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1. Rockpalast Night 23.-24.July 1977

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In memory of Rory Gallagher 2.3.1948 - 14.6.1995 and Rod de'Ath 18.6.1950 - 1.8.2014 and Lou Martin 12.8.1949 - 17.8.2012R.I.P.


Rory Gallagher Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR Text 1977: Rory Rallagher is well known in Germany among fans of good rock music. He accumulated a loyal following through numerous tours, first with Taste and later on with his own band. His biggest strengths are 'live-shows'. He immediately brings energy into every venue. His trademarks are a worn looking Stratocaster, an old small amp and straight forward rock'n'roll, heavily blues influenced. On stage he varies. He is known to play an accoustic set, incorporate his great slide-guitar abilities or even play his electric mandolin. Overall, Gallagher makes sure that audience and band always have a great time.(Official - Text)

Plaid shirt, jeans, sneakers and his worn Stratocaster were Rory Gallagher's trademarks. No other musician will ever be as closely tied to the history of 'Rockpalast' as Gallagher. He started the first Rocknacht in the Grugahalle in Essen in 1977. Before that he had already given a Rockpalast concert on 10-6-76 in the studio. It was him as well, that played at the 1st open air on the Loreley and who was Peter Rüchel's guest at 'Best of Rockpalast'. All in all he was a Rockpalast guest five times. On july 26th, 1996 they had a tribute concert at the Loreley in his honor.

Rory Gallagher and Peter Ruechel Foto WDR/Manfred Becker Born on March 2nd, 1948 in Ballyshannon, Ireland, Rory Gallagher started playing guitar at the age of 6 and joined the semi-professional scene at 15. The first band Rory toured with was the 'Fontana Show Band', which later changed their name to 'Impacts'. In 1965 the Power-Rock-Blues trio Taste came on the scene. In 1970 Rory Gallagher started his solo-career. The strenghts of his Live-shows is documented on his Double-Live-album "Irish Tour 74". 3 Years in a row he was chosen Germany's most populare guitarist (Musik Express) in 1972 he became 'Melody Maker's "Musician of the Year". Against all odds and fashion Gallagher stayed loyal to his music - Blues, Blues-Rock and even Accoustic, where you could hear the Irish folkmusic influences.
In the "10 Jahre Rockpalast" book you can read in regards to the first Rockpalast:
'Rory Gallagher started the show in every sense.' He told us later, that this had been his best show so far.

On June 14th, 1995 Rory Gallagher died at the age of 47 from complications of a livertransplant in a hospital in London


Rory Gallagher - g/voc
Gerry McAvoy - b
Rod De'Ath - d
Lou Martin - keyb


00  Messin' With The Kid                   (Only Radio)
00  I Take What I Want                     (Only Radio)
00  A Garbage Man                          (Only Radio)
01  Moonchild                                  (5'45'')
02  Secret Agent                               (6'05'')
03  Calling Card                               (7'10'')
04  Out On The Western Plain                   (4'30'')
05  Barley And Grape Rag                       (4'40'')
06  Tattoo'd Lady                              (5'55'')
07  Souped Up Ford                             (7'45'')
08  Bullfrog Blues                            (10'02'')
09  Bought And Sold                            (5'00'')


Rory Gallagher                 (1971) Polydor 2383 044
Deuce                          (1971) Polydor 2383 076
Live In Europe                 (1972) Polydor 2383112
Blueprint                      (1973) Polydor 2383189
Tattoo                         (1973) Polydor 2383230
Irish Tour                     (1974) Polydor 2679030
Against The Grain              (1975) Chrysalis 6307563
Calling Card                   (1976) Chrysalis 6307568
Photo-Finish                   (1978) Chrysalis 6307620
Top Priority                   (1979) Chrysalis 6307669
Stage Struck                   (1980) Chrysalis 202884
Jinx                           (1982) Chrysalis 204408
Blues On 2                     (1986) BBC Records
Defender                       (1987) Intercord 145101
Fresh Evidence                 (1990) Intercord 145144
Edged In Blue                  (1992) Intercord 84517
G-Men Bootleg Series           (1992) Strange/Castle 3 CDs
BBC Sessions                   (1999) Strange Music/BMG
Lets Go To Work                (2001) Strange Music/BMG 4 CD Live Box Set
Wheels Within Wheels           (2003) BMG
Big Guns                       (2005) Sony/BMG The very best of Rory Gallagher
Live At Montreux               (2006) Eagle Rock
The Beat Club Sessions         (2010) Eagle Rock
Notes From San Francisco       (2011) 2CD Box Legacy/Sony
Kickback City                  (2013) Sony 3CD
Irish Tour '74                 (2014) Box 7CDs+DVD
Blues                          (2019) Universal 3CDs
Check Shirt Wizard             (2020) Universal - Live In '77
The Best Of                    (2020) Universal 2CD
Rory Gallagher                 (2021) Universal 2CD/4CD+DVD Box Bonus
Deuce - 50th Anniversary       (2022) Universal 4 CDs
All Around Man: Live in London (2023) Universal 2CD


Messin' With The Kid - Live at the Cork Opera House (????) BMG 78min.
Irish Tour                                          (2001) DVD BMG
Rory Gallagher At Rockpalast                        (2004) DVD Fernseh Allianz
Rockpalast Collection                               (2005) 3 DVDs Fernseh Allianz limited Edition
Live At Montreux                                    (2006) Eagle Rock
Live at the Cork Opera House                        (2006) DVD
Ghost Blues - The Story Of Rory Gallagher           (2010) Eagle Rock
Live At Montreux Festival 1975-94                   (2013) Soulfood CD/2DVD


Rory Gallagher - A Biographie
J.-N.Coghe ISBN 1-85635-387-7
Paperback, Mercier Press Ireland 2002

Riding Shotguns - 35 Years on tour with Rory Gallagher and Nine Below Zero
Gerry McAvoy with Pete Chrisp
2005 SPG Triumph Books, Maidstone Kent/England
ISBN 9550320-0-8 346 pages

Starporträts: Mein Leben mit Rory Gallagher (Gebundene Ausgabe) von Gerry McAvoy und Pete Chrisp
318 Seiten Verlag: Heel; Auflage: 1 (März 2007), Sprache: Deutsch, ISBN-10: 3898805697 , ISBN-13: 978-3898805698

RORY GALLAGHER - Der Mensch hinter der Gitarre
Mendoza Verlag 2022 ISBN: 978-3-9822752-2-2

Rory Gallagher im Internet:

Rory Gallagher Concerts Rockpalast 1976, 1979, 1990
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Top Priority Volker Grupe
Rockpalast Rory Gallagher Tribute Loreley'96 Volker Grupe
Rory Gallagher Tribute Page
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Rory Gallagher Wikipedia EN

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Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection
2008 reissued incl Interview with Rory 1976 (Interviewer: Albrecht Metzger) 3 DVD-Box: DVD Info
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Interview with Little Feat: Slide Guitar Session of Lowell George - China White


In memory of Lowell George 1945-1979, Richie Hayward 1946-2010 and  Paul Barrére 1948 - 2019 R.I.P.


Little Feat Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR Text  1977: "The best band of the 70's" or "America's finest" are two ways this band from Los Angeles, California has been described: Little Feat. The band was formed in 1970 by Lowell George, Billy Payne, Richie Hayward and Roy Estrada. In the meantime there are 6 members and Little Feat has managed these past 3 years to always be a step ahead of other bands in new develope- ment of rockmusic. There are 2 reasons. The first one is called Lowell George. This musician manages to write songs, that make people shake their heads and wonder how a person can possibly write songs about simple life experiences, that are very difficult to describe, put it all together in 10 lines and make it feel so right. The second reason is the rhythmwork of the band. Simple, good rhythm is the most important thing for rock'n'roll. Listening to Little Feat, you realize, that the band forges the separate complicated elements of drums, bass and percussion to create this simple, strong and good rhythm. Due to these 2 reasons Little Feat can be aptly described as the best Rock'n'roll band of the 70's - everything just comes together. The audience of Rockpalast has the difficult choice, whether to simply listen or to let lose and dance. (Official - Text)

As second band Little Feat filled the Grugahalle with their typical sound- carpet. Beforehand the legendary interview backstage with the now famous questions about slide-guitar playing:"Is this difficult?" As answer Lowell George gave a lesson in slide guitar. China White - One of the best pieces of the night.

The band was formed in '69 in L.A, by Lowell George, after leaving the Zappa field. The bandname stems from the teasing remark of Mother's drummer Black about George's small feet, but is also a play on words in regards to a small accomplishment. The first album "Little Feat', with guest Ry Cooder, came out in 1970 and included the original version of the known" Willin', but, unfortunately wasn't very successful. In the middle of the work on "Sailing Shoes" guitarist, singer and songwriter, Paul Barrére. joined the band. The perfect mix of Blues and Boogie, with a dose of country thrown in and the incredible band chemistry, as well as the slide-guitars and Lowell George's deep voice gave Little Feat their unmistakable sound. During the 1977 Rockpalast,the material for the 'Time Loves A Hero' album was being introduced. 1977 seemed to be the year for Little Feat: During their U.S. tours they proved to be in superior form, which was mirrored in their 1978 live album "Waiting for Columbus". In 1979 Little Feat broke up due to upcoming solo-projects by several members. Shortly thereafter, June 29th, 1979, Lowell Geore died of a heart attack.

Lowell George Foto WDR/Manfred Becker The band finished the album "Down on the farm" before they completely disolved. Everybody was working on their solo-projects or was playing with other bands (Richard Hayward with Joan Armatrading 6. Rocknight) In 1981, belatedly, the album "Hoy Hoy" was released, which included beautiful demos and Live tracks. In 1988 there was a Little Feat reunion to that Billy Payne:" I respect and understand anyone, that misses Lowell George, but it's time to look forward." Nowadays Little feat with singer Shaun Murphy and guitar player Fred Tackett is still one of the favorite live bands in the USA.

Billy Payne comments on the Little Feat sound: "you would always recognize the Rolling Stones, no matter who plays with them. The same goes for our Band. Little Feat could play "Happy Birthday" and you would recognize us immediately."

"3 days before the concert, at 7 am, we stood in the terminal of the Cologne airport, starring at the escalator of the flight from New York. One by one we saw the well-known faces show up, except for one. Only after a seemingly endless waiting period he came. Finally Lowell George was there, too."
Peter Ruechel, 1977, from Club Info 9, 01-97.


Paul Barrére - voc/g
Sam Clayton - perc
Lowell George - voc/g
Kenny Gradney - b
Richard Hayward - dr/voc
Bill Payne - keyb/voc


01  Skin It Back                               (6'00'')
02  Fat Man In A Bathtub                       (4'25'')
03  Oh Atlanta                                 (4'05'')
04  Day At The Dog Races                       (9'30'')
05  All That You Dream                         (5'25'')
06  Old Folks Boogie                           (4'30'')
07  Dixie Chicken                             (11'45'')
08  Tripe Face Boogie                          (6'00'')
09  Feats Don't Fail Me Now                    (6'20'')
10  Willin'                                    (4'05'')
11  Rocket In My Pocket                        (3'45'')


Little Feat                       (1970) Warner Brothers 46072    
Sailin' Shoes                     (1972) Warner Brothers 46156   
Dixie Chicken                     (1973) Warner Brothers 46200    
Feats Don't Fail Me Now           (1974) Warner Brothers 56030    
The Last Record Album             (1975) Warner Brothers 56156    
Time Loves A Hero                 (1977) Warner Brothers 56349    
Waiting For Columbus              (1978) Warner Brothers 66075    
Down On The Farm                  (1979) Warner Brothers 56667    
Hoy-Hoy                           (1981) Warner Brothers 66100 
Let It Roll                       (1988) Warner Brothers 925750-1  
Representing the Mambo            (1989) Warner Brothers
Shake Me Up                       (1991) Morgan Creek
Ain't Had Enough Fun              (1995) Zoo/BMG 72445 110972
Live from Neon Park               (1996) Zoo
Under the Radar                   (1998) SPV/CMM 085-29242
Chinese Work Songs                (2000) SPV 71002
Hotcakes And Outtakes             (2000) Rhino 4CD's 30 Years Of Little Feat
Little Feat - Extended Versions   (2000) Hot Tomato Records
Endangered Species                (2001) Hot Tomato Records
Waiting For Columbus              (2002) WSM (2CD Deluxe Edition 10 Bonus Tracks)
Ripe Tomatos                      (2002) Hot Tomato Records
Raw Tomatos                       (2002) Hot Tomato Records
Live at the Rams Head             (2002) Hot Tomato Records
Down Upon the Swannee River       (2003) Hot Tomato Records
Kickin It At the Barn             (2003) Hot Tomato Records
Highwire Act - Live in St.Louis   (2004) Hot Tomato Records 2003
Barnstormin' Live CD: Volume 1    (2005) Hot Tomato Records
Barnstormin' Live CD: Volume 2    (2005) Hot Tomato Records
Join The Band                     (2008) Proper/Rough Trade
Ram's Head Revisited              (2011) Hot Tomato Records
Little Feat from Down Under       (2011) Hot Tomato Records - Live in Australia
40 Feat: The Hot Tomato Anthology (2011) Hot Tomato Records 3CDs
American Cutie                    (2012) inakustik
Rooster Rag                       (2012) Hot Tomato Records
Rad Gumbo                         (2014) The Complete Warner Years 1971-1990 13 CD Boxset
Live In Holland 1976              (2014) Eagle CD+DVD
Electrif Lycanthrope              (2015) inakustik
St.Valentine's Day Massacre       (2015) inakustik
Highwire Act Live In St.Lois 2003 (2024) Universal
Sam's Place                       (2024) Hot Tomato

Lowell George: Thanks I'll Eat It Here (1979) Warner Brothers 56487 Feats First (2015) DVD inakustik
Paul Barrére: On My Own Two Feet (1983) WEA 25-0093-1 Real Lies (1984) WEA 250378-1 Live From North Cafe (2001) Hot Tomato Records - Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett
Fred Tackett: In A Town Like This (2003) Hot Tomato Records
Bill Payne: Cielo Norte (2005) Hot Tomato Records


Little Feat: Rockpalast Live     (2000) Encore Music/Pioneer DVD/VHS
Highwire Act - Live in St.Louis  (2004) DVD
Sights & Sounds                  (2005) DVD by Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett
Burgers & Paradise               (2005) Little Feat & Friends in Jamaica DVD
Skin It Back: Live at Rockpalast (2009) DVD Edel


Little Feat Rockpalast Concert 1995 (incl. Jens Staugard review of Little Feat's Rockpalast concerts)

Message from Bill Payne by Holger Siebert

Little Feat Net Official
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FeatsAtFive @facebook
The Official Little Feat Forum
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Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews - Little Feat
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Little Feat Wikipedia DE
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Holger's DVD Review  Deutsch  -  English

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FRANKIE MILLER'S FULL HOUSE (WDR Studio L, Köln, 03.06.1976)
01. It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a Train to cry 02. Sail away 03. Hard on the Levee
Interview with Roger McGuinn (Part 1)
LEO KOTTKE (WDR Studio L, Köln, 01.11.1977)
Eight Miles high
Interview with Roger McGuinn (Part 2)
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (WDR Studio L, Köln, 14.06.1977)
01. Fooled again 02. Strangers in the Night 03. Anything that's Rock'n'Roll


Roger McGuinn Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR Text 1977: Roger McGuinn was the forming member of the Byrds, the legendary westcoast- band of the 60's. He was also the first american musician, that combined the electrical Rock'n'roll with 3-part voice harmonies and subsequently became a leader for all later following bands in that direction (David Crosby, himself a Byrd and later with Stills, Nash and Young, or the Eagles). When you think of Roger McGuinn, you automatically think of the unique sound of his electric 12-string, that differentiates him from everybody else and that determines his classic compositions like "Eight Miles High", "So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star" or "Ballad Of Easy Ryder". Another page in Roger McGuinn's history is his colaboration with Bob Dylan. With his version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" he helped him have his first international hit and since they have traded compositions on a regular basis. Subsequently, it was quite natural, that McGuinn was an important guest at Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Review", before he founded his own band "Thunderbyrd", with which he "played at Rockpalast as the third Highpoint of the night.." (Official - Text)

The third band of the night comes on stage early in the morning and plays a fantastic show, full of energy - everybody's dancing. The sound of the 12-string fills the hall and Rick Vito's guitar gives the songs new drive. The old songs haven't sounded as fresh and new since the Byrds. Sam Clayton, Little Feat percussionist, just couldn't stay backstage - he came on stage and jammed with the Thunderbyrds.

Roger McGuinn's story is also the story of the Byrds, which he formed in 1964. Born on 7.13.49 in Chicago as James Joseph McGuinn, he changed his first name in '68. The Byrds consisted of: Gene Clark (voc,perc), Mike Clark (dr), David Crosby (g, voc), Chris Hillman (b, voc) and Roger McGuinn (g, voc). Everybody knows their hits, like "Eight Miles High", "Mr. Space- Man" or "Do You Want To Be A Rock'n Roll Star", as well as their excellent Dylan interpretations, especially "Mr. Tambourine Man". The band broke up in 1973 and McGuinn started various solo-projects. In 1975 he was a member of Bob Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Revue". In 1977 Mcguinn introduced his new band Thunderbyrd with a new album. After a renewed "Rolling Thunder Revue" came it to a collaboration with Gene Clark and Chris Hillman, which pro- duced 3 albums. Since the 80's McGuinn only plays only sporadically, either as soloartist or guest musician, for examply with Bob Dylan.


Roger McGuinn - g/voc
Rick Vito - g
Greg Thomas - dr
Charlie Harrison - b/voc


01  Lover Of The Bayou                         (6'30'')
02  American Girl                              (4'45'')
03  Mr. Spaceman                               (3'30'')
04  Why Baby Why/Tiffany Queen                 (4'45'')
05  Golden Loom                                (4'10'')
06  Juice Head                                 (3'40'')
07  Chestnut Mare                              (5'30'')
08  Midnight Dew                                    (?)
09  Dixie Highway  *                           (4'10'')
10  We Can Do It All Over Again                (4'05'')
11  Shoot Him                                  (5'15'')
12  Feel A Whole Lot Better                    (2'45'')
13  Turn, Turn, Turn                           (3'00'')
14  Mr. Tambourine Man                         (2'15'')
15  Eight Miles High                           (6'05'')
(* + Sam Clayton von Little Feat) 


Roger McGuinn                                (1973) CBS 65274
Peace On You                                 (1974) CBS 80171
Roger McGuinn And Band                       (1975) CBS 80877
Cardiff Rose                                 (1976) CBS 81369
Thunderbyrd                                  (1977) CBS 81883
Shooting Live                                (1978) Oh Boy 1-9144 (analog zum Rockpalast Konzert)
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman                     (1979) Capitol 064-86075
City                                         (1980) Capitol 064-86075
Mcguinn And HILLMAN                          (1980) Capitol 064-86237
Back From Rio                                (1991) Arista
Roger McGuinn Live from Mars                 (1996) Hollywood Records 62090
Treasures From The Folk Den                  (2001) Hypertension/Edel Contraire 1210 HYP
Roger Mcguinn & Band.. . Plus                (2004) Bear Family Records
Thunderbyrd                                  (2005) Repertoire/SMARIS Remastert
The Folk Den Project                         (2005)
Live from Spain                              (2007)
22 Timeless Tracks from the Folk Den Project (2008)
CCD                                          (2011) April First
Stories, Songs & Friends                      (2014) April First CD+DVD
Electric Ladyland 1981                       (2015) inakustik

With The Byrds: (selected) Mr.Tambourine Man (1965) CBS 62571 Turn ! Turn! Turn! (1966) CBS 62652 Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (1968) CBS -Embassy 31124 Ballad Of Easy Rider (1970) CBS 63795 Untitled (1970) CBS 66253 The Preflyte Sessions (2002) Sundazed The Essential Byrds (2003) Columbia Legacy/Sony Music There Is A Season (2006) Columbia 4 CDs+DVD The Byrds Live (2010)
Rick Vito: King Of Hearts (1992) Pink & Black (1998) Lucky Devils (2000) Crazy Cool (2001) Edel/Contraire 1208 HYP In Concert: Ohne Filter (2003) DVD Rattlesnake Shake (2005) Soulfood


Live At Rockpalast            (2010) MIG Music

Roger McGuinn and Byrds books:

Time Between - Die Geschichte der Byrds
Heinz Dirk Zimmermann, Star Cluster, Balve, 208 S.
ISBN 3-925005-69-2

Johnny Rogan
The Byrds - Timeless Flight Revisited
The Definitive Biography of the Byrds
London 1997 Leinen, 720 Seiten, ca. 50 Abb.

Heinz Dirk Zimmermann
Here Tonight
Die Geschichte der Byrds, der Flying Burrito Brothers...
London 1997, Linen, Discography, Bibliography, 720 pages , 50 pics

Roger McGuinn (Byrds) Internet:

Roger McGuinn Personal Page
Wilson & Alroy's Byrds Reviews
Roger McGuinn
Rickenbacker Guitars
Rick Vito
Roger McGuinn Fotos Burg Herzberg Festival 2009
Roger McGuinn Wikipedia DE
Roger McGuinn Wikipedia EN
The Byrds Wikipedia DE
The Byrds Wikipedia EN

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Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker

Pictures of the 1.Rocknight


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