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Translation: Rachel Holznienkemper and Family

Notice: This is the order of the bands on TV! The order of appearance was Big Country - Jackson Browne - BAP

The last Rocknight!


Jackson Browne Foto WDR/M.Becker WDR text 1986: After a three-year pause, Jackson Browne returned again with new songs. As opposed to other musicians from the USA, the first concert with the new songs will not be given in the USA, but, instead, in the Grugahalle in Essen at the 17th Rockpalast-Festival on March 15th.

Jackson Browne was born in Heidelberg on October 9th, 1948; at the age of three, he moved to Los Angeles with his parents, and at 14, received his first guitar. Three years later in New York, as a songwriter, he was fortunate enough to meet up with Nico and had three of his songs on her LP 'Chelsea Girls', and was also allowed to play in her band.

He returned to L.A. again and applied to David Geffen with a demo, who at that time was forming his own record label company. His idea was to collect young songwriters and to record them and their songs. For this undertaking, enough time and a large farm with all the conveniences was placed at their disposal. Other partners in this undertaking were Glenn Frey, Don Henly and J. D. Souther. The Byrds, Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles used songs from Jackson Browne.

He himself had problems with his voice. Only after he had had singing lessons could he do what was logical for him: He released his own first LP in 1972. In the '70s, Jackson Browne developed to be a superb singer and song-writer. He was an ideal for an entire music style, combining personal lyrics with laid-back rock music, played to perfection. Jackson Browne did not release many songs in these years, but songs like 'Before the Deluge', 'The Pretender', 'Jamaica Say You Will' or 'Running on Empty' are today still classics of this music era. David Lindley saw to it at recordings and concerts that Jackson Browne's music was unmistakably his.

In the early '80s, he began to broaden his spectrum; he had reached to top in his field and held his position for many years. Now he wanted to release songs that not only could be listened to intensively, but that you could also dance to. On top of that, the decision was forced by Lindley's decision to start his own career (in the meantime, he was very successful in Europe).

The result today is a Jackson Browne that offers the best entertainment on stage. His new songs are still written from his personal point of view, but are no longer as personal as ten years ago. They are no longer solely about the emptiness of the hopelessness that aggravates relationships of hope and love. Since at least since 1979 when Jackson Browne actively became one of the main organizers of the 'No Nukes' initiative, he expresses himself also about additional topics, as, for example, in one of his new songs 'For America'. "As if I really hadn't understood the fact that I'm just another part of the plan, I went off to look for the promise and believed in my Motherland."


Jackson Browne - voc, g, piano
Ian Wallace - drums
Bob Glaub - bass
Scott Thurston - keyb
Kevin Dukes - g
Doug Haywood - keyb, saxophon


01  Boulevard                                  (3'25'')
02  Tender Is The Night                        (4'15'')
03  In The Shape Of A Heart                    (7'00'')
04  Candy                                      (4'10'')
05  Downtown                                   (4'00'')
06  For Everyman                               (7'00'')
07  Lawyers In Love                            (3'57'')
08  Soldiers Of Plenty                         (4'15'')
09  Black And White                            (5'53'')
10  Late For The Sky                           (4'50'')
11  Lives In The Balance                       (4'05'')
12  Lawless Avenues                            (5'57'')
13  For America                                (5'12'')
14  The Pretender                              (4'50'')
15  Running On Empty                           (4'35'')
16  Doctor My Eyes                             (3'30'')
17  For A Rocker                               (4'56'')


Jackson Browne               (1972)  Elektra/Asylum
For Everyman                 (1973)  Elektra/Asylum
Late For The Sky             (1974)  Asylum/WEA AS 43oo7
The Pretender                (1976)  Elektra/Asylum
Running On Empty             (1977)  AS 53 o7o
Hold Out                     (1980)  Elektra/Asylum
Lawyers In Love              (1983)  AS 96-o268
Lives In A Balance           (1986)  AS 96o 457-1
World in Motion              (1989)  Elektra/Asylum
I'm Alive                    (1993)  Elektra/Asylum
Everywhere I Go              (1994)  European Impor
Looking East                 (1996)  Elektra
The Naked Ride Home          (2002)  Elektra
Solo Acoustic Vol.1          (2005)  Capitol/EMI
Solo Acoustic Vol.2          (2008)  Capitol/EMI
Time The Conqueror           (2008)  Inside Recordings/Rough Trade
Love Is Strange              (2010)  Inside Recordings/Rough Trade mit David Lindley
Standing In The Breach       (2014)  Warner
Downhill From Everywhere     (2020)  Warner


Going Home (1996) Elektra/Asylum - DVD (2000) Pioneer


Jackson Browne
Balve 1995 Paperback,105 Pages

Everywhere I Go
Manfred Schwanbeck
Augsburg 2002 - Sonnentanz Verlag 144 pages

Jackson Browne Internet:

Jackson Browne official Home Page
Jackson Browne
Wilson & Alroy's Jackson Browne Reviews
Jackson Browne Wikipedia DE
Jackson Browne Wikipedia EN

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01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert
02. Give Blood (Pete Townshend & The Deep End - Midem in Cannes, 29.01.1986)
03. Interview Evelyn Seibert with Pete Townshend in Cannes # 1
04. Won't get fooled again - Closing Section (The Who - 8. Rocknacht, Grugahalle Essen, 28.03.1981)
05. Interview Evelyn Seibert with Pete Townshend in Cannes # 2
06. Hiding out (Pete Townshend & The Deep End - Midem in Cannes, 29.01.1986)
07. Interview Big Country
08. Interview Rolling Stones in London
09. Interview Jackson Browne


BAP - Niedecken WDR text 1986: Since the beginning of 1986, the rockers from southern Cologne have been back in action with a new album, a tour of many months and a new line-up. As of this writing, the LP 'Ahl Männer Aalglatt' is Nr. 1 in the German Hit Parade and is heading towards platinum. The tour, which begins in early March and ends at the end of July, is as good as sold out; since 1981, this is nothing unusual when you hear the name BAP.

BAP was formed on two different dates. The first one was in 1970 when Wolfgang Niedecken started to sing his own Kölsch (Cologne slang) versions of Dylan songs not only at parties, but also in pubs. The other date was the end of the '70s, when, through his circle of friends, the project of forming a real rock band, and not just playing with acoustic instruments, was born. The historical accounting of facts is not necessary here; BAP are, (as in other relationships) also in the release of articles about them, a superlative amongst the German rockbands.

Just a little tidbit: A meeting between Wolfgang Niedecken and Klaus 'Major' Heuser in the beginning of the '80s was the founding of one of the most fruitful and energetic partnerships of German music. Noticeable with BAP are their own organization and their relationship in public and with their audience. Being direct, honesty and openness are three terms, that, like a red string, seems to pull itself through this group's activities.

These qualities can best be seen at BAP's live concerts, that, not rarely, often last longer than three hours. Direct communication between the musicians and their audience can always be found there; BAP's spectrum of songs offers something for the head and the gut, rock music in it's true sense. Songs such as 'Frau, ich freu mich', 'Kristallnaach' and 'Waschsalon', as different as their themes, have made BAP complete. The musical direction of the band is determined by guitarist and composer, Klaus 'Major' Heuser, not only especially at live concerts where he gets all the attention, but also together with the others in the studio, where they are always seeking new developments.

BAP's appearance at the 17th Rockpalast-Festival is the group's second (also look at 1. Open Air Loreley 28.8.82 ) at an international Rockpalast. Many will remember that Saturday in August of 1982 as the evening mood and BAP helped to make a great fest, and a little later on when Wolfgang Niedecken finally had the chance to sing 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' in it's original language. On March 15th, BAP will play their new LP exclusively live in the Grugahalle throughout Europe on TV.

In the meantime, BAP have played seven times at Rockpalast. Markthalle Hamburg 28.11.1981, Loreley Open Air St. Goarshausen 28.08.1982, at the last rocknight 17.Rockpalast Rocknight the start of the American tour in Koblenz on November 18th, 1996, the gig at Musical Dome Köln November 22 1999 and the concert an der toten Brücke in Euskirchen 15.06.2001 were taped and aired. Together we celebrated the drei mal zehn Jahre Jubiläum in Cologne 14.and 15.January 2006 at Kölnarena.On  Dezember 9 2023 they have been back with Zeitreise 81/82 iSartory Sälen Cologne.


Wolfgang Niedecken - voc, g
Klaus Heuser - g, voc
Steve Borg - bass
Axel Büchel - keyb
Manfred Boecker - percussion, voc
Pete King - drums
Christian Schneider - keyb
Hans Wollrath - sound


01  Drei Wünsche Frei                          (5'55'')
02  Ne Schöne Jroos                            (7'05'')
03  Ahl Männer, aalglatt                       (4'55'')
04  Dies Naach Is Alles Drin                   (4'05'')
05  Alamanya                                   (5'10'')
06  Kristallnaach                              (6'15'')
07  Breef Ohn Üch Zwei                         (4'45'')
08  Do Kanns Zaubere                           (4'35'')
09  Wenn Et Bedde Sich Lohne Dät               (4'30'')
10  Zehnter Juni                               (4'45'')
11  Halt Mich Fest                             (4'40'')
12  Lisa                                       (4'10'')
13  Bahnhofskino                               (6'47'')
14  Massenhaft Kohle                           (6'35'')
15  Globus                                     (4'15'')
16  Alexandra Nit Nur Do                       (7'40'')
17  Bunte Trümmer                              (4'55'')
18  Endlich Allein                             (4'45'')
19  Verdamp Lang Her                           (8'50'')
20  Häng De Fahn Eruss                         (2'40'') 
21  Waschsalon                                 (2'30'')
22  Kitsch                                     (2'40'')
23  Nemm mich met                              (7'40'')
24  Jraaduss                                   (4'00'')
25  Stell dir vüür                             (7'50'')
26  Interview
27  Frau ich freu mich                         (6'20'')


Rockt Andere Kölsche Lieder       (1979) Eigelstein 625368 
Affjetaut                         (1980) Eigelstein 625369 
Für Usszeschnigge                 (1981) Musikant 064-46438
Von Drinne noh Drusse             (1982) Musikant 066-6639
Bess Demnähx (Live)               (1983) Musikant 164-165 1953
Zwesche Salzjebäck Un Bier        (1984) Musikant 066-146 9141
Ahl Männer Aalglatt               (1986) Musikant 066-14 7134
Da Capo                           (1988) Electrola 066-770778
X für E U                         (1990) Electrola 068-795483
Affrocke  Live                    (1990) Electrola 168-797671
Pik Sibbe                         (1993) Electrola 827343
Wahnsinn-die Hits Von'79-'95      (1995) EMI
America                           (1996) EMI
Comics & Pinups                   (1999) EMI/Electrola 498403 2
Tonfilm                           (1999) EMI
Aff Un Zo                         (2001) EMI
Övverall - Live                   (2002) EMI
SONX                              (2004) EMI auch SACD und Vinyl LP
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI Special Edition: 2 CD + DVD
Das Bap-Flightcase-die Ersten4    (2006) EMI Box-Set
Radio Pandora plugged             (2008) EMI
Radio Pandora unplugged           (2008) EMI
Live Und In Farbe                 (2009) EMI
Halv su wild                      (2011) EMI
Volles Programm                   (2012) EMI 2CD+DVD
Das Märchen vom gezogenen Stecker (2014) Universal 2CDs
Lebenslänglich                    (2016) Universal
Die Beliebtesten Lieder 1976-2016 (2016) Universal 3CDs
Live & Deutlich                   (2018) Vertigo
ALLES FLIESST                     (2020) Vertigo
ALLES FLIESST                     (2020) Vertigo Geburtstags-Edition 3CD/1DVD
Zeitreise/ Live im Sartory        (2024) Vertigo 3CD/4LP


Mit offenen Karten BAP            (1993)
Övverall - Live                   (2002) EMI Video/DVD
SONX                              (2004) EMI DVD
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Koblenz 1996           (2008) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Grugahalle Essen 1986  (2008) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Loreley 1982           (2008) EMI DVD


Wolfgang Niedecken und BAP - In eigenen Worten
Jörg Peter Klotz - Palmyra 1999

BAP - Vill Passiert - Ein Filmbuch
München 2003, Paperback 120 S. 100 Abb.

BAP - Nach dreißig Jahren
Fritz Werner Haver - Fotografien 2004-2006
Hannibal 2006

BAP - Die Songs 1976 - 2006
Hoffmann & Campe 2006

Wolfgang Niedecken - 70 Jahre
2021 Hoffmann und Campe
895 Seiten ISBN 978-3-45501-146-3

BAP Internet:

All BAP Rockpalast DVDs Information
BAP Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 1981
Bap Rockpalast Loreley 1982
BAP Rockpalast Koblenz 1996
BAP Rockpalast 1999 Köln Musical Dome
BAP Rockpalast 2001 Konzert an der toten Brücke
BAP WDR Rockpalast Homepage
BAP offiziell
Chrischi's BAP Homepage
BAP Wikipedia DE
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BAP DVD - Dreimal zehn Jahre - order at Amazon !


Rockpalast says "CONGRATULATIONS !" to BAP's 20th! Five questions for Wolfgang Niedecken.
Michael Laufersweiler and Uwe Schmalz, Club Info, April 21st 1999:

Rockpalast congratulates you to your band's anniversary. Being 20 years old, you're just slightly younger than Rockpalast itself. What did Rockpalast mean to you when you brought out your first LP "BAP rockt andere kölsche Leeder"?
Niedecken: Rockpalast was a TV-show that couldn't be missed by anyone that hung around with us. It was a very special party. Where else could you see a band play live on TV?

Rockpalast appeals to people between 16 years old and 60 years old - from Tocotronic to Page & Plant. What do you think of this development?
Niedecken: Wonderful! Maybe some people will finally understand that Rock'n'Roll doesn't have anything to do with birthdays and the necessity of youth.

BAP in Rockpalast: First Hamburg, then Loreley (1982), Essen (1986), Koblenz (1996). In which way have you changed - what has stayed the same over the years?
Niedecken: Hamburg (1981, by the way): Still absolute beginners. Loreley: Our breakthrough outside of our region - triple jump - Part III. Essen: Thank God that wasn't the end of Rockpalast yet. Koblenz: Another tour start, but this time with more preparation than at Loreley. We had become a lot more mature, but we still had a lot of passion ( very understated! )

Which Rockpalast concerts do you especially remember in 1998?
Niedecken: All of them!

What do you think the meaning of Rock music live on stage will reach in the future?
Niedecken: I'll quote the big chairman Neil Young: "Rock 'n' Roll will never die!"

A funny story happened to us at the last Rockpalast recording at the Grugahalle in Essen in '86. Jackson Brown played before Big Country and us. We were headliners and had a new guy for the monitor mixer. We had practiced everything thousands of times. He was told to play the tape with the intro - Zarah Leander's "Wunderbar" - and that the band would start at a certain point in time. So, "Wunderbar" is played over the PA and monitors, the light is turned on and we start the set with "Um drei bin frei". So far, so good, but this idiot plugged something in the wrong way and the intro kept on playing. It was louder than us playing and it was being broadcasted as Eurovision on T.V. Being a professional, you know that you can't make the mistake of just stopping, because "The Show must go on". We knew that they could see us as far as in Istanbul. Have you ever tryed singing while something else was being played loudly over the PA, and tryed to play guitar and act as if everything was great? I was just hoping a hole would appear that I could jump into to hide in.
Wolfgang Niedecken - Musiker Szene 2/99 (Das Neue Fachblatt)


01. Moderation Evelyn Seibert and Ken Janz
02. Interview BAP (after the interview BAP gives a encore)
03. Video - Band für Afrika - Wir sind Deserteure
04. Interview - Band für Afrika - u.a. Herbert Grönemeyer


In memory William Stuart Adamson 11th April 1958 - 16th December 2001   R.I.P.

Big Country WDR text 1986: Big Country, a band that has enriched rock music with new sounds that are asexpansive and as big as it's name. It just goes to show that the idea and concept of a group with two guitars, bass and drums can still become well-known although it sometimes seems that every sound has already been played in some form or other. "Big Country was formed on the day that Stuart Adamson held a guitar in his hand. You would like to have a name, faces and a sound, but that's only the band, only the manifestation from something bigger and better..."

Big Country is an attitude and the history begins here.....
Stuart Adamson, guitarist, singer, songwriter and founder of Big Country was born in Manchester. His parents were scotish and they went back to Dunfermline is a little town in Scotland when Stuart Adamson was 4 years old. Adamson was well-known to a large audience as a member of the group 'The Skids'. The band showed up in London in 1977 and had up until 1981 some almost-hits and had some international fame. Looking back, for Stuart Adamson these were more or less years of learning and experiences for his future projects that he would never repeat: "I would never do the never-ending monotony of small tours and solo appearances throughout England again. You step into a small bus, drive several hours, play somewhere for an hour, then the hotel; next day, the same treadmill. Without me!"

After he left 'The Skids', he returned to Dunfermline, thought things out, then formed the ideas for his own band. Along with his friend Bruce Watson, also a guitarist from his hometown, he began to put his own ideas in music. The basic idea was easy: Adamson wanted to express what had impressed him with his music. A very important element for him was to be simple. In his texts, he used terms like sincerety, pride, pain, love, want and hope. Music to go along with this was developed by Adamson and Watson by using simple guitar melodies, which made do without powerful chords and high volume, and instead, expressed themselves clearly through two-part harmony.

In order to accomplish their conceptions, they needed two more meetings. First,, they met in London with Tony Butler, bass player, and Mark Brzezicki, drummer, and made a demo. They both played in different studios and did recordings under the name 'Rhythm for Hire' and at first were only hired temporarily, but they decided on the spot to become members of Big Country. The second meeting was with Steve Lillywhite, who had been in demand as a producer since his work with U2.

Within a few weeks, they had their first LP 'The Crossing' , which established itself on the English Top Ten in July, 1983, almost directly after it's release. Successful tours followed. In 1984, Big Country was, especially in the USA, named as the band "that will be the next to land on top". So much greater was the amazement when the group at the beginning of 1985 had to cancel it's US tour shortly before their first concert. The reasons that were given were internal differences about the future of the band and also being over-stressed after doing one and a half years of almost uninterrupted tours. Big Country prescribed themselves a year of creative rest and began taping a new LP at the end of 1985. For 1986, the band is planning a world tour, with their first concert being at the 17th Rockpalast-Festival in the Grugahalle in Essen. On March 15th, Big Country also will be performing their new songs exclusively throughout Europe.


Stuart Adamson - g, voc
Bruce Watson - g
Tony Butler - b, voc
Mark Brzezicki - dr


01  Wonderland                                 (4'15'')
02  Fields Of Fire                             (4'00'')
03  Where The Rose Is Sown                     (4'45'')
04  Raindance                                  (5'25'')
05  Rememberance Day                           (4'05'')
06  Just A Shadow                              (4'35'')
07  Steeltown                                  (5'05'')
08  Look Away                                  (4'05'')
09  Chance                                     (5'30'')
10  The Teacher                                (4'20'')
11  In A Big Country                           (5'30'')
12  Inwards                                    (5'00'')
13  Harvest Home                               (4'05'')
14  The Storm                                  (7'10'')
15  Lost Patrol                                (4'35'')
16  Tracks Of My Tears                         (3'00'')


The Crossing                             (1983) Mercury/Phonogram 812-870
Kings Of Emotion                         (1984) Reprise
Steeltown                                (1984) Mercury 822-831
The Seer                                 (1986) Mercury 826844
Peace In Our Time                        (1988) Mercury 836325
No Place Like Home                       (1991) Vertigo 510230
The Buffalo Skinners                     (1993) Compulsion 3219882
Why The Long Face                        (1995) Transatlantic
Radio One Sessions                       (1994) Windsong
BBC Live Concert                         (1995) Windsong
Trough A Big Country                     (1990) Mercury 846022
Eclectic                                 (1997) Castle Communication
Brighton Rock                            (1997) Snapper Music/Edel 0000703SRE
Driving To Damascus                      (2000) SPV
Greatest 12" Hits                        (2001) Bellaphon
Rarities IV - The Crossing Sessions      (2003)
Rarities V - No Place Like Home Sessions (2004)
Rarities VI                              (2004)
Rarities VII -T he Damascus Sessions     (2004)
Without The Aid Of A Safety Net          (2005) EMI Live 1993
Rarities VIII                            (2005)
Twenty Five Live                         (2007)
The Journey                              (2013) Rough Trade
At The BBC: The Best Of BBC Recordings   (2013) Universal
Out Beyon The River - Compulsion Years   (2020) Esoteric 5CD/DVD


Final Fling                     (2002) 2DVD Live Berlin/Glasgow +spec.feat. 200min
The Ultimate Collection         (2003) BMG DVD
Without The Aid Of A Safety Net (2005) EMI Live 1993
At Rockpalast                   (2005) InAkustik
Live in Germany 95              (2006) TrackRecord TRKDVD001


John May
Big Country A Certain Chemistry
London 1990 Paperback,72 Pages, 40 pics.

Big Country Internet:

Big Country - Rocklife - Biskuithalle Bonn06.09.1991
Big Country official
Big Country
Big Country Info
Eiledon: A Big Country WebSite
Big Country Wikipedia DE
Big Country Wikipedia EN

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