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11. Rockpalast Night 16.-17 October 1982

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Little Steven WDR text 1982: A rock band with a brass section in the tradition of rhythm and blues, especially the soul music of the '60s. Behind 'Little Steven' is no other than Miami Steve van Zandt, guitarist in Bruce Springsteens E-Street Band of past years and the present. Since Bruce was recording a solo acoustic album, the E-Street Band had some free time. Miami Steve used this time to play and to record some material with his own band. The result is now exclusively to be heard at the Rockpalast-Nacht. Steve van Zandt received the nickname 'Miami' because he hates winter and loves areas where the sun shines. He belongs to the New Jersey music scene; the focal point was the Upstage Club in Asbury Park. In the late '60s, young musicians, such as Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Garry Tallent, Vini 'Mad Dog' Lopez, Danny Federici, Clarence Clemons (the last four named were later 'E-Streeters'), as well as all the bands that used to play all the 'Top 40 Clubs' up and down the coast, would meet there. The Club was open till five o'clock in the morning and one had the possibility to just get on stage and play whatever one felt like with different band members. Miami Steve was also there.

He played bass in an earlier Springsteen band called Steel Mill; later on, he also took part in starting up the first known 'Bruce Springsteen Band'. They had a line-up of ten musicians, with brass, but only played two concerts because there weren't enough job possibilities for such a big band. In order to survive, everyone except Bruce had side-jobs. For a while, Miami Steve earned money working an air-hammer for a road construction company.

In order to pay off some bills, he went on tour with the Dovells, a band from Philadelphia that had had some hits in the early '60s ('You Can't Sit Down' and 'The Bristol Stomp'). He also got 'on the road' experience with another 'oldie': Dion (Dimucci), New Yorker (from the Bronx) of Italian heritage. At the end of the '50s, Dion and the Belmonts had a pair of superhits ('A Teenager in Love', 'Where or When'), and in the early '70s, Dion was attempting his third comeback.
The mutual roots in soul music of the 60's was easily heard in the cooperative work of Miami Steve van Zandt and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. The two of them appeared at a Rockpalast Nacht once before. Miami Steve produced the first three albums of this group, wrote many songs for it ('I don't want to go home', i.e.) and played in the band.

He got together again with Bruce Springsteen as he was working on his album 'Born to Run' at the studio. They had problems getting the brass part of the song 'Tenth Avenue Freezeout' and couldn't get it right. Miami Steve was dragged in and clarified how to achieve the Stax-Soul-Sound to the Brecker Brothers (who belonged to the elite studio musicians). Miami Steve van Zandt has been a member of Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band since the 1975 'Born to run' tour. Now, Rockpalast- Nacht is presenting Miami Steve with his own band: Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul.

"We're making guitar-oriented rock'n'roll with brass" explained Little Steven about the music of the Disciples of Soul, in Essen. Under the gun. Steven van Zandt, as organizer of the E-Street Band, was exactly the same as Peter had met him one year earlier: Attentive, concentrated, exacting in detail".
From - 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Little Steven (Miami Steve van Zandt) - g, voc
Dino Danelli - dr
Jean Beauvoir - b
Benjamin King - keyb
Labamba - trombone
Crispin Cioe - bariton-saxophon
Arno Hecht - tenor-Saxophon, flute
Paul Litteral - trumpet
Nelson Bogart - trumpet
Monti Louis Ellison - Percussion
Zoe Yanakis - Oboe


01  Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire                     (4'05'')
02  Save Me                                    (5'05'')
03  Forever                                    (4'43'')
04  Inside Of Me                               (4'48'')
05  Take It Inside                             (4'41'')
06  Until The Good Is Gone                     (5'41'')
07  Princess Of Little Italy                   (6'17'')
08  Caravan                                    (3'48'')
09  Under The Gun                              (4'40'')
10  I Play The Fool                            (4'17'')
11  I Don't Want To Go Home                    (4'20'')
12  Angel Eyes                                 (4'30'')
13  This Time It's For Real                    (4'04'')
14  Can I Get A Witness                        (5'30'')


Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul:
Trail Of Broken Treaties (1979) Manhattan Disciples Of Soul (1982) EMI Men Without Women (1982) EMI - 1A 064-400 135 Voice Of America (1984) EMI 064-2401511 Freedom - No Compromise (1987) Manhatten 064-2407311 Revolution (1989) RCA Born Again Savage (1999) Renegade Nation/edel Contraire 199 LSC Greatest Hits (1999) Soulfire (2017) Universal Soulfire Live! (2018) Universal 3CD Summer of Sorcery (2019) Wicked Cool Voice Of America (2020) Universal Reissue + DVD Rockpalast Loreley 1984 Summer of Sorcery Live! (2021) Universal 3CD (At The Beacon Theater)
Artists United Against Apartheid:
Sun City (1985) Manhatten 064-2404671
Mit Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes: (Selected)
I Don't Want To Go Home (1976) EPIC/CBS EPC 81515 This Time It's For Real (1977) EPIC/CBS EPC 81909 Hearts Of Stone (1978) EPIC/CBS EPC 82994
Mit Bruce Springsteen: (Selected)
Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) Columbia The River (1980) Columbia Born in the U.S.A. (1984) Columbia Live 1975-1985 (1986) Columbia


At Rockpalast                (2005) Inakustik
At Full House Rock Show      (2006) Inakustik


Soulfire! Meine Rock'n'Roll Odyssee
von Stevie Van Zandt (Autor) 2021
Herausgeber:Hannibal Verlag; 1. Edition (4. Oktober 2021)
Sprache : Deutsch Broschiert: 528 Seiten ISBN-10:3854457154 ISBN-13 : 978-3854457152

Little Steven official
Little Steven Underground Garage
Little Steven´s Underground Garage
Little Steven Wikipedia DE
Little Steven Wikipedia EN
Jean Beauvoir official
Little Steven 3.Open Air Loreley
Crown of Thorns (J.Beauvoir) Loreley 1996
Southside Johnny Rocklife, Live Music Hall Köln 26.03.1992 Guest Little Steven
Southside Johnny 5.Rockpalast Rocknacht
Bruce Springsteen

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01. Knocking on Heaven's Door (Jam Session - Loreley Festival vom 28.08.1982)
02. Interview Little Steven


Gianna Nannini Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1982: Gianna Nannini will be the first Italian singer to appear at a Rockpalast- Festival on October 16th, 1982. She was born 27 years ago in Siena and has been living and working in Milan for some years. At the music conservatorium there, she finished her studies in piano, guitar and composition. She first began singing, instead of being an instrumentalist, through contacts with other students and musicians. She formed a rock band; after a few months, this first attempt ended due to differences in music and textual content disputes. Nannini pulled herself back for a while and concentrated on further developing her other capabilities. She appeared solo as singer and songwriter, and accompanied herself on the piano. After releasing two albums of this type, she once again looked for qualified ways to express her songs. She formed a new group with musician friends: This time the project took off.

Nowadays, live Gianna Nannini concerts are quite an event that one doesn't often have: She releases so much energy at these events. The way she comes across on-stage with her gestures, actions and the different nuances she lends to her voice make her one-of-a-kind. The speech barrier is no longer a problem. Everyone clearly understands the contents of her songs: Be on the road a lot, create and have lots of excitement, and live intensively. Too much is not enough: For Gianna Nannini, there is no halfway. There have been concerts where she gave so much of herself that she literally had no air left.

"We did a concert with her in Hamburg and there was no doubt about it: The Rockpalast Nacht was a success. Gianna's appearance showed that she had changed. In accordance to her vivaciousness, a hard rock drummer, an accomplished violinist as well as a synthesizer player now belonged to the band. At concerts, she simply gives a TV monitor to the audience. That caused our technical adviser, Ernst Höller, to jump in the hall and go and search for it. He did that at his own risk."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Gianna Nannini - voc
Romano Trevisani - g
Claudio Cattafesta - g
Pino Scagliarini - keyb
Claudio "Gallina" Golinelli - b
Freddy Steady - dr
Mauro Pagani - strings


01  Primadonna                                 (4'40'')
02  Stop                                       (3'51'')
03  Sognami                                    (5'05'')
05  Wagon-Lits                                 (3'43'')
06  Vieni Ragazzo                              (5'00'')
07  Autostrada                                 (4'30'')
08  Uo Uo                                      (3'05'')
09  Ragazzo Dell' Europa                       (3'45'')
10  Occhi Aperti                               (3'41'')
11  Bip Bip                                    (4'40'')
12  California                                 (4'56'')
13  America                                    (4'55'')
14  Latin Lover                                (6'18'')
15  Come Un Treno                              (5'31'')
16  Primadonna                                 (4'20'')
17  Good Bye My Heart                          (5'45'')


Gianna Nannini               (1976) Metronome 0065.023 
Una Radura                   (1977) Metronome 0065.024
California                   (1979) Metronome 0065.014 
G.N.                         (1981) Metronome 0065.020 
Latin Lover                  (1982) Metronome 0065.027  
Sogno di una Notte Di'Estate (1984) Dischi Recordi 821196
Puzzle                       (1984) Dischi Recordi 813387
Tutto Live                   (1984) Metronome 825357
Profumo                      (1986) Metronome 829711
Malafemmina                  (1988) Metronome 837339
Scandalo                     (1990) Metronome 843977
Giannissima                  (1991) Metronome 511269
X Forza E X Amore            (1993) Metronome 519194
Dispetto                     (1995) Metronome 527147
Bomboloni                    (1998) Polygram
Cuore                        (1998) Polydor
Aria                         (2002) Bad
Perle                        (2004) SPV
Grazie                       (2006) Polydor/Universal
Pia come la canto io         (2007) Import
Gianna Best                  (2007) Polydor/Universal 3CD Tour Edition
Giannadream                  (2009) 
Extradream                   (2010)
Io e te                      (2011)
INNO                         (2012)                        
Hitalia                      (2014)
History                      (2016) Sony 2CD
Amore Gigante                (2017) Sony
La Differenza                (2019) Sony


Giannissima Scandalo European Tour 1990 / 91 (2007)


Teresa De Santis
Gianna Nannini
München 1995 Paperback,170 pages

Gianna Nannini Internet:

GIANNA NANNINI Rockpalast - Markthalle Hamburg 27.11.1981 - Stadthalle Bielefeld 19.05.1995
Gianna Nannini Official Web-Site
Gianna Nannini
Gianna Nannini Wikipedia DE
Gianna Nannini Wikipedia EN

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Kid Creole Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1982: The third group at the 11th ROCKPALAST-Festival on October 16th, 1982, is Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Kid Creole, alias August Darnell, was born in 1951 in Porto France, Haiti, the son of a black mother and a white father. After a short stay in Montreal, Darnell moved with his parents to the Bronx, in New York. After school and college, Darnell worked as an English teacher. With his half-brother, he formed the 'Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band'. This group attempted to fuse all the different music styles that were in at the time in New York into their own style. 'Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band' soon had themselves a great reputation amongst critics and music lovers almost everywhere. In 1979, Darnell, together with Andy Hernandez (alias Sugar Coated Andy, alias Coati Mundi), formed 'Kid Creole And The Coconuts'. With this group, Darnell finally realized his dream of bringing together the strong influences of Latin-American music and a stage-show with perfectly led choreography. August Darnell didn't limit himself to only composing his own original music. Likewise, his lyrics are not everyday material. Controversial themes like racism, or secret service practices, such as in 'Stool Pigeon', kept him busy (along with songs about ski instructors).

After two years of regular appearances in many New York Clubs, Kid Creole and the Coconuts had earned themselves the title of the most original appearances of music history there, and came to Europe for the first time in June, 1982. They were so popular everywhere that they will finish their extended fall tour in Essen on October 16th, 1982, with their appearance at the 11th Rockpalast-Festival as the high point to their tour.

"Kid Creole and the Coconuts. After the Rockpalast Nacht, their tour had to be changed to halls four times the size planned. With nothing being left to chance, the perfect music show had convinced.!"
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


August Darnell (alias Kid Creole) - voc
Adriana Kaegi - voc
Cheryl Poirier - voc
T. Hagey - voc
Andy Hernandez (alias Coati Mundi) - vibraphon, flute, voc
Mark Mazer - g
Carol Coleman - b
Peter Schott - keyb
Al Mack - dr
E. Falk - perc
Ken Fredley - trumpet
Lee Robertson - trombone
Charles Lagond - saxophon


01  Turkey Trot                                (4'19'')
02  Going Places                               (6'20'')
03  I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby                (6'18'')
04  Mr. Softee                                 (3'12'')
05  Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me           (4'40'')
06  Say Hey! Ain't You Heard The News          (5'42'')
07  Don't Take My Coconuts                     (2'59'')
08  Annie I'm Not Your Daddy                   (6'05'')
09  No Fish Today                              (6'06'')
10  Que Pasa                                   (7'59'')
11  Table Manners                             (12'20'')
12  Dear Addy                                  (4'05'')
13  Stool Pigeon                               (7'35'')
14  Gina Gina                                  (7'46'')
15  Imitation                                  (5'04'')
16  Maladie D'amour                           (19'45'')


Vivien Goldman
Kid Creole and the Coconuts
London 1983, Paperback, 96 pages, 80 pics

Discography (August Darnell "Kid Creole"):

Off The Coast Of Me                (1980) ZE/ISLAND/ARIOLA 202903
Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places      (1981) ZE/ISLAND/ARIOLA 203805
Tropical Gangsters                 (1982) ZE/ISLAND/ARIOLA 204669
Wise Guy                           (1982) Sire
Doppelganger                       (1983) Sire 925 298-1
In Praise Of Older Women 
& Other Crimes                     (1985) Sire 925 298-1
Don't Take My Coconuts             (1983) EMI-America 064-4001801
I Too Have Seen The Woods          (1987) Sire 925 579-1
Private Waters In The Great Divide (1990) Columbia
You Shoulda Told Me You Were       (1991) Columbia
Kid Creole Redux                   (1992) Sire
Kiss Me Before the Light Changes   (1995) Hot Production
To Travel Sideways                 (1995) Hot Production
The Conquest of You                (1997) SPV 085-44712
Kid Creole & Coconuts Live, Vol. 1 (1997) Playa
Too Cool to Conga!                 (2001) Town Sound
Live & More                        (2001) Dfp Music
Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places      (2002) Universal - CD with Bonus Tracks
Tropical Gangsters                 (2002) Universal - CD with Bonus Tracks
Haiti                              (2003) MCP
Live                               (2006) Hallmark (H'ART)
Ultimate Collection                (2007) Import
The August Darnell Years 1976-1983 (2008) 
I Wake Up Screaming                (2011)
Live at Rockpalast                 (2012) MIG Music 2CD            


Live: The Leisure Tour             (1986) Embassy Video
Kid Creole Live in Paris           (2001) K-Tel DVD
Live at Rockpalast                 (2012) MIG Music 2DVD

Kid Creole Internet:

Kid Creole - Rockpalast - Satory Säle Köln 03.06.1982
Kid Creole official
Kid Creole Wikipedia EN
Kid Creole Wikipedia DE

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