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3. Open Air Festival Loreley 25.08.1984

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Peter Rüchel announced the bands and moderated with Ken Janz. Where is Alan Bangs ? (german)


Greg Kihn WDR text 1984: Greg Kihn and his band have made a name for themselves internationally in the last 2 years. A re-make of the oldie "Sheila" and a follow-up with his own composition, "Jeopardy", were Top 5 hits in the USA. These songs were also amongst the most played songs on German radio. Greg Kihn comes from Baltimore and moved to SanFrancisco in the early '70s. In 1976, he formed his first band and met Matthew King Kaufmann, who was at that time forming his own production company and record label. His aim was: to be small, manageable, mobil, with only a few select clients, but to give these few top service; Kihn had similar ideas for his band. Kaufmann formed the label "Beserkley". Kihn published his first LP, played at many concerts with his band in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had soon made a name for himself, and till today, has not changed much. Greg Kihn and his band (whose line-up has not changed much since the beginning) have enjoyed their work. The hits were inevitable and exciting for them. Greg Kihn played his music, without compromise, for six years; he just goes on. In the meantime, the band is successfully touring the USA and is receiving good write-ups for their Lps and Singles. He has not been in Europe often, until now. One of his rare appearances was at the Rockpalast, in 1978, with many encores with a captive audience. A similar reaction may be expected when the Greg Kihn Band opens the 8-hour show.

Greg Kihn came all the way from San Francisco just for this appearance. He thought that it was nice to fly to Europe for one weekend, just to play. "I think it's a privilege to be a rock and roll singer," he said. His audition ended with the remark: "l hope we passed the audition". Greg Kihn allowed himself, like many others, to be mesmerized from the magic of the Loreley. lt reminded him of the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives."
From '10 Jahre Rockpalast.'


Greg Kihn - voc, guit
Greg Douglass - guit
Steve Wright - bass, voc
Larry Lynch - drums
Gary Phillips - keyb, voc, guit


01  Stand Together                             (5'00'')
02  Worst That Could Happen                    (4'11'') 
03  Confrontation Music                        (6'43'')
04  Fascination                                (3'32'')
05  Tear That City Down                        (4'03'')
06  Rock                                       (5'27'')
07  Cheri Baby                                 (4'41'')
08  Break Up Song                              (4'57'')
09  Can't Stop Hurting Myself                  (4'34'')
10  Reunited                                   (4'02'')
11  Jeopardy                                   (5'31'')
12  Twist And Shout                            (6'40'')


Greg Kihn              (1976) Berserkey/Line 400469
Greg Kihn Again        (1977) Berserkey/Line 400472
Next Of Kihn           (1978) Berserkey/Line 400479
With A Naked Eye       (1979) Berserkey/Line 400482
Glass House Rock       (1980) Berserkey/Line 400487
Rockihnroll            (1981) Berserkey/Line 400498
Kihntiniued            (1982) Berserkey/Line 400510
Kihnspiracy            (1983) Berserkey/Line 400502
Kihntagious            (1984) EMI 1 A 064 24D 1711
Citizen Kihn           (1985) EMI 064-2403031
Love And Rock And Roll (1986) EMI 064-2405271
Greg Kihn Band (S)            WEA 960314 - 1 
Horror Show            (1996) Clean Cuts/Inak CCD 716
King Bisquit Flower 
Hour Presents G.Kihn   (1996)
Kihn Family Christmas  (2012)            


GREG KIHN Rockpalast - Audimax Hamburg 14.03.1978
Greg Kihn Homepage
Greg Kihn
Greg Kihn Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Peter Rüchel
02. Helicopter pictures from the river Rhein
03. Moderation Peter Rüchel
04. Interview Greg Khin


Paul Brady Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Paul Brady comes from Strabens, lreland. Although he has only published records and done concerts for a little over two years, he can already look back upon a fifteenyear musical career. As with almost all other lrish musicians, Paul Brady's career began in different folk- and showbands, which played either traditional lrish, or copied American country and western music. As a professional with various bands in the 70s, Paul Brady wrote and performed his first songs, with these bands. His last band in lreland was "Planxty", one of the best lrish bands at that time. This group was successful for many years playing a fusion of traditional Irish music and electric instruments. In 1974, he went with Planxty to London. After the break-up of this group, he appeared solo and in small line-ups. In 1978, he adapted lyrics of the Irish poet, Sean O'Casey, as a record. As of 1980, he considered his songs rock and roll and accordingly made records. For the first time, in 1983, he toured with his own electric band and successfully played at the Rockpalast-week in the Hamburger Markthalle. Onstage, he fascinated audiences with songs telling of personal observations and experiences. For example, the song "Nothing but the same old story", he tells of work experiences in a world where nothing is at it seems. At the Loreley RP-Festival, he will be bringing his band, including some famous musicians, for example, Terry Williams, well-known drummer for Man, Rockpile and Dire Straits, or Kenny Craddock, formerly a member of Van Morrisons Band that appeared at the Rockpalast.

Paul Brady was hardly seen in the days before the concert. When questioned, he would answer that he had to save his strength for his appearance. During the concert he said: "Nothing but the same old story.' How far you have to go to prove yourself as a musician, how often you have to play the clown, how often you have to near the limits of self-denial. Shortly before his concert, he was concentration personified. But he didn't want to think about that in order not to jeopardize his creativity".
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Paul Brady - voc, guit, piano
Phil Pelmer - guit
Ian Maidmen - bass
Kanny Craddock - keyb
Terry Williams - drums


01  Hard Station                               (5'22'')
02  Not The Only One                           (5'37'')
03  Take My Away                               (6'54'')
04  The Road To The Promised Land              (5'46'')
05  Dancer In The Fire                         (6'42'')
06  Dance The Romance                          (6'19'')
07  The Great Pretender                        (5'07'')
08  Crazy Dreams                               (5'40'')
09  Nothing But The Same Old Story             (5'56'')
10  Steel Claw                                 (4'28'')
11  Busted Loose                               (4'27'')


High Part Of The Road        (1977) Shanachie
Hard Station                 (1983) Deutsche Grammophon (Polydor) 2311167 
Full Moon                    (1984) Demon
True For You                 (1986) DeutscheGrammophon(Polydor)813751-1 
Back To The Centre           (1986) Mercury
Trick Or Treat               (1990) Fontana
Soul Child                   (1991) Mercury
Welcome Here Kind Stranger   (1991) Green Linnet
Songs And Crazy Dreams       (1992) PolyGram
Spirits Colliding            (1995) Mercury
The Best Of Paul Brady 
1970's-1990's                (1999) Rykodisc RCD 10491
Oh What A World              (2000) Ryko
The Liberty Tapes            (2002) Compass
Songbook                     (2003) Sony
Say What You Feel            (2005)
Hooba Dooba                  (2010) Rough Trade			
Dancer In The Fire           (2012) Rough Trade 2CD A Anthology            
Live at Rockpalast           (2015) Repertoire CD+DVD
Unfinished Business          (2017)
Maybe So                     (2022) Proper


Echoes and Extracts          (19??) Video
The Paul Brady Songbook      (2002) DVD
Live at Rockpalast           (2015) Repertoire CD+DVD


Paul Brady Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 08.12.1983
Paul Brady Homepage
Paul Brady
Paul Brady Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Peter Rüchel and Ken Janz
02. Good to be there (Chalice - Philipshalle Düsseldorf, 01.06.1984)
03. Interview Paul Brady


In memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan 3.10.1954 - 27.08.1990 R.I.P.


Stevie Ray Vaughan Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Stevie Ray Vaughan plays guitar, is a Texan and is totally immersed in the Blues. This should normally be enough information about the 30-year old musician, whom in the last 18 months earned himself the titel " the greatest guitarist since Jimi Hendrix", jamming in bars in Austin. He was born in 1954 in Dallas. As a thirteen-year old, he was introduced to playing the guitar by his brother Jimmy, who made a name for himself as a guitarist for the "Fabulous Thunderbirds". Stevie studied the Blues directly from records and listening to the radio, playing in clubs while still in school. "I jumped at every opportunity to play, even on the smallest stages. That's the only way to learn." After quitting school, Stevie played with different groups, most of which he quickly left because of differences of opinion in regards to the direction of the music. In 1978, he formed his own group Double Trouble" , with bassist Tommy Shannon and the drummer Chris Layton. The trio played every show that they could find in Texas and it's surroundings. He became internationally known because of invitations by some famous people. Producer Jerry Wexler saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble live and managed to get him an appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival . There, Jackson Browne saw the group and spontaneously offered them his studio for recording. Their big break on the east coast came about after an appearance at an internal Rolling Stones party in New York. On top of all this , he also got to know David Bowie, for whom Vaughan played for in Let's Dance' , and, most important for him, the meeting with John Hammond, Sr., a legendary producer and talent scout who helped Dylan and Springsteen to get started. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble were there. In 1983, the band undertook a quickly puttogether world tour which gave them only positive criticism. It was obvious that they were professionals on-stage, competently presenting a well-put-together mixture of standards and their own pieces from a large repertoire of electric Blues and Rhythm and Blues . In 1984, Stevie Ray Vaughan had won more titels as "best guitar player" and lots of self-confidence. He is happy about his appearance at the Loreley Rockpalast Festival.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's successes were enormous. He became one of the most popular Blues and Rock guitar players in the world. On 27.08.1990, after a concert with Eric Clapton, amongst others, his life came to an abrupt end because of a helicopter crash.

"Stevie Ray Vaughan had to interrupt his practice sessions often. The wasps onstage were to blame. He told about how as a child he was once stung by a Texan wasp, which were naturally three times as big as the European wasps, and almost died. Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom had great success in America with his music, against the latest trends, had no reservations about who his greatest idol was: Jimi Hendrix."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Stevie Ray Vaughan - guit, voc
Tommy Shannon - bass
Chris Leyton - drums


01  Scuttle Buttin                             (2'19'')
02  Testify                                    (3'49'')
03  Voodoo Chile                              (10'49'')
04  The Things That I Used To Do               (5'18'')
05  Honey Bee                                  (2'33'')
06  Love Struck Baby                           (2'58'')
07  Cold Shot                                  (4'00'')
08  Couldn't Stand The Weather                 (4'48'')
09  Tin Pin Alley                             (12'25'')
10  Pride And Joy                              (4'15'')
11  Texas Flood                                (8'15'')
12  Little Wing                                (6'30'')
13  Third Stone From The Sun                   (6'56'')


Texas Flood                       (1983) CBS EPC 25 534
Couldn't Stand The Weather        (1984) CBS EPC 25 940
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Live Alive                        (1986) Epic EGK/EGT 40511
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The Sky Is Crying                 (1991) Epic EK/ET 47390
In The Beginning                  (1992) Epic EK/ET 53168
Sacred Sources 1, Live Forever    (1993) Cohiba 697 124 004-4
Greatest Hits                     (1995) Epic EK/ET 66217
House Is Rocking                  (1995) Epic
Live From Carnegie Hall           (1997) Epic/Sony Music 488206 2
In Session (w. Albert King)       (1999) Stax/ZYX
Live At Montreux 1982+1985        (2001) Epic 2CD
The Essentiell Stevie Ray Vaughan (2003) Epic/Sony 510019-2
Solos,Sessions & Encores          (2008) Sony/BMG
S.R.Vaughan                       (2012) Sony 3CD+DVD						
The King's Head                   (2014) in-akustik
Happy New Year Blues              (2016) in-akustik


Live From Austin, Texas           (2003) Sony DVD
Live At The El Mocambo            (2003) SMV DVD
A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan   (2003) Sony Various Artists DVD
Live At Montreux 1982+1985        (2004) Sony DVD
Pride And Joy                     (2008) Sony/BMG


Jon Patoski / Nick Coleman
Stevie Ray Vaughan A Biography
New York 1993 Paperback,312 pages, ca. 40 pics

Guitar World
Stevie Ray Vaughan
London 1998 Paperback,138 pages, ca. 20 pics

Keri Leigh
Stevie Ray
Dallas 1993, Paperback, Discography, Intro from B.B.King, 150 pages, 150 pics

Craig Hopkins
Steve Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night - His Final Years, 1983-1990
2012, Backbeat Books, ISBN 978-1-61774-022-0, 340 p. engl.


Stevie Ray Vaughan official
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Austin
Pride and Joy - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Archive
14th Annual SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert
Vince's SRV Page - A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan Wikipedia EN
Stevie Ray Vaughan Wikipedia DE
Tommy Shannon Official Website

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01. Moderation Peter Rüchel & Ken Janz
02. Bryan Adams - Lonely Nights (13. Rockpalast Nacht 15.-16.Oktober 1983)
03. Interview Stevie Ray Vaughan
04. Elvis Costello - Every Day I Write A Book (13. Rockpalast Nacht 15.-16.Oktober 1983)


The Alarm Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: The Alarm has made the three terms conviction, sincerity and a belief in a better world a theme in their music. There weren't many of these types of bands in 1984; The Alarm doesn't believe in posing and take live concerts as seriously as records and videos. The group formed in 1981, after Mike Peters, Eddie MacDonald, Dave Sharp and Nigel Twist left various other unsuccessful bands and decided to base their band on music, content and appearance. The four lived in Rhyl, in Wales, and knew each other from school days. The Alarm's goal was to write pieces based on political and social wrongs and to get the public to do something about it. Mike Peters, who writes most lyrics for The Alarm, says to that: "There are certain things in daily living under which many people - also many young people - suffer. We are also affected and don't want to belong to the type of musicians that give concerts in the evenings as if there was nothing wrong. We voice ourselves and the reactions from the audience from songs like 'Marching on', '68 Guns', or 'Where were you hiding when the storm broke?', show us that what we're doing is right". Since 1981, The Alarm has been almost constantly on tour. In the beginning, they opened for various established bands (i.e., U2) - today, they are the attraction. In early 1984, The Alarm was in the USA for three months, where many critics predicted that they would land at the top in a short time.

In May of 1984, The Alarm gave a concert for the Rockpalast in the Hamburger Markthalle. The group presented itself in sync with each other also at this appearance. From the first minute, The Alarm met the audience with energy and enjoyed playing. Some parts of the appearance were accoustic. The three frontmen, Mike Peters, Dave Sherp and Eddie MacDonald, alternate amongst themselves as main singers. In their 90-minute concert, The Alarm builds up excitement that offers everything that's necessary: good rock and roll for the head and the gut.


Mike Peters - voc, harp, guit, bass
Dave Sharp - voc, guit
Eddie MacOnneld - voc, guit, bass
Nigel Twist - voc, drums


01  (INTRO)                                    (1'30'')
02  Maching On                                 (5'49'')
03  Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke (3'37'')
04  Third Light                                (4'30'')
05  Across The Border                          (3'18'')
06  Shout To The Devil                         (4'00'')
07  Reason 41                                  (4'44'')
08  What Kind Of Hell                          (2'59'')
09  The Deceiver                               (3'32'')
10  Blaze Of Glory                             (5'42'')
11  Unbreak The Promise                        (2'06'')
12  One Step Closer To Home                    (3'31'')
13  Howling Wind                               (6'12'')
14  The Stand                                  (7'31'')
15  68 Guns                                    (6'19'')
16  Bond For Glory                             (3'19'')
17  Knocking On Heaven's Door                  (4'31'')


Spirit Of '86  (1986) IRS
Standards      (1990) IRS


The Alarm                           (1983) IRS 25573
Declaration                         (1984) IRS 25887
Strength                            (1985) IRS 26673
Eye Of The Hurricane                (1987) IRS DMIRL 1506
Electric Folklore: Live             (1988) IRS
Newid                               (1989) IRS
Change                              (1989) IRS 241029
Raw                                 (1990) IRS 7130872
Standards (S)                       (1990) IRS CD 1043
Best Of The Alarm & Mike Peters     (1998) EMI
In The Poppy Fields                 (2004) Snapper/SPV
Under Attack                        (2006) EMI
Live in the Poppy Fields            (2007) SPV [CD+DVD]
Guerilla Tactics                    (2008) Twenty First Century                        
Direct Action                       (2010)
Equals                              (2018) Concord Bicycle Music            
Sigma                               (2019) Twenty First Century	    
Forwards                            (2023) Rough Trade


THE ALARM - Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 09.05.1984
Official Mike Peters & The Alarm Home Page
Dave Sharp
The Alarm Homepage
The Alarm Wikipedia EN
The Alarm Wikipedia DE

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01. Moderation Peter Rüchel & Ken Janz
02. Interview Little Steven
03. Nordcap Video
04. Interview The Alarm


Little Steven Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1984: Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul will headline the ending of the Rockpalast Festivals of 1984 at the Loreley. The Rockpalast audience will well remember this band's appearance at the 11.Rockpalast - Festival in the Grugahalle, in Essen, in the fall of 1982. Back then, the Disciples of Soul were new and played their first public concert and captivated the public with brass and guitar-oriented Rhythm and Blues.

Today, Little Steven is 34 years old; he was born in Boston as Steven van Zandt. Since the mid '60s, he has belonged to the established musician scene from New York and New Jersey, whom pursue the Tradition of streetsongs from the late '50s. This included arrangements with a broader use of instruments, such as, flute, chime, and drums (that sound like kettledrums); songs that first really develop at night, around 3 a.m., when you let loose as loudly as you can against a background of skyscrapers. Their belief is that you have a chance in life when friends stick together, in spite of adverse conditions. These are also the themes of many songs from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. The appearance of the group reminds one of a group of pirates that leave no doubt that they will achieve their goal. Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul's performance will show Steven van Zandt, in the meantime, also as a musician that has found himself. As lyricist, composer, manager, arranger and producer, he has worked with The Drifters, Gary U.S. Bonde, Southside Johnny and Bruce Springsteen, amongst others. Now, he is doing his own thing, which, for a musician from the USA is very uncommon. He has his own firm conception of today's realities, and clearly articulates his points of view. Nowadays, he plays with his Discipies of Soul the music that best expresses his style: pure rock and roll, nowadays without the brass section.

"Little Steven and his Disciples of Soul have changed their style: They came without the brass section and now play more compactly and more modern. Steve has spent lots of time in Europe and has realized that it is important for an American to not only see your own point of view. At this time, he also had opportunities to see his homeland from another vantage point. With "Voice of America", he began his second Rockpalast concert and expressed what it means to him with "Solidarity".
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Little Steven (Steven van Zandt) - guit, voc
Jean Beauvoir - guit, voc
Dino Danalli - drums
Gary Tibbe - bass, voc
David Rosenthal - keyb


01  Voice Of America                           (5'05'')
02  Justice                                    (4'26'')
03  Save Me                                    (5'04'')
04  Fear                                       (4'36'')
05  Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire                     (3'46'')
06  I'm A Patriot                              (5'20'')
07  Solidarity                                 (5'10'')
08  Under The Gun                              (6'30'')
09  Checkpoint Charlie                         (5'43'')
10  Los Desaparecidos                          (7'59'')
11  Out Of The Darkness                        (4'15'')
12  Undefeated                                 (4'04'')
13  Men Without Women                          (5'57'')
14  Forever                                    (3'51'')
15  Princess Of Little Italy                   (6'00'')
16 Angel Eyes                                  (4'56'')


Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes (selected):
I Don't Want To Go Home (1976) EPIC/CBS EPC 81515 This Time It's For Real (1977) EPIC/CBS EPC 81909 Hearts Of Stone (1978) EPIC/CBS EPC 82994
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul:
Trail Of Broken Treaties (1979) Manhattan Disciples Of Soul (1982) EMI Men Without Women (1982) EMI - 1A 064-400 135 Voice Of America (1984) EMI 064-2401511 Freedom - No Compromise (1987) Manhatten 064-2407311 Revolution (1989) RCA Born Again Savage (1999) Renegade Nation/edel Contraire 199 LSC Greatest Hits (1999) Soulfire (2017) Universal Soulfire Live! (2018) Universal 3CD Summer of Sorcery (2019) Wicked Cool Voice Of America (2020) Universal Reissue + DVD Rockpalast Loreley 1984 Summer of Sorcery Live! (2021) Universal 3CD (At The Beacon Theater)
Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City (1985) Manhatten 064-2404671
Mit Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes: (selected)
I Don't Want To Go Home (1976) EPIC/CBS EPC 81515 This Time It's For Real (1977) EPIC/CBS EPC 81909 Hearts Of Stone (1978) EPIC/CBS EPC 82994
Mit Bruce Springsteen: (selected)
Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) Columbia The River (1980) Columbia Born in the U.S.A. (1984) Columbia Live 1975-1985 (1986) Columbia


At Rockpalast                (2005) Inakustik
At Full House Rock Show      (2006) Inakustik


Soulfire! Meine Rock'n'Roll Odyssee
von Stevie Van Zandt (Autor) 2021
Herausgeber:Hannibal Verlag; 1. Edition (4. Oktober 2021)
Sprache : Deutsch Broschiert: 528 Seiten ISBN-10:3854457154 ISBN-13 : 978-3854457152


Little Steven official Homepage
Little Steven´s Underground Garage
Little Steven Underground Garage
Little Steven Wikipedia DE
Little Steven Wikipedia EN
Jean Beauvoir official
Little Steven 11.Rockpalast Rocknacht
Little Steven as Guest with Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes Rocklife 1992
Crown of Thorns (J.Beauvoir) Loreley 1996
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Bruce Springsteen

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 MP3 - Peter Rüchel introduce Little Steven

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