (2'10'')
18  So Lonely                                  (3'06'')


Outlandos D'Amour                          (1979) A&M 68502
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The Very Best Of Sting & The Police        (2002) A&M
Message In A Box - The Complete Recordings (2006) earBOOKS/Universal 4CDs Hardcover 120 pages
The Police                                 (2007) A&M
Every Move You Make - Studio Recordings    (2018) Universal Ltd. 6LP Deluxe Box
Around The World Restored Expanded         (2022) Universal

The Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985) A&M Bring on the Night (1986) A&M Nothing Like the Sun (1987) A&M Nada Como el Sol ... (1988) A&M Peter and the Wolf (1991) Deutsche Grammophon The Soul Cages (1991) A&M Live in Newcastle (1991) Alex Ten Summoner's Tales (1993) A&M Mercury Falling (1996) A&M Brand New Day (1999) A&M ....All This Time (2001) Interscope/Motor/Universal 493156-2 Sacred Love (2003) Universal also SACD My Funny Valentine- At The Movies (2005) A&M Songs From The Labyrinth (2006) Deutsche Grammophon If On A Winter's Night (2009) Deutsche Grammophon Symphonicities (2010) Deutsche Grammophon Symphonicity +3 (2010) Ltd. Edition Incl. 3 Bonus-Tracks + DVD Live in Berlin (2010) DG/Universal CD+DVD The Best Of 25 Years (2011) Universal Box Set 3CD+DVD+Book The Last Ship (2013) Universal 57th & 9th (2016) Universal Duets (2021) Universal The Bridge (2022) Universal
Stewart Copeland: Police Deranged for Orchestra (2023)


Synchronicity                           (1983) Pioneer
Every Breath                            (1986) Pioneer
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Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out  (2006) Universal DVD
Greatest Video Hits                     (2007) Repackage of 1992 Greatest Hits video
Certifiable                             (2008) Universal DVD+CD
Everyone Stares - The Police Inside Out (2019) Universal

Sting - Bring on the Night              (1986) A&M
Sting - Unplugged                       (1992) A&M
Sting - The Videos                      (1991) A&M
Sting - Brand New Day Tour              (2000) A&M DVD/Video
Sting - All This Time - Live In Italy   (2001) A&M DVD/Video
Sting - Inside The Songs Of Sacred Love (2003) Universal DVD
The Last Ship Live At The Public Theater(2014) A&M/Universal
Live At The Olympia Paris               (2017) Eagle


Chris Welch
The Police & Sting
The Complete Guide to the Music
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London 1996 Leinen, 322 Seiten, ca. 32 Abb.

Sting: Message In A Book
Martin Scholz
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Police and Sting Internet:

THE POLICE - Markthalle Hamburg 11.01.1980
Sting official
Andy Sommers Online
Stewart Copeland
Outofprint - Sting
The Police Wikipedia DE
The Police Wikipedia EN
Sting Wikipedia DE
Andy Summers Wikipedia DE
Stewart Copeland Wikipedia DE

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Sting - Live At The Olympia Paris (DVD) - order at Amazon !


Interview Jack Bruce and friends


In memory of Jack Bruce  1943 - 2014 R.I.P.


Jack Bruce Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1980: Jack Bruce was born in Scotland on May 14th, 1943; today, he is 37 years old and has been one of the best-known names in rock music since more than ten years. Early musical influences were Scottish folk music, jazz and Johann Sebastian Bach. At 17, he received a scholarship for studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music. In the '60s, he played in the best English rhythm and blues bands, such as, 'Graham Bond Organization', John Mayall's ' Bluesbreakers' and 'Manfred Mann'.

With Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, he formed Cream (1967-1969) and was the frontman. In the improvisations and duettes with Clapton, Jack Bruce developed the E-bass into a solo instrument. At Cream's end, in 1969, Bruce released a highly- praised solo LP with the titel 'Songs for a Tailor'. Afterwards, he worked together with many big-name rock and jazz musicians, like John McLaughlin, Dick Heckstall- Smith, Jon Hiseman, Tony Williams, Larry Corryell, Mike Mandel, and the ex- drummer for Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell. Together with Clara Bley and Paul Haines, he made the important jazz-rock album 'Escalator over the Hill'. Afterwards, he played in the American line-up of Cream with West, Bruce and Laing (1972-1973). Leslie West and Corkey Laing were earlier members of the group Mountain, which was itself a Cream line-up. A short-lived association with the jazz pianist, Carla Bley, and the ex-Stones guitarist, Mick Taylor, ensued.

In the Rockpalast-Nacht, Bruce appeared with a group that was simply called, Jack Bruce and Friends. Once again, there are well-known names:
Clem Clempson, guitar, known through his work with 'Colosseum' and 'Humble Pie'.Currently, Clempson plays many sessions in England and was at Roger Chapman's Shortlist for a while.
Billy Cobham, drums, in the world rankings of jazz/rock drummers; he played with Miles Davis, amongst others, and was an important member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
David Sancious, keyboard and guitar, was a member of Bruce Springsteen's first 'E- Street Band. He learned to play the guitar as his second instrument after he heard 'Are you Experienced' from Jimi Hendrix, and records from Cream. Sancious is a very busy session musician in New York. For a little while, he also had his own band. Jack Bruce and Friends, in this present line-up, have been playing together since the beginning of 1980.
The staff invited them to play at the ROCKPALAST-Nacht after seeing them give an outstanding concert in the New Yorker Bottom Line in March, 1980. An album from Jack Bruce and Friends will be showing up soon at CBS.

"The skepticism and distance towards Jack Bruce loosened up more and more after working together. We got to know an intelligent and pleasant person that did not at all go along with his rather gloomy image. It was a surprise for many when they made their appearance on-stage at the end of the 7th Rocknacht in the Grugahalle. Not just simply played rock music - the rhythms were more complicated and the musical concept was more difficult. In spite of that, it was skin-deep. It was a fascinating experience for us to see what moved four equally talented musicians on the stage. -David Sancious also proved to be an outstanding guitarist in concert. Jimi Hendrix inspired him to play this instrument."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

Jack Bruce was a guest at the Rockpalast (Rocklife) three more times, in 1983, 1990 and 1993. He celebrated his 50th birthday at the 1993 Rockpalast with many guest musicians, such as Gary Moore, who took over the guitar part with Cream songs.


Jack Bruce - b, voc
Clem Clempson - g
Billy Cobham - dr
David Sancious - keyb, g


01  White Room                                 (5'32'')
02  Post War                                   (7'25'')
03  Hit And Run                                (4'15'')
04  Running Back                               (3'57'')
05  Facelift 318                               (4'04'')
06  Theme For An Imaginary Western             (4'54'')
07  X Marks The Spot                           (7'18'')
08  Dancing On Air                             (8'21'')
09  Out To Lunch                               (5'34'')
10  Living Without You                         (3'19'')
11  Politican                                  (6'47'')
12  Bird Alone                                (12'03'')
13  Sunshine Of Your Love                      (7'35'')
14  NSU                                        (3'20'')
15  Spoonfull  (*)                             (7'38'')

(*) with Graham Parker and Brinsley Schwarz


Fresh Cream                               (1966)  Polydor 623031
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Those Were the Days                       (1997)  Polydor
I Feel Free - Ultimate Cream              (2005)
Gold                                      (2005)
Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6 2005 (2005)  Reprise/Warner

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Jack Bruce and the Cuicoland Express Live At The Milkyway (2011) EMI
Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band Live 2012 (2012) Soulfood
Sunshine of Your Love-a Concert for Jack Bruce (2019) Mig/Indigo Box-Set, CD+DVD


Cream - Farewell Concert            (2001) DVD
Jack Bruce & Friends - Live         (2003) CPE
Live At Canterbury Fayre            (2003) Classic Rock Productions DVD
Cream - Strange Brew                (2003) DVD
Cream - The DVD                     (2005) DVD
Cream - Inside 1966-1969            (2005) DVD
Cream - Royal Albert Hall           (2005) 2 DVDs
At Rockpalast                       (2005) Inakustik DVD
Live At Rockpalast 1980, 1983, 1990 (2019) Mig/Indigo 5CD+2DVD Box


Jack Bruce!
Peter Bkusic und Friedrich-Wilhelm Meyer, 2015, Jazzwerkstatt Herausgeber: Ulli Blöbel
192 Seiten + CD ISBN 978-3-98148-527-1

Jack Bruce Internet:

Jack Bruce Rockpalast Concerts 1983, 1990, 1993
Jack Bruce beim Jimi Hendrix Konzert Rockpalast 1991
Jack Bruce official Website
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Billy Cobham Internet:
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Billy Cobham Wikipedia DE
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Clem Clempson Internet:
Clem Clempson Colosseum - Rockpalast 1994
Clem Clempson Wikipedia DE Clem Clempson

David Sancious Internet:
David Sancious official

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