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Video/Audio Inquiries

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any video or audio recordings from Rockpalast concerts.

Neither WDR nor the archivists are allowed to give out recordings.

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Rerun, rebroadcasts

Please contact Rockpalast Info-Line office for rerun inquiries:
by E-Mail to

For the first seven Rocknights (1977 - 1980), WDR has no, or only temporary copyrights. Starting with the Rockpalast Festival with the Who and the Grateful Dead in March, 1981, all the concerts can generally be reproduced without limits.

Peter Rüchel is trying to get back the rights whenever possible, and has of course been successful with a number of artists and their respective managements. A terrific amount of time is, needless to say, necessary. It doesn't look so good for the Police, Peter Gabriel, Patti Smith and also Prince. Like us, please be understanding. Whatever can be repeated will be repeated and/or published on DVD. Promise!

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